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Died at a young age and reborn as a baby in a world that filled magic, beast, and demon. He realized this world humans was not at the top of the food chain. Assisted by artificial intelligence, will he able to survive ? Or became the strongest humanity ? . *REMINDER : This story is slow-paced, and I don't own the cover,credit to the owner. . *Join us at Discord : . *DISCLAIMER : This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, ideology, theory and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental..

Fantasy / Adventure
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It was Monday morning, and there stood a young man at the bus terminal, waiting for the bus so he could get to school.

He was wearing a headset over his ears while his eyes focused on his phone screen; it seems like he was reading a web novel.

He was Desmond, heir of the number one mafia organization currently in disguise. His 6′2 height was towering over most people, and his bulky body intimidates them; no one dared to move towards him.

He was trying to live a normal life, including taking public transportation to school, making friends, and then going home, which was his plan until he felt something strange.

Narrowing his gazes, he noticed that everyone was avoiding eye contact while others clenched the pole.


Desmond felt Someone staring at him, so his eyes began sweeping the crowd once more, then a young man in a hoodie jacket shouted from the crowd.“Hello, it seems you are looking for Someone?”

Ignoring the mysterious young man ’s question, Desmond stopped looking and increased his volume, trying to enjoy the climate. But, he frowned when he saw that young man walking toward him. Clenching his fist, Desmond slowly gripped his pocket knife.

The mysterious young man arrived with a smile, “Hey, I saw you reading a web novel, and I’m excited to see someone else have the same hobby as me.”

Desmond’s brows knitted. Do I look like Someone who wants to be friends? He thought, then glared into The mysterious young man’s eyes.

A killer? Desmond thought and maintain his vigilant state.

“Hey, come on, no need to be so cold. We have the same hobby, right?” the mysterious young man keeps asking Desmond; he looks like a curious bird that was just born.

After that, Desmond attempts to move but stops when he felt the man’s hand on his shoulders.” Move,” he said, glancing at the mysterious young man with a cold expression on his face.

“Relax, man, I just want to have more friends like you,” the mysterious young shrugs his shoulders and withdraws his hand.

After Desmond moves away, he takes a seat at the corner, staring at a few men that were giving him murderous looks. That must be the watchman,Desmond thought and ready to take out his pocket knife.

“Someone help me. They steal my bag!” But suddenly a woman screamed, which caught the attention of everyone. She was lying on the sidewalk in a W-shaped position while tears flow down her cheek.

Desmond gazes at the incoming thief, and he discovers some people distancing themselves while others try to run in the opposite direction. A bunch of cowards, but that’s a wise decision, Desmond thought and glances at the people who give him murderous intent.

Not part of their scheme? Desmond saw they looked confused, but one of them still looking at him.

The atmosphere became chaotic, but the mysterious young man who talked with him earlier tried stopping one of the thieves with his bare hands.

Desmond shifting his glances and felt amused,” How naive.”

The mysterious young man spread his arms, trying to block the thief, but the thief charged at him with all his power and lost his balance and fell. He held the thief on the ground while pressing his knees in the center of his back.

The other one panicked as he saw his partner lying on the ground in the man’s hold. He looks around and saw that everyone was watching him in terror. He looks at Desmond and saw the relaxed attiude, and then he chooses to run towards him.

“Hey, catch the other one!” The mysterious young man shouted while breathing heavily.

Desmond looks lazily at the thief as he held a knife in his hand, trying to threaten him. Hmmm, should I stab him? Desmond was pondering, but then the bus he was waiting for arrived.

Ah, forget it, just let it pass. Desmond thought and moved his body to the side and let the thief pass.

The thief seems surprised to learned that nobody was trying to block his way and increased his pace. But then he caught a glimpse of Desmond’s phone.

While Desmond was reading, he attempted to scroll to the next chapter when he felt something strange; lifting his head, he saw a pair of hands moving towards his cellphone.

He was dumbfounded for a moment, then he looked into his hand and realized his phone was missing.

His face started to turn red, and a vein appeared on his forehead; glancing behind, he caught a glimpse of the thief running with his phone.

Omg, are thieves this day are so skilled, or I’m dumb now? Desmond clearly remembers he was taking a great distance between him and the thief, but how the fuck the thief not choose to run?!

Desmond sprints off quickly and finally tailing behind the thief, but the thief was like a mouse playing hide and seek, guiding him to the wrong path, which almost got him hit by a car.

A few meters ahead, Desmond saw the thief disappear into an alleyway while taking a deep breath. As he followed the thief at the narrow alleyway, Desmond notices the thief looked back and smile.

The thief climbed the nearest building using a trash can as a stepping stone; he jumped up to the window and starts climbing.

The thief continued to jump between the building windows, slowly approaching the rooftop.

Hah, it’s just a small trick, Desmond thought and looked around searching for a different way to climb.

Desmond saw a hanging rope upwards, and he gripped the cord. Pulling out his pocket knife, he cuts the affiliated rope. The string started ascending, which makes him fly upward to the roof.

Desmond arrived on the rooftop, and he noticed that the thief was still climbing; after a few minutes, the thief showed up and was surprised to see Desmond there.

At that moment, Desmond took out his pocket knife and threw it while aiming for the thief’s heart.

The thief wanted to dodge, but he was too shocked to move, and the silver line stuck into his chest.


Looking at his chest, the thief dumbfounded and then fell forward

“Whoops, I almost lost my precious phone, ” Desmond said while taking his phone from the thief’s hand. After that, he turns around.“Let’s get back before the police arrive.”


But Desmond heard the firing of a gun that made his ear hurt; at the same time, blood spurted from his mouth.

“What?” He asked, confused, looking down; he discovered a bullet hole in his chest.

Turning around, he saw the thief holding a gun.“What the fuck is going o-, ” but his words were cut off, and his body fells to the ground.

A question popped up and repeating in his mind, Did I just die like this? And how the thief still alive? But he began losing consciousness...


[Reconstructing Host Body ....]

[Reconstructing Host Body Completed !]

[Initializing System... ]

[System Starting 10%..]

[System Starting 50%..]

[System Completed !]

[Receive Host Status...]

[Name: Desmond

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Trait: ?????

[Processing to Next World.....]

[Written by DragonKnov || Published by Webnovel]


[Wizard / Witch]

1st - 20.00 Energy

2nd - 40.00 Energy

3rd - 60.00 Energy

4th - 80.00 Energy

5th - 100.00 Energy




1st - All stats over 20.00 except Energy and Stamina

2nd - All stats above 40.00 except Energy and Stamina

3rd - All stats above 60.00 except Energy and Stamina

The army rank or title was divided into 2 part :

*Swordsman Class

- Guardian - 3rd Swordsman

- Officer - 2nd Swordsman.

- Guard/Solider - 1st Swordsman.

- Disciple - Swordsman that close to 1st class or have been trained.



*Wizard/Witch Class

- Arch-Mage - 4th Wizard or higher. (It’s rare to have Arch-Mage in each race)

- Grandmaster - 3rd Wizard.

- Master - 2nd Wizard

- Apprentice - 1st Wizard

- Novice - Wizard/witch that close to 1st class or trained to become wizard/witch.



*Order Rank :

Grandmaster > Guardian

Guardian > Master

Master > Captain

Officer > Appreciate

Apprentice > Disciple

Disciple == Novice


‘>’ is Higher Than.

‘==’ is Equal.

Example: A Grand Master can order General, but the General can’t order GrandMaster.

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