Chains and broken souls

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He was a puzzle like a massive jigsaw but all the pieces came from different boxes. And that annoyed me. It annoyed me to no end that the littlest shards slotted together perfectly next to each other but I couldn’t see it. I wanted to solve it, this massive mix up of lies arrogance and shattered souls. I never expected to love the image that came into view,no matter how broken and cracked, I loved it even if nobody else did

Fantasy / Romance
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Please read important info

Hi and thanks for choosing to try this story
Just a few things
Obviously, most characters themes and ideas belong to J.K Rowling however some characters I have made up and I have put my own stuff in here
(I don’t support her views)

I wouldn’t really call it a slow burn but it is very on and off romance and a lot of toxic arguments involved

It is a bit of a cross between the books and the films and I’m sorry if I mix something up but I’m just doing this for fun.

ok so they are in their 5th year but the triwizard tournament will happen and during theirs 6th year umbridge will be there and the da will be made.

This story is going to follow the Cassius Warrington theory, I don’t know who made it up so credits to them, but I think it gives you a better connection to Slytherins and works better with the story.
So Cedric won’t get chosen he will, however, be a 5th year along with the characters in my story.

A lot of characters are made up so it will not match perfectly with all the books like the west family being purebloods please remember this is just fan fiction that I write for fun

There won’t be loads of smut in this story so if that’s what you want then please read somewhere else
(I will try)

there are a lot of Draco Malfoy fan fics out there and you will find similarities within this story, however, I have not copied anyone and nobody has the right to copy my work.

this story will touch on some dark themes such as suicide, self-harm, abuse, eating disorders, addiction, and will explain different characters trauma so if this is something you can’t handle then please feel free to leave. This story is rated Mature for a reason.

Also, the POV will mainly be in Alys however Dracos will be included often and some other characters in the story as well
I also will write in 3rd person every now and then so be warned if you always like it in just one pov that’s not gonna happen here.

Other than that vote and comment I like hearing your views on this x

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