Tourmaline (A Bloodlines Novel)

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With the merger of 8 different Lycan packs becoming as one. The Black Vail Moon back has become the largest pack in the North american content. With the merger a few complications have arise. Are the rumored that the luna coming of age and completing the pack truly solve the problems? How will the pack handle having two alpha bloodlines? What will these changes mean for the pack? Will Tourmaline be able to handle the curve ball the moon goddess has thrown her way?

Fantasy / Erotica
Dailioness Dean
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Prologue: The Merge

Snarling, the other Male, -Nathaniel-, the current Alpha of the Wayning Crest Moon pack. Limps as he circles me, his eyes aglow a redened amber gleaming with rage, sorrow, and what appeared to be a tinge of fear. He is the first alpha I shall rid this earth of. His pack, known for there red tented amber glow eyes (when in wolf form), golden brown fur, and there immense amount of wealth. They are one of 13 original bloodlines of the Lycan breed. The superior compared to the weaker variant known as Werewolf. There alphas for the past 4 generations, have caused terrible horrer to their pack. And this sorry excuse of a man, he will be the end. The pack will not suffer a 5th generation.
I watch him. Keeping an open ear for my surroundings. Knowing my warriors and beta will do there diligent duty to protect me from any unwarranted intruders. When an alpha challenges another pack alpha for take over, it is a fight to the death. It is the only way the pack fought for will naturally become one with the winning alpha.
I count his breaths, pace his limps, he is a reckless fighter. Whilest I haven't any major damage to myself, I have managed to injury his left hind leg, ripping the flesh, muscle, and tendons from his bone. Hence the limp. He has his left eyeball ripped from it's socket, his pelt ripped and hanging from his body along his back, hind and sides.
He knows I will hold victory. He knows he is no match. He will recieve a proper burrial. Despite his and his forefathers distasteful treatment of their pack, he has earned a small inkling of respect from me. Fighting properly, the effort, while futile has allowed him to earn the rights to a traditionally respectful funeral.
There. My opening, he Lunged. I waited, as he came through the air, nearly on me, I turned my muzzle and in mid air, crushing his Larynx. Sinking my full set of teeth in, I twisted and snapped his neck, the momentum of the Fall, his head dislocated from the body.
Dropping the fallen wolf's head, I howled in victory. Raising to my full height, I looked around, watching as all wolves, lowered themselves, pose of submission to there new Alpha.
Breathing deep, satisfaction overcoming me. Pride. Looking at my beta, I could see it in his eyes, the equal status of pride and empowerment. We're now a pack of over 1,892 pack members.
Looking at my beta, I mind linked him
"Now no the the next"
Obsidian, my beta, howled in approval.
** Three weeks later**
Marious, Alpha of the Waxing Moon pack, went down with ease. Barely worth fighting. But his pack held value, as his pack was also one of the 13 original bloodlines of the Lycans. His pack known for there vast expanse of territory that includes mortals. Of which most shifters of any kind avoid sharing living with. The only ones whom live in the same cities as mortals are typically vampire's and witch's. His whole lineage of alphas have over worked scorned and swindled to get the vast amount of properties the pack owns. Now, the properties of the now extinguished waxing Moon pack belong to Black vail Moon pack.
**Next Day**
Othsferd, apha of the Ecliptic Moon pack, whom are also known for there vast wealth, whilest there not one of the 13 original bloodlines they are still under torment. There original alpha, a pedophile in my opinion, made a pack law, that all She-wolves, upon puberty, (normally girls around 11 mind you) were to prove submission to there alpha by losing there virginity to the alpha and typically, would endure several years of sexual abuse. Now, he is torn into pieces, a bloody mess beneath my paws. Out of the three packs this far, they were the quickest to submit. And once they became apart of the pack mind link system, I could hear the vast amount of gratitude from all.
Phesas, alpha of the Hypotenuse moon pack, one of the 13 original bloodlines, one of the poorest packs known to Lycans, grounding in poverty, starvation, resulting in cannibalism at a point in their history some 200 years ago to survive, needed to be liberated. Now the 4th pack to become member of the Black veil Moon pack. The 4th pack, whom all willingly submitted to the new alpha.
**A year later**
Qurren- alpha of the crimson moon pack. Known for their beautiful dark ebony skinton, there height of an adverage 7 feet, the enormous body build of there males and they are one of the 13 original bloodlines. He fought long and hard, both of us were a good fight for the other. Nearly perfectly matched. In wolf form alone he was nearly 2 times my size, and I'm (for size comparison purposes) in wolf form, 6 ft tall 450 lbs of mostly muscle. And this pack will be a good addition to the genetic pool for the pack. Adding this pack will be the main source of pack warriors. This wolf was the toughest to take down thus far. But down he went, with a sickening snap of his spinal cord as he bound twards me and I leaped over and landed directly on his back. His pack, needed relieving from the brainwashed teachings.
**4 ears later**
Russtle, alpha of the jaded moon pack, known for there strength and traditional styled living and exquisite taste for decor. They are not wealthy but they live well. There alpha has held his position as the alpha for nearly 150 years. When I arrived, I found the rumors were true. He had a baron mate, therefore had no children and being an only child there weren't any close relatives to continue the pack, infact the pack as they were now, are mostly women as they were un-able to continue expanding there pack due to risk of inbreeding. (The very reason I was on my quest of expanding the black vail Moon pack. Only to discover many packs needed a new pack alpha, saved from demise.) Yet another pack known for there impeccably beautiful rich toned black skin. Alpha Russtle, with his dying breath, transferred his pack to me willingly, as I am Alpha of the Black Vail moon pack, the 2nd, oldest, original bloodline.
**Nearly 4 years later**
Archose, alpha of the Shadow lands moon pack. They are the 3rd original bloodline of the Lycans breed. There women known for there strong wombs, pregnancy never got in the way of defence, protection or war. Tales of how they're men and women women are dominately furtile. Women have been barren when brought to the pack by mates bond, or men have been sterile, usually the mortals turned and the transformation goes wrong, and those women still bore children. The men still produced there own children. Such a genetic attribute is much desired. He too, Archose, had been alpha for quite a while, just over 200 years, the longest living Lycan know to the species. Went his entire life never meeting his mate. She had parishes in the olden times. When the states were just new colonies, there were only 4 colonies settled here in the land now known as the united states when he came to be alpha. When the english started taking people's from other lands unknowingly migrating men and women of great power and secrecy. This pack has withstood the test of time and the test of mortals ultimate stupidity. He arrived to late, when he scented her. In his words, a true goddess. The deepest of ebony tone he has ever laid eyes on, the most beautiful rosie lips he had ever seen, he witnessed her dying breath. Witnesses recall she immediately knew, and smiled warmly, happily, had spoken in there home land language, she had told him to find love beyond her. He used there mates bond to take her pain upon himself as the assailants drove a poison covered spike through her chest. The alphas sister, AraDeity, says her prother, alpha archose, fell to his knees in pain from the loss of his mates life. The one and only time, the man has ever cried in his lifetime. Archose, never allowed himself to love. Never desired to experience the woes of physical touch or intimacy. Had no hairs to his bloodline. As his packs tradition naturally prevented the alpha role to be inherited by a woman. And the only other child born to his parents was his younger sister AraDeity. Whome had many daughters, and grand daughters and great grand daughters, no boys born till 8th generation after her, and the boy born was not Lycan, but werewolf. (Lycan bloodline can be "watered" down, "thinned" out, by mixing mortal or natural wolf's into the bloodline.) Werewolves, being a lesser breed of the species cannot take claim of a Lycan pack. After much debate, the man agreed to turn over his pack to me, under one condition. That I make use of his people's as the only bloodline of the pack allowed to handle the treasures artifacts, to handle the history. The only people's allowed to transport important documents, items and notate important historical events. I never even had to debate this offer. I was more than willing to agree to his terms.
My quest of expanding the BVM pack (as the younger wolves have referenced.) Has taken me on a decade journey. 10 whole years of expanding.
The hard part behind me. My urge to seek out and obtain other packs left me. Now for the next phase, making use of the expansive territory obtained from the now non existent Waxing moon pack, it was time to build. Make home. Begin the integration of the 7 Lycan packs I've taken hold of and claimed as mine. My ambitious conquest could have gotten me killed. But, many of the packs needed me. Needed better. Now to commence the truly hard part. Putting all 8 packs together as one. Completing the merger. Now a grand 10,000 and growing in population. Making the BVM the largest pack in the united states. The second largest pack across the entire north american continent. I am Lloid Alikzander Vail, Alpha of the Black vail moon pack, and I've achieved what will be my greatest accomplishment all before 30.
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