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A SECRET LIES | THE UNREVEALED TRUTH First Installment in the Secret Series A she-wolf named Scarlett and her best friend, Isabelle is assigned to kill the strongest Alpha there is, Alpha Alexander. If she doesn't do as said her loved ones will die. Scarlett has given up on the search for her mate. Having to kill an Alpha, the strongest one at that, is not easy and even the slightest distractions will cause' everything to fall apart. Scarlett finds her past catching up with her as she also finds Secrets about herself she didn't know. Truths are kept from her by her own best friend as she finds herself all alone in a fight that was never hers to fight.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Hello, my dear readers,

This is my first story on this app. And I am not a professional writer.

That’s why There may be a lot of grammar mistakes, so please forgive me. Thank you for choosing this story out of all those choices.

I hope you all like it.

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Rogues are werewolves that have either been kicked out of their pack or left on their own free will. They don’t intend on hurting other packs or people. They just generally want to live on their own. These types of rogue wolves are usually called lone wolves.


The alpha is the leader of the pack, they try their best to keep up with what’s going on within the pack. They see each of the pack members as family and make important decisions that reflect the growth and welfare of the pack. An alpha’s mate is called a Luna and is the female equal to the alpha.


The Beta is Second in command. They are thought of as less important than the Alpha and Luna, but more important than the rest of the pack. They also lead the pack when the Alpha and Luna are away from the pack.


Each werewolf has a mate. The mates are their destined soulmates and they were chosen by the moon goddess (their god). Werewolves usually find their mate after their first shift which is usually between the age of 16-17. Mates are very possessive of each other especially the male. They feel tingles and sparks when they touch, that’s how they know if they are mates. You will also know when someone is your mate when you catch their sent and it is intoxicating and you will feel a pull to them. When you mark your [mate] you bite them where their neck meets their shoulder. It doesn’t hurt and it’s the only mark that is permanent for werewolves.

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Five months. 5 months have passed since I broke up with Lucas. And yet he is still stuck in my head. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to think that he loved me until he rushed into things. I haven’t found my mate yet, I am 19 and I have been searching for him for 3 years already... I finally gave up when I was assigned to kill the strongest Alpha there is, Alpha Alexander...he is a ruthless Alpha who kills with no reason, like the only life that matters is his...

I have to get ready for my training at 6. Yet here I am sitting on a chair enjoying the view of my pack, Night pack. It is a beautiful pack, little birds are chirping, there’s a cool breeze blowing against my warm skin-

My phone began ringing. It was the Alpha of this pack, Matthew William Jackson.

“Hello?” I growled.

“Where are you? He is getting mad. Remember he sees all.” He said lowly.

“Yes Matthew... I’ll be there in a minute,” I said checking the time. 6:03.

He hung up. I pity him. He found me on the borders of his pack when I was 8 years old. My parents died because of rogues, then. He trained me well, I became the strongest she-wolf in this pack. I call him Matthew cause’ he isn’t my father. He is 25 years old. But why bother when you know your parents are dead, just accept the fact. I was hurt badly on the day he assigned me to kill someone. I thought that I was a weapon all along in his eyes, not a daughter even though I don’t call him father, he is a father figure to me. But that was the day he told me a secret no one knew. I was thirteen then.

He told me that it is his older brother that is the real Alpha of the Night pack. That he was just the cover-up Alpha so that all the blame would be on him. He told me that his brother has his pregnant mate, Rose Amelia Jackson, hostage. And if he doesn’t follow whatever his brother tells him, he will kill his kid. I will go on that story later.

I reached the training field when Isabelle came up. She has been my best friend since we first met and I hers. She has short, wavy, dirty blonde hair and she is around 5′75. She is two months younger than me. Her body is somewhat perfect. Her eyes a deep brown colour. On the other hand, I have black wavy hair reaching just below my chest and my height is 5′9, and one of my eyes is blue and the other is green. And also I am slightly more tanner than Isabelle. My eyes are different but none of us knows why I have that. No werewolf ever had heterochromia.

Only both of us and her mate know about Matthew’s brother. We both are assigned to this ‘suicide mission’ she calls. She gives me a sad smile and I return it. I can see the tears forming in her eyes. She has a mate and we will be leaving soon for the mission. She doesn’t want to go cause’ she knows she might not come back and she doesn’t want to hurt her mate, Austin. Austin and I get along very well but he left telling us he had to go do some pack business a month ago as he is the Beta of the pack. We tried reasoning with Alpha Matthew to change Isabelle with someone else, but he told us that his brother doesn’t agree. Poor Isabelle. But I am still happy that I get to go with my BFF.

Isabelle is the daughter of my parent’s friend but I like to call her Belle, and she calls me Scar, from Scarlett. I do have a lot of scars because of that battle where my parents died. I know it’s supposed to heal but it did not.

Matthew’s brother is a secret. When we talk about him all we say is ‘he’. He is a heartless bastard who rejected his mate and sends us off to do his dirty works.

At least Matthew is kind to both of us. He understands Isabelle as he has his mate and loves her more than anything.

“Scarlett, Isabelle.” He said nodding. “Today instead of training we are going to practice your roles for the mission. You two will be leaving in two days,” he told us.

“So, you both will be leaving separately. Scarlett, your backstory will be that your parents died because of rogues and you require shelter,” he said with his eyes full of sadness. Half of that is true.

“And Isabelle your backstory will be that you have been abused by your parents since you were 12 and that you finally escaped.” He said handing us papers.

We both nodded and memorized it when suddenly Candice, the third in command came and whispered to Matthew. I could see that he was speechless and Scarlett recognized it too. We both exchanged glances.

“What? what’s wrong Candice?” I asked impatiently.

“Beta Austin hasn’t come back from the meeting he went to in Dark Pack, nor can we find his scent anywhere,” he stated.

“Wait, what? that’s impossible. He would never leave....unless ....he’s been kidnapped” I said particularly to no one.

I looked at Isabelle and she was very pale. She ran to her home as I followed.

“Isabelle!” I shouted following the sound of her sobs. She was in her room sprawled on the floor near the bed with a paper in her hands. She looked up at me.

“He is gone because of me. I-I... He left... was I not a good mate?” She said while I hugged her.

“Don’t, don’t blame it on yourself, Isabelle. It’s not your fault. He’s an asshole to leave you like that.” I reassured her taking the paper she was holding in her hand.


Before you think anything else, know that I love you.

That’s why I needed to go. I can’t live without knowing you were in danger...I can’t live without you...I know that Scarlett will give up her life for you but she is like a sister to me. I can’t let any of you die knowing I could have done something all along.

Please don’t overthink this...

It is not your fault...

I love you, always.



A month has passed since I joined the Dark pack. The pack of Alpha Alexander. Alpha Alexander has come to trust me. We both are turning into great friends. I know it’s weird, Scarlett and Isabelle are supposed to kill him but here I am making friends with him. I was in my room eating lunch when I felt a sudden wave of sadness like a stab in my chest. Isabelle, she would hate me by now but I can’t let her go on this mission alone even though Scarlett has promised me to keep her safe. I can’t let Scarlett go too, she is like a sister to me. I love them both. I asked one of the guards at our house to keep the letter in when they found out I was missing. I was supposed to return yesterday.

I can’t go back to Alpha Matthew’s pack, he wouldn’t let me - his stupid brother won’t let me... I hope Isabelle won’t think I left her forever. I couldn’t tell her where I went cause’ Alpha Matthew’s brother will be suspicious. And he might do something that will hurt either Isabelle or Scarlett.

I swear if he even lays a finger on any of them,

I will kill him.


Dear readers,

Please Vote and comment.

Please tell me if you want to read more even though it is still a prologue.

I mean why waste your time if no one wants to read right?

Just Kidding...

Lots of love


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