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Have you ever imagined of being in a haunted hotel if you have not now I will take you to a land of horror and dreams

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Hotel

Have you ever been attacked by a ghost? neither me but I have been in a haunted hotel.Do you want to know how it is to be in haunted hotel?let me take you to a different world a world of nightmares.
It all started back at 2015 I was at Kindergarten I had no friends at all and while I was sitting in my chair a hand patted me at the shoulder.When I looked back I saw a kid who asked me to come and play and we became best friends. I asked him his name he said Thomas he asked me my name I told Farhan. 9years passed I grew up, now I have many friends.
One regular day at school while I was playing with Thomas I heard a scream coming from the hotel near the school.I asked Thomas did you hear that he said hear I what the I replied nothing . he said that there was party in his mother's house tomorrow,I asked in what time he said at 7:pm I told okay . The finally arrived I went to the party that's when Thomas told that we were going to stay in a hotel. I was so excited and driven to the hotel when we got inside it ,it was a magnificent place at when we were inside the place I heard the scream again. Thomas asked me did you hear that? I said yes. After getting in our room we went to sleep then I was still awake I heard a creeking in the door then I woke up and saw man like figure infront of me suddenly an another man came and the figure suddenly disappeared I woke up Thomas and told him about the incident he told me you must be dreaming.

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