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It was real!....

The next morning when we were at the dining hall to eat there were all the sweets in the world I took each and everyone of them. when we were sitting at the table to eat ,everyone at the dining hall disappeared told Thomas I told you there is something mysterious about the hotel he said yes you were right I should have listened to you.I said we need to go to my secret lab and take a donut we should experiment on it we went to my secret lab and experimented the donut at last I found a hologram chip in it I asked Thomas did you put this in the donut ?He said no. I wandered what is a hologram chip doing inside donut and who put it there? for what I took a magnifying glass and watched the chip even more but I couldn't find anything. at last I found a little writing written BIOTECH

biotech was actually a weapons company it did produce hologram chips but that was only for spies.I searched about biotech in the web and went there.Thomas asked did you sell hologram chip to anyone he said yes last month to whom I asked. he said a person with a only 5 fingers. that time I understood that this is not a ghost but a person with a very intelligent mind I ran to Thomas and said him everything. he asked me that then how did the people at the hall disappear it was just a an illusion made by the hologram chip then why did it attack only us because I was the person who saw him at night.then how did he disappear? that was just a hologram effect that he was controlling.oh so that's what happened Thomas said.

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