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After getting a grasp of her magic, that she was born with, Becca comes to another roadblock. Preventing her and Tony from being able to truly be together. Becca tells Tony of all the things she has kept a secret and that their love is forbidden, leaving him as baffled as she. Will Becca and Tony be able to figure out how to reverse the curse? Or are they doomed to a life without one another. All while the balance of the world is catching up to them, leaving them a limited time to figure out how to solve the problems. If they can. Series: - Sharp - 2 Sharp - Sharp3nd

Fantasy / Romance
Kaitlin P
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• Drive •

The night was approaching slowly, which took forever for the day to be close to sundown. It was still the same day that I had saved Tony. The same day that I killed Janice Huntington. All I wanted was for the day to end already.

Sunk into the passenger’s seat. Leather so shiny and smooth that I shifted slightly on every turn we had made. My mood was sour and the air in the car seemed stressed and heavy.

Tony drove perfectly while also going at an adequate speed, leaving us only two more hours left until we arrived back. Beating the time of the navigation from my phone.

Tiffany kept texting me frequently as well, asking for updates to where we were and how much longer it would take before we got back to the mansion. Her eagerness left Tony annoyed since I was continually asking him how much long he thinks it might take. I could tell he wasn’t particularly angry with me but his attitude was getting projected onto me. Both of our mood was silently colliding at one another.

“Can you just stop responding to her?” Tony asked sorely.

“Sure.” Answering with a short attitude that reflected his own.

I could feel him glancing at me while he was driving. Noticing my irritated mood was even brighter. Sitting with my arms crossed as they covered my chest. Also my head turnt to the window. Observing all the different buildings we were passing by, instead of Tony’s facial expression.

Since we were in Jackson, Mississippi, there were plenty of building to look at. Traffic running relatively low since it was evening rush hour. Giving me plenty of places and people to look at.

I couldn’t help how I felt at the moment, so many different emotions were boiling inside it seemed. Still haven’t had the courage to tell Tony about all that I knew. The things he would need to know soon.

“Everything alright?” Sounding more sincere but his annoyed tone was still lingering in his voice.

I choose to say quiet and act unfazed from his question. It felt rude but I just didn’t want to answer. Nor did I know what exactly to say.

“Rebecca!” He said more seriously since I didn’t respond.

“Why would I want to answer to you when you sound so pissed off!” Finally turning to him.

He looked shocked to my response. As if he didn’t realize he was acting as such.

“I. I apologize. I just feel like this whole ride I’ve heard more from Tiffany than I have from you. You haven’t talked to me during this whole drive so far. Nothing about our newly engagement. Nothing about what has happened in the past month. Nothing about how you finding access to your gift. You’ve been incredibly quiet and anytime I try to introduce a conversation you are lackluster to whatever I say. If I did or said something to make you so distance, I’m sorry.” He kept glancing back and forth from the road and me while he spoke.

“I just need to know what is upsetting you so much. Your mood is contagious.” He admitted.

Now I was shocked. I hadn’t noticed how severe my mood really was, I thought I grew uneasy because he did. I also was nervously avoiding the conversation about everything that had happened since the last time I saw him. Which was the sole reason my mood was struggling to stay pure.

The path ahead wasn’t going to be easy and our love couldn’t make sense anymore. That alone grew the sadness within me, leaving me voiceless. Tony proposing to me just made me more frustrated to the future that could never happen. I couldn’t say anything to him, in fear of hurt him.

“I’m sorry.” I stare at his focused face, as he was weaving through traffic.

“You’re still haven’t mentioned what happened.” He gripped his lips tightly. Trying to not say anything more, since he was still annoyed.

“I just don’t know what to say.” Slumped further in my seat.

“Maybe you could start talking about how you are now able to use your gift?” Doing his best to lighten the mood but his voice was still off.

“I was in the book after our encounter with Dexter and my ancestor removed the cloak that was put over it. Since I was worried about not protecting myself. I was depending on others for my safety and it wasn’t a good feeling. He helped me gain access to my magic.” I answered.

I could feel a part of me trying to force myself out of the irritated and depressive state I was in, but I seemed incredibly stuck in my emotions. Every word I said wasn’t happy to talk. Feeling forced.

“Oh,” What I had said made him a little upset but he continued to ask questions anyways. “Who put the cloak on you?”

“My grandmother, Eunice.”

“How were they able to remove it without her knowing?”

“He used a force field to prevent our conversation from being heard by the other ancestors.”

“Oh. Interesting. Who was he?”

I didn’t even want to answer him. I knew that I needed to. Maybe it would help me get rid of this poor attitude.

“Leo.” Answering short.

“You didn’t say his name so kindly there. He helped you use your magic, wouldn’t you be glad about that.” He points out.

I took a deep breathe. I needed to explain to him.

“He did help, which is appreciated. Unfortunately his help wasn’t for me, it was for his own wants. He played my drive to fix his mess.” I continued to talk very monotone.

“However do you mean?” Tony was completely lost.

“Well. My family has a curse that was brought on from a set of ancestors. Trying to prevent our family from dying off from the Huntington family. Since their life goal is to eliminate our family’s existence. They’re true hungry was for us.”

“Oh.” I could tell his mind was starting to try and understand the significance to what I had said. How it had anything to what I was about to say.

“Leo asked if I wanted to reverse the curse, I said yes. Our reasons on removing the curse were for completely different reasons though.”

“What do you mean?”

Every question he asked, I sunk deeper into the seat. Wanting to just stop talking.

“He wanted to remove the curse because it held no value for our lineage anymore. He probably noticed that if a wizard grew up with several siblings, their power would be substantial. I had the most siblings thus far and I’m pretty sure he noticed my significant power, which I inherited the gift of each of my siblings and made it my own. They didn’t know this until me. Since my magic was more powerful. He must have sensed it when I was in the book. Knowing my background, they must have put together where exactly my strength came from.

“I thought of the other curse that was alongside the family curse. It’s more known as the love curse. I thought I was getting rid of that curse. I was clearly oblivious to how to get rid of it.”

“I’m not understanding what you’re talking about. I’ve not heard or read of this before.”

“That’s because our family kept it a secret. Especially the love curse.” I looked out of the car window to a large freight truck passing by closely.

“What’s the love curse?” He asked. I looked back at him and he staring at me intensely with his brown soft eyes.

I could tell he was connecting the dots, he just needed me to give him the final clues.
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