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The phone that was still in my pocket vibrated, startling me. Since I had completely forgot about it.

I took it out and the bright light shocked my eyes from the sudden light against the dark sky.

Tiffany: Are you okay?

I responded back quickly.

Me: Yeah, I’m fine. Why?

Tiffany: You disappeared and Tony has been acting worse. His anger almost got me killed.

Me: You need to be carefully. When he gets into a rage, he can’t control it or snap out of it. It happened to me.

I wrote that I already killed someone but ended up deleting it before pressing send.

Tiffany: How did you get out of it? He’s still in his. I had to lock him in a coffin. He’s not having a fun time inside of the coffin. He keeps yelling your name.

Me: I saw someone dead.

It made sense. The anger wore off because I thought I killed a Saltzman. Would it have kept going if I hadn’t seen Austin dead, or if Austin was dead but not a Saltzman man.

Tiffany: Well, I’m not letting him out until we figure something out. When are you coming back?

I placed my hand back on the tree, hoping to surprise Tiffany with such a sudden arrival but it didn’t happen. I felt completely fine with my magic.

There’s something not right...

What do you mean?

The trees, they aren’t allowing travel. Maybe if we walk in a different direction, we could find a tree that has access...

You said any tree.

Find the tree we used to get here. It could be possible that Leo removed access from the nearby trees...

It didn’t makes sense but I continued forward in the direction where Austin had lead me. It would have been easier to find the tracks if there had been snow on the old winter ground. Yet there wasn’t. Leaving us at another disadvantage.

It seemed Leo was always two steps ahead and he wasn’t even alive anymore. He either knew what steps I would take or he was an extra cautious man.

Me: It might take awhile before I get back.

I texted back.

Tiffany: Where are you? Maybe I could pick you up?

Me: Well, I’m pretty far so that won’t be possible. Unless you can travel to Maine in record time.

Tiffany: MAINE? How did you end up there so fast?

Me: I’ll tell you when I get back. It might take days or a few hours. Just make sure Tony stays in that coffin. We still need to figure out how to fix this.

Tiffany: I don’t plan on letting him out so don’t worry.

Wasn’t sure what else to say so I stuck the phone back into my jean pocket.

The sky was shadowed with low clouds, leaving the moon and stars hidden behind them. Leaving the night sky incredibly dark. I wasn’t sure if I was going the right way, since the surrounding nature didn’t look identical to when I was walking with Austin.

The darkness also made it difficult to detect where the correct was. We stepped over a large fallen tree and I still hadn’t passed it and it wouldn’t have been hard to miss. Nor was it as far as I had travelled.

The night cold air was incredibly bitter and my uncovered face could hardly withstand the piercing cold. The moisture was nonexistent leaving my lips dry and cracking easily. Licking my lips only made it worse and without even looking I knew my lips were bleeding at the cracks. The blood was freezing which made a shocking burn to my mouth.

My legs in jeans were getting so cold it couldn’t stand anymore, let alone walk. My hands tuck inside the jacket and animal coat felt warm but the air was seeping through the arm holes quickly.

I found three trees closely next to one another and sat next to them all. Tucking my knees into the large coat. Luckily, I had enough room to sneak my feet inside the coat as well. Feeling like I was inside a body sized tent. Then putting both of my of my hands far into the other sleeve to merge the sleeves tightly together while my hands were holding the opposite forearm.

I snuggled my face closely into the next of the coat and I was completely bundled inside the coat. The warm seemed to be escalating and there was a significant exposure to the cold like before. The fur on the inside made my body’s temperature rise quickly. Enough to create a perfect setting to fall asleep. I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea but slumber seemed inevitable at this point.

Feeling my body drift off into sleep, leaning next to two of the three trees. In a very sturdy, relaxed position. Where I wasn’t worried about whether or not I would have moved out of the position if I fell asleep.

Continuing to catch myself from falling asleep with a few sudden shakes but I ended up falling asleep with ease after I let myself fall asleep. Since who knows the last time I got in a good nap or slumber,

“Where is she?”

I woke up. It seemed like I was in Austin’s shack home again. Yet it felt incredible different.

“Where is she!”

I heard the voice again. I couldn’t recognize the voice at all. It was a feminine voice and seemed to be slightly muffled through the walls. Since the voice seemed to be yelling from outside.

“Where is she!” The voice kept repeating. I then decided to head out of the door which felt incredibly slow.

It transitioned to the heavenly space that looked identical to Leo’s ancient book. The woman was facing the other way.

“Where is she?” She said again. It didn’t seem like she was talking to anyone.

Her dark brown hair looked incredibly soft from a far. Beautifully wavy with light parts that reflected the light to create a blonde appearance to some of her hair strands.

“Where is she?” She continued to get louder.

“Who are you looking for?”

I asked, her body immediately turned around, shocked to my presence.

“Who are you?” The woman asked with intensity.

“Uhh, Bec... Rebecca.” I stuttered.

“Do you know where Victoria is?”

I shake my head with alert to the name.

“Victoria Sharp?”

“That would be her.” She stated.

“I. I killed her.”

The woman’s eyes illuminated with joy.

“You what?”

“She’s dead.”

“Oh joy.” She flew quickly to me to give me such a large hug.

Right at that moment, I vanished into a different place again.

This time, I was in front of the Saltzman mansion. I began running to get inside. When I did, all of a sudden the inside of the mansion changed incredibly. It wasn’t at all how it normally looked. The upstairs looking over the grand front room didn’t exist and the items inside weren’t at all the same.

“Arielle?” The manly voice was extremely concerned.

I look over to the man hovering over her lifeless body. His brown hair was length to his shoulders in a curly wave.

He began to cry over her body. As I watched, I noticed a small baby laying in a wooden weaved bassinet lined with a cheap fabric.

The baby began to cry and my heart broke.

This was the moment Arielle killed herself and her baby was abandoned. Art was hovering over her. I began to cry witnessing this moment so clearly.

When I closed my eyes firm and opened them. I was suddenly in a different place with similar characteristics. A place I’ve never been. With women chanting strange words. All of them holding a candle and one placed in the center of their 5 person circle, along with a piece of baby clothing.

Thinking this couldn’t be. Why would I be seeing this moment too. I didn’t want to witness this. Blinking hard to remove this dream.

All the candles unlit at the same time with no external force. I already knew what that meant.

This was the moment when they killed Arielle’s first baby. I blinked once more and was back inside the place I was before that room, expect it was more unfinished. As I seemed to be travelled further in the past. Arielle was asleep near the similar bassinet. There was another woman hovering over the bassinet quietly chanting with similar words as the other women.

When she stopped chanting over the baby boy, she walked over to Arielle with a blank expression. Then began chanting a different phrase over her sleeping head.

She was spelling her with death as well, this wasn’t talked about in the book. Since no one knew. They must have been the reason she had suicidal thoughts.

As the woman finished chanting, she was heading over to Art. Then he adjusted his sleep position and it startled the woman. Making her step back a few.

Art then began to wake up and the woman was quickly running out of their house. Undetected.

They were trying to make him suicidal as well. And she couldn’t do it since he woke up. Everything was able to be paved now because he was able to keep himself alive by merely waking up. He was able to create a bloodline past him because he woke up. Such a simple thing is the reason he lived on.

Art got up and woke up Arielle as well, which she did gladly with a kiss.

Even though Art was still a descendent of the love curse, he still found someone else to love and furthered his family line. Maybe he didn’t meet anyone on my family side. Since they travelled from France to America.

Arielle got up and headed quickly to the bassinet, her smiling face turned suddenly when picking up her baby.

Her face will forever burn in my mind. Reading about her story was shocking and upsetting enough. Seeing her face drop at the moment she found out her baby was no longer alive made me cry instantly. Trying my best to look away from I couldn’t.

“My baby boy!” She held him tightly, crying heavily with his lifeless body in her arms. Art rushes to her side, with a face falling into tears.

“No!” She yells in despair. Her cry was painfully loud.
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