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• Tree •

My eyes open suddenly from my dream. Possibly the most vivid and extreme dream I’ve ever seen or experienced. Everything felt incredibly real; the temperatures, smells, sounds, everything.

I got up and stretched a little from the heavy slumber. Though the dream was intense, I slept soundly and woke up fully rested. Couldn’t even remember the last time I slept which was bothersome. Can only imagine my body was in dire need of some sleep from such a long time without it.

The sun was just about to rise which gave me enough light, the only issue was the fog made it hard to see far and wide. Unable to see clearly past ten rows of trees.

Quickly, I double check the trees near to see if I still had no access to them. Which still stood true.

“Alright. Looks like it’s just you and me, magic. Which way should we go?” I said aloud to my magic.

Let’s go South...

I nodded my head and looked ahead. Trees everywhere with the heavy fragment of pine. The temperature warmed up a little from the day before. Making the smell of the trees more vivid. Probably from the sun rising and hitting the top of the trees, warming them up. Since frost was still covering a lot of the grounds and lower on the pines.

I began walking and enjoyed the morning sun rising from the West. Bringing beautiful colors from the sun, which the foggy sky radiate of warm oranges and reds.

Enjoying the simplest moment of nature let me forget about everything I had to endure and will continue to. Even the slightest moment of a fresh breathe air. Forgetting who I’ve come to be and the curses that seems to haunt me.

Had Tony never come to find me and get to know me, I can’t imagine how much scarier all of this would have been. Since it would have been more sudden.

Last year was so much different than now, going to school with no friends and everyone hating me. To then experience everything I’ve been going through. At only 16 years old.

Traveling through the endless woods deep in my thoughts, I suddenly notice the singing of birds. Chirping songs to one another in the morning air. Which made me stop at another tree to test if I could pass through and nothing happened. Making me sink into my chest as I walked.

At this point I didn’t want to wait anymore, using my magic to speed up my feet since time was of the essence.

My feet flew over the frost ground at a decent speed. Leading me through the trees like a bird flying through low sky. As I used more and more of my magic, I could feel an anger grow within me.

I stopped immediately trying to regain conscience over my emotions. Landing myself on the ground in the middle of a dirt road. Luckily no one was around and it didn’t seem like the road was used often either.

My anger only grew, all because I touched my magic to travel farther quicker. For only a few moments I had control over my body, then I didn’t. My anger exploded with control and this time I was starting to feel nauseous inside my caged body. My magic grew full of anger.

My body began to walk fast down the road towards the East. There wasn’t much of a shadow of my body since the sky was still much foggy. Then randomly a shadow grew ahead of my. My thought was a car must have been behind me. Not so lucky.

My anger seemed to have read my mind, which made sense since we were all one person. Turning around suddenly to a police truck. Out of all things to come into contact with, this wasn’t what I wanted to deal with.

“Hey, what are you doing out here on your own?” The Male cop spoke out through his driver window.

My body jumped over to the window and the rage grew. The anger was deadly again and I could sense what was going to happen without seeing it happen yet.

“Woah!” The cop began to roll his window up but the mechanics was faster than my bullet hand which led straight to his neck. Grabbing the officer and pulling his towards the inside of the car door. Sticking his head out of the window that was coming up.

Since he was still pressing the button to lift the window, it closed firmly on his neck. Hearing him gasp for air as the glass continued to press on the front of his neck as he looked down.

The officer struggled to get out of the window. I could see a glimpse of his trying to reopen the window and was not having any luck. I could sense the magic playing a part in that and preventing him from escaping.

The rage flourished as he struggled loudly. Quickly, the rage used my magic again and forced the window to close on his neck completely. Meeting the socket to create a closed window. The head trembled towards my feet with blood everywhere. The body slumped back into the seat without a head attached.

I didn’t even try to regain control over the rage since there was no point in fighting against it, it allowed me when it decided to. Once it forced me to kill the police officer, it calmed down and I was able to regain full control on my body and magic. Also sensing that my magic wasn’t happy about what had happened.

I stood still next to the fallen head, bloody window and ground. The scene was terrible and I felt ashamed for it all. Luckily non of the blood got on me but it was still a clear sign of a murder scene. Though I didn’t have control, I should have known better to tap into my magic.

You couldn’t have known. I didn’t even know...
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