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• Ahead •

It doesn’t mean that it excuses me from the action that had been done. I thought to my magic.

You don’t have any control against the rage. My essence is abused in such an unnatural way when the rage overcomes. It would be best if you don’t use me, since it is clear that I’m laced with the curse without my knowledge. The rage also exposes through hate so be weary of your emotions…

I nodded, still taking in all the recent changes. How it, yet again, makes things difficult. Traveling without magic will take forever. All I have is the clothes on my back and the phone in my pocket. Not knowing exactly where I am and how to get back home the fastest.

I took my phone out of my pocket and began walking past the cold dirt road and back into the fog settling woods. Taking the police truck would have been a great idea but it was far too bloody and a scene for another to experience at a later time.

Thinking about if the man had a family that loved him dearly. Whether he had kids or not. If he enjoyed his job. All of it didn’t matter since I took it away.

Stop… My magic screamed at me. I was tunneling into an emotional episode. Though it was only sadness, it could have easily turned into hatred for myself for what had happened.

I get you’re upset. It’s valid but right now it is not a time to feel. Try to keep your mind empty and just travel…

Nodding again since it was very true. I focused on my phone again while I walked through the forest more and more. Stepping over broken twigs and fallen tree debris.

Me: Tiffany, I need you to buy me a plane ticket.

Tiffany: Of course, where from?

I quickly went to my map app, since I wasn’t sure where I was exactly. When and saw I was near a small airport. Lucky was finally on my side today. It would take quite some time to walk but it was certainly doable. The whole land was left of a large lake that looked to have seaplanes but that would travel me all the way to Louisiana.

Me: Greenville Municipal Airport. Is it possible?

Tiffany: Let me check really quick.

Also trying to fix my direction of walking with the help of the map app. Instead of north, I now headed east which would lead me straight into the small town.

Tiffany: I can send one of my people to fly there but wouldn’t be there until around 2 in the morning. You’ll have to wait until then.

Me: I have to walk there so it’ll give me enough time. Thank you so much.

Tiffany: Of course, whatever gets you here faster. See you soon.

Locked my phone screen and sent it back into my pocket. Since I knew the direction I needed to head towards and where exactly I needed to be. Since the distance was around 5 miles, it wouldn’t take forever to travel there. As long as I didn’t get caught up in a murder and just traveled, I would be there before then with plenty of time to spare.

All I had to do was just continue the walk and would surely get there.

Walking through the cold fog wasn’t terrible and continued to be peaceful. As long as my mind didn’t wonder, I were to be fine. It would also be awhile before someone found the police man, leaving me enough time to walk away before anyone suspects it were to be me.

Walking also didn’t help with being in my own thoughts, I had to catch myself from going deep to prevent abrupt emotions. Luckily I was successful at changing thoughts to keep my mind away from emotions that would engulf in rage.

As I continued forward, through the endless amounts of pine and nature, I began to hear noise coming from beyond the trees. It had only been an hour of walking and I didn’t think I could possibly be near a town already.

When continuing, I did in fact end up right in the small town located near the far and wide woods. Across the street was a bar which only had a few cars in the parking lot. Since it was almost the afternoon, it made sense that there weren’t many people there.

It made me think about Austin, about how he talked about the drunk people that would just walk in the woods. They must have came from that bar specifically. The road didn’t seem like a busy one either and not much business either. Occasional cars passing through with hot exhausts steaming through the cold air. Yet there was also more noise that seemed to be from further off in the distance. Maybe it was from the small airport a few miles away.

Looking both ways, seeing that no more cars were in sight to drive through the road I decided to pass to the other side of the road. Shuffling my cold feet and still no driving cars in sight.

As I continued to walk down the road south, I continued to see more small building and a small little town. There was also a lake which was just at the next left turn. Which was the exact one I needed to take to head for the local airport.

Walking still made my mind wonder, mostly about who was going to pick me up at the airport and what kind of aircraft and what it would look like.

There still wasn’t a lot of cars driving down the street and the town wasn’t active at all. Possibly from the bitter cold air but it seemed strange that there wasn’t even a single car at the gas station across the street. No activity from the railroad track on my left either.

The town was so incredibly quiet. Especially compared to home. There always seemed to be someone outside but it had decent weather in the winter which also made sense. Even traffic was constant and the population is larger as well.

When walking towards the road to the left, I notice a police car turning to the road I was about to head down. I wasn’t sure whether or not to wave at him, but the officer in the vehicle didn’t pay any attention to me whatsoever. Until I saw clearly they made a left turn into the parking lot near the edge of the road. Which quickly made me nervous, not eager to continue walking ahead.

The officer was male and didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all, especially when getting out of his car. Though there wasn’t a hurry, when he looked at me, he was staring at me without looking away. Clearly waiting for me to approach towards him instead of him to me.

The closer I got he then waved at me to say hello.

“Hello there young lady, what has you walking alone out in the bitter cold?” He asked politely with a proper voice. I smiled at him innocently.

“My car broke down this morning and I have a friend picking me up at the airport tonight. Thought I would walk since it wasn’t too terrible out today and no one was willing to help get me there.” I lied to him.

“Oh goodness, let me give you a lift. I know it’s warmer today than it has been in awhile but it’s still bone chilling.” He ushered me to come inside the vehicle. “I insist on driving you over if you’ll let me.”

This man didn’t seem old at all. Possible in his early twenties. Though his features seemed incredibly basic for a man. Brown hair and brown eyes with minimal texture to his face. He didn’t seem to be a threat at all and I would appreciate a ride. Yet deep down, it didn’t seem right. My guy was telling me to refuse the ride.

Walking to his driver door, his eyes continue to follow me every step I took.

“I’ll be fine walking but I really do appreciate the offer though.” I told the young officer.

The officer looked questionable to my response but then buckled his seatbelt and ended up driving off quickly. As if I had harmed his ego from refusing his ride. Reassuring me I made the right choice.
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