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• Walk •

Crossing over the completely frozen lake, the short bridged road seemed to be on the brink of collapsing. The sound and rumble underneath my feet as a pickup truck passes over sends nervousness quickly and grasping the railing, even though it wouldn’t have helped if the bridge did indeed collapse.

Almost crossing the bridge completely, I noticed the police car approaching towards me again. My body was starting to become more chilled from the weather, yet the same police car coming back around made the hair stand taller.

This couldn’t be good.

Glancing quickly at the frozen lake, reflecting the gray shadowed sky. Quickly thinking about how painful it would be if I had to jump off, which it certainly would.

The lights on the car went off and I could feel myself panic uncontrollably, which led me to stand still. I needed to avoid using my magic at all costs or else I would be forced into rage once more and I didn’t have time to deal with that again. Not now.

Run… My magic yelled abruptly into my mind, causing me to shriek.

Giving my already panicky mind to send my body physically shaking from the sudden stress. The car continued and at a faster pace, light flashing brightly and the siren echoing through the open air. Leaving me no choice. Fight or flight.

I dove away from the road and off the ledge of the bridge. Giving myself no second thought or chance to cough up courage. I jumped with only the thought of survival. Falling wasn’t the main concern and landing on the hard ice would be figured out once it happened.

Panicking from the short flight to the ice and my magic coated me on its own, protecting me from the smack into the glossy frozen lake. The friction of falling caused me to slide softly underneath the bridge at a perfect speed to sit quietly.

Looking underneath the bridge, it was clear the foundation of it was ready to crumble at any moment. It was starting to look like it was moving but then I noticed I was starting to feel incredibly nauseous and could feel my body could barely move. Making the bridge to appear moving when it wasn’t.

Since my magic protected me without my say, it caused me to feel ill. Like it had done a few times before. Until I had figured out how to prevent such from happening. The ill feeling was not missed and I wouldn’t know when the feeling would go away. Yet, I didn’t feel the rage starting to begin.

Looks like I can’t control my gift, you have to. I thought to my magic.

I only did that or else you would have easily died…

Looks like I’ll have to battle with death. I thought again.

No. There is no way to promise to protect you every time. That’s a terrible idea…

Getting a slight grip of the ice, trying to stand wasn’t easy with my motion sickness. I needed to force myself though. The police car siren went quiet and left me little to no time to escape from underneath the bridge. Hearing the door open and shut behind the man inside of it, I knew I needed to act fast.

Quickly, I got up and listened carefully to which side the man was walking toward. Which ended up being the exact side I jumped off, leaving one direction to go. Instead of stepping, I tried my best to slide my feet across the ice to travel faster and prevent slipping.

The ice was polished perfectly and had no snow on top of it at all. Which was still a strange thing to see since it was so far north. From all things I’ve read about the north, snow was imminent in the winter. Here, it was just icy and bitter cold.

I slid across the few meters of ice to meet the ground again. Even though I was terribly ill, I had to force myself to run past it. Becoming invisible inside the sea of trees and making sure I was deep enough in the tree to prevent from being seen.

My vision was starting to change from the overexertion but I could almost hear the panic of the man still standing on the bridge. Feeling his scared curiosity of how I disappeared so quickly from such a high jump. And into a frozen lake, possibly harder than the concrete roads available. I could practically see his face become pale from the realization that I was more than just a young girl walking down the road. My gift was showing me him without even trying and I worried if that would engage the rage, yet it didn’t.

He doesn’t know where you went…

I’m aware. I thought.

Seeing the man but now starting to walk off the bridge and towards my way, since my gift was still continuing to show me the man walking around and trying to fathom where I went.

“How are you showing me the man?” I whispered incredibly quiet to my magic.

I’m not…

My mind was left blank, unable to understand the response for a moment.

“Are you and my gift connected?” Asking again really quiet. Which couldn’t be heard anywhere against the rough wind through yhe trees.

Yes, but it’s also possible that your gift is doing it all on it own as a mechanism to protect you…

“Then how do you get to control it?”

I’m similar to your conscience, I really only know what you know or what you’ve encountered. From what I’ve noticed, especially those moments where there is a threat, your gift shows you more to keep you more aware. I can control it when your aware of the magic happening but you aren’t controlling it yourself…

“When I jumped off the bridge, did you or my gift save me?”

My magic paused, as if it was catch off guard. As if the question was more complicated.

That was most definitely my attending, but I now recognize a pattern…

“What is it?”

Your gift communicates to you through visuals while I communicate through words…

It made sense. The memory of battling against Janice and her minions filling my mind. Remembering how I was shown the wizard’s circle, not told on how to make it. The visual was crystal clear while also seeing the world in front of me. As if I was in two worlds at once.

The first time my gift shown itself when I was in true danger. In the elevator of the Huntington sister’s house, seeing the cable cords. Almost forced with the thought of breaking them, but didn’t have the ability or the knowledge to get it done.

There was also the time when I was younger, I thought it was just pure imagination. I was at home while my mom was delivering my little sister Melissa. We had random babysitter watch my brothers and I for the evening.

As I continued to walk through the endless amounts of trees, the memory of that night flooded me.

I was in my bedroom at night while I was awoken by the visuals of my gift, though I didn’t know until now. The gas stove was still on without a lit flame. I thought my imagination just showed me to make sure that the house was safe. Instead, my young gift knew something was wrong and led me to the gas stove that night to turn off the two burners that had been left on from the dinner. The babysitter was sleeping in the living room that night, soundly.

Everyone in the house, including myself, would have died from carbon monoxide. Especially if I had let that visual pass on and did nothing about it.

“Was that why I had a sister?” I asked quietly.

It’s possible. The universe may have known that something could have happened that night, making sure there was a new wizard to take your place just in case. Since you’ve proven yourself worthy, Melissa wasn’t born with the gift…

“Since you’ve yourself worthy.” The phrase rang in my mind strange. As if it meant something more than just that.

It made me think of Tony. After all we’ve gone through and have battled against. It couldn’t end now, it couldn’t end soon. Everything happened to prove that it was all worth it. I proved it to be worthy, meaning it was going to be worthwhile.

The walk through the trees left my mind more courageous that when I entered. The evolving of my life, and how everything seemed perfectly aligned.

Though there were certainly terrible things, they were there to settle the path. Every road block was met and I’ve always proven myself worthy, and this wasn’t anything more than a way to prove myself and my battle.

Bringing my eyes to a near tree and casting my hand out to grab it.

What are you doing… I can hear my magic worry.

No… My mind fills with the chaos voice.
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