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Within a flash, my body gets sucked into the essence of magic within the tree. though I knew the consequences for doing this, I needed to go back home immediately. There was no way I was going to chance the rage interrupting before the plane ride or during so. The police officer had one task and I needed to leave immediately and this was the fastest way.

Plus, the cold was starting to hurt my skin from the lack of moisture in the air. It was all so incredibly dry and freezing, leaving my lungs still burning a little.

The travel was quicker this time than the first. My hand revealed in front of me, back on top of the globe. As if it all didn’t seem real.

Since the rage wasn’t far behind to hunt something or someone, I needed to remove myself from the house immediately, before I am forced to kill someone I love.

The sky was still quite bright and it wasn’t gloomy like Maine. Looked to be a decent day out.

I hustled to the window and used my magic once more to flawlessly shatter the window to give me an access out of the mansion.

The shatter of the glass was loud and surely gave attention to the office. As well as my presence. Which I needed to get far away as I possible could before the rage began. Which left me to use my magic once again, forcing my cold body through the window and into the humid air that was warm. The shift of temperature made the nerves in my body tingle whilst flying into the air and sending myself far enough to be near the trees off in the distance.

For a moment, I glanced back and saw Tiffany standing near the window. Staring back at me, confused. We both said nothing as I turned my head back around and began speeding through the trees. Hoping she knew not to follow me into the trees. I had a feeling she knew though from the short facial expression exchange.

I can feel…

The rage had started. My body was still running but it wasn’t me forcing my legs to stride each step. My gift was no longer mine to access and my magic had no escape from the force. My vision started to grow red and hungry, hungry for death.

Silently relieved of my body continuing forward instead of turning around, which was an instant mistake. The rage knew my thoughts and wanted to kill anything near.

Except this time, the thought of Tony made the rage stronger and more vigilant to go back to the mansion. As if that was going to be the most satisfying death possible.

I wanted to die in that moment and didn’t dare think anymore about where I though or what state Tony was going to be in when my raged body go to the mansion. I dared not to even think of Tiffany at all. I left my mind blank and focusing on nothing. Leaving no more information for the rage to use. Doing that seemed to do nothing against the rage. Though it did help calm my worried mind. I left my mind empty and thoughtless to everything, leaving my anxious mind unable to freak out.

The rage pushed back through the trees and the mansion was back into sight. The window to the office was empty and I left my thought to only that information and went back to the empty filled thought space. Not focusing on anything my body looked at or did.

Then I felt the rage start to feel confused, in a way that made me sure that keeping my mind empty was the best route to keep myself and others safe. At this point that’s all that mattered to me.

As several minutes passed as my body paced back and forth, the rage tried to figure out what to do as it tried to scan my mind for information. Every second it struggled, I could feel it losing grip of me. The red gazed vision was fading slowly. As if it couldn’t survive in my silent mind. Struggling to survive in my body and magic.

Furthing my mind into silence made the rage more vulnerable and weak. I let my mind step into a place it had never been in.

Complete darkness.

It was the only place that felt right and would release me from the rage. Giving me a loss of sense of who I was and what I was. Loss of every thought and memory. The loss memories of Tony and Tiffany, my family, the family book, my grandparents, my siblings, my mom. Even the thought of what I looked like faded out.

The state of mind I was in made every object look foreign and fuzzy. Language no longer existed in my mind. Nothing existed. Nothing at all.

My body fell to the ground and I gasped for air. My senses were all back immediately and my body and soul was mine again. It was like I had been awaken from a deep sleep.

I could feel my magic and sensed Tiffany right behind me. I got up to then turn around, Tiffany still looked quite confused.

“What happened?” Tiffany asked with her keeping her distances still.

“It’s the curse. It had control over my body and I somehow found a way to take back the control this time.” She looked astonished and hopeful.

“Do you think that’ll work for Tony because he’s almost escaped twice now.” Thought she looked hopeful, I could tell she was still worried about Tony and exhausted with all the work it’s been from preventing him from killing anyone. “Also how’d you get back so fast? You said you needed a plane.”

“My gift, it wasn’t working for a moment and I also figure out that the rage was coming suddenly after using my magic. Which left me no choice but to ask for a lift.”

“Then what happened?”

“I killed a police officer when I was in rage and I think the town caught on and there was another officer practically hunting me down. I need to escape and I had to leave immediately before the rage stepped in again at a terrible time. Leaving me no choice but to use my magic again, sending me back here and in hopes to run away fast enough to get the rage in a place not near you both. Which ended up working until I thought of Tony and the rage ran back to the mansion. I was horrified and disappointed in myself.

“Then some how I figure to keep my mind silent so it didn’t think to find either of you or where you could be. Since the rage was taking over me, it wouldn’t know anything if I left my mind empty. Leaving it no information to go off and nothing to thrive off of. Which ended up starving the rage and sending it off.”

“Do you think it could work for Tony too?”

“It doesn’t hurt to try, but you’ll have to tell him and be hopeful that he hears you. If he hears or thinks of me, it might send the rage into overdrive. That’s what it did to me. I had to forget of everything and everyone. Leaving my mind dark and absent helped, But I also haven’t been in a rage for hours like he had been. It’s possible it might not work or it’ll take awhile.”

“Well, I’m willing to try anything at this point.” She said exhaustedly.
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