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“Where is he?” I blurted, staring back at the broken window.

“He’s in the basement. I can’t let you down there still. And from what you said, it’s best you’re not near him either.” She stood closer to me.

“Well, then tell him to keep his mind completely empty to have any chance of being released from the rage. He can’t think of anything or anyone, to the point he’s almost nothing. When I did, I quite literally forgot names and language in general. My mind went black and the rage removed itself from me. It was scary but made it where…”

“It couldn’t survive.” Tiffany interrupted.

“Exactly.” Slowly nodding in agreement.

“Well, hopefully I’ll be back in a few minutes and he’ll be not too far behind.” Tiffany sped to the shattered window and jumped with ease back into the mansion. Vanishing in thin air.

I stood outside in the humid air and was relieved about the warmer temperature. Internally glad that I didn’t live anywhere near a place that had bitter cold air, like Maine did.

My stomach began to grumble from lack of food and boredom of waiting outside for a few minutes. With the decision to start walking to the back of the house and check out the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat.

Walking on that side of the mansion was the continuation of amazements. The fallen trees that were beyond the rose garden had looked to be cleared from the disaster that I had brought upon it. Also appeared to already be growing new smaller trees in sporadic places amount the open section. Which was relatively quick and didn’t exact that to happen either.

Still staring at the speechless magic at play, Tiffany walked outside through the kitchen back door. Looking mentally exhausted.

“Are you okay?” I worried from the way she ways holding herself. Very slouched at the shoulders and her face straight with a lack of strength.

“Yeah,” She nodded her head while sighing. “Tony was just yelling horrible things at me when I walked in. Hard things to hear. But I still told him what you said. Hopefully he heard me because every time I tried to say it louder, he would yell louder.”

“Ehh, I’m sorry.” I grabbed her hand to offer sympathy. Her eyes seemed defeated and drained. Without asking, I knew it was from all that was happening. The curses, the battles, and the magic. It added to the torture of it all and whatever he said didn’t make matters any better.

“It’ll be okay when it’s all said and done. If we ever get there.” She looked up to the scenery of the beautiful roses garden.

“I think we’ll get there. It just isn’t going to be easy.” I expressed.

“I figured it wouldn’t be, but damn it’s been one hell of a ride so far. Especially for you and Tony. Once this is all said and done I hope his mind doesn’t change about you.” Still avoiding eye contact from me and starting off into the distance.

“Thanks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about that. The way he talked about possibly not loving me and it’s the curse’s doing it all.” My eyes softened with despair.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen him happier with anyone else. Even if it was because of the curse, he’s always looked at you in a way that he never did to anyone else. A way I’ve never been looked at. A way that every girl wants to be looked at.” She told me.

“The look of love.” I said to her, staring off into the distance as well.

“Exactly.” Tiffany let go of my hand and turned around quickly. Sending me to do the same.

The door opened and it was Tony. Which immediately gave me a sigh of relief.

Looking completely rough. Sure it was from being trapped in the coffin with the rage fighting to get out. It made him look weak in his stand but I could tell in his eyes that it was him.

“Tiffany, I’m sorry for everything that I had said. That wasn’t…”

“I know. All that matters is that you’re you. For now.” She interrupted and forced a smile. It seemed that whatever he said made her fearful of being near either of us since she distance herself a few steps back.

“It’s best if we don’t feed into our emotions and if it happens we need to do the same thing again. Also, if I get into the rage you both need to get as far away from me as possible. The rage takes over my magic and I still don’t know the limits of it myself, if there even is.” I told them both and they just nodded with sureness.

“We need to figure out how to get ride of this curse.” Tony said.

Curses.” I rephrased.

“There is more than just one?” He was flabbergasted.

“The love curse and the rage curse. The only way to remove either of them is to kill. The love curse is to kill a Saltzman man. The rage curse,” I paused. “I would have to kill a baby. Both things I can’t see myself doing.”

Tony looked deep into my eyes, sympathetic to what I would have to endure emotionally from killing another person. Let alone a person I love and a baby. His eyes changed, for a moment. I thought that rage got a hold of him again until he spoke.

“I know how to fix it all.” His face lightened and he stood straighter.

I couldn’t help but walk to him for a hug from him saying that and also the anticipation I had bottling up inside from being away from him for some time. He grabbed me willingly and held me close. One of his hands were on my head and the other around my back. Squeezing me tight enough to feel safe in his arms but loose enough to breathe.

If there was anywhere I could be forever, it would be in his safe, strong arms. Sadly the forever moment wasn’t yet here and we had to release our embrace.

“I know how we can get what we want without killing alone.”

“How?” Tiffany and I asked in sync.

His eyes looked into my own again.

“I can imagine it won’t be easy but you’re the only one that will be able to do it.”

“Do what?”

“Killing a baby Saltzman.”

Even though his face seemed bright and knowledge full. I got a split image of having a baby with him, to then only to have the duty of killing it and that didn’t sit well.

“I’m sorry what? I’m not going to have a baby with you right now just to kill it!”

“Oh no! No! That’s not what I meant. Oh dear, I apologize for not being clear.” He said incredibly apologetic.

“That’s a relief. I thought the same thing.” Tiffany spoke out.
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