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• Past •

“So what’s your plan?” Tiffany asked.

“I hear Rebecca’s stomach growling. Let’s solve that first before we move on the larger things. She needs to make sure she has energy for what’s going to happen.” Tony turned back to the door and ushered us to go inside.

“I had forgotten how hungry I was from that little scare.” I chuckled nervously.

Tiffany went through the door first as I followed. All while Tony held the door open for us. Tony walked in immediately after me then spun me around and surprised me a quick kiss on the lips. Almost melting to the ground from the small sudden romance.

Him touching me felt so wrong to do with everything going on, yet I played along since I was eager for his touch anyway.

“I love you.” He smiled as he loosened his lips away from mine.

“I love you, too.” Smiling back. Tiffany cleared her throat in a rude manner.

“Let’s go. Food and to the plans. We don’t have all the time in the world. The rage will come back and who knows when that’ll be. Better we fix everything before I have to deal with a raged vampire and wizard.”

We laughed but Tiffany didn’t. She was being serious about what she said and didn’t find any of it funny. She proceeded to go into the fridge and opened it so quick the door fridge could have broken off. Then looking around to see what I could eat.

“We have lettuce, chicken, a carrot, a few yogurt packages, some leftover,” she held up the leftover spaghetti that Anxillion made so long ago. “Umm, leftover mold.” She threw the package in the sink to deal with it later.

“I could cook the chicken and make a salad. It looks like you have salad dressing that I could use. While I cook I could eat the yogurt since I’m pretty hungry right now.” I told her as I looked closer into the fridge.

“Alright, let’s go!” She left the fridge open as she rushed off.

“Hey, Tiffany I’m sorry about what I said.” Tony tried going after her but I grabbed him quick enough.

“Stop. You can’t let your emotion get out of control again or else the rage will come back.” I told him in a soft voice.

“I get it but what I said wasn’t okay. She has the right to be upset and angry with me right now. But I would never say something like that to her and I want her to know I didn’t mean it.” His voice escalated in tone.

Deep down, I wanted to say the truth but I couldn’t. The rage was still everything of the person. If Tony hadn’t even thought about it, the rage would have never said it. It feeds off of our own thoughts and also acts like a vicious murderer as well.

“What did you say?” I asked him.

He stopped moving his body completely, almost scared to tell me. Then Tony took a deep breath in and exhaled it all out.

“When I was in the rage, it just wanted to kill. Even Tiffany which was horrible. I was watching my body try and kill her while all I could do was watch. Kept telling her how much I wanted her dead. When she got me into the coffin it wasn’t easy for her and I almost killed her. Had she taken a wrong move she would have been gone. Yet, she had successfully got me into the coffin and locked me in.”

“How were you able to get out after getting released from the rage?” I asked.

“I figured out that the rage fed on thoughts after the actions and things I thought about, so I made sure not to think of the small safety knob. It’s inside the coffin in the corner of the coffin and hard to reach. You keep twisting it and it allows you to open it off the side. Since we own ones that are made out of strong metal, it’s a caution measure and many other vampires buy them from us. If we’re ever trapped another vampire in them they wouldn’t know how to get out since they don’t know where the little knob is or that it even exists. If anyone put us in there, we could get out easily.”

“Got it.”

“Well. I was taking the time trapped in the coffin to think of other things to keep my mind off the knob and not think about the way to get out of the coffin. Which obviously helped. Yet I thought of things that gave the rage more power. I felt it become stronger as it knew more and more about me.”

I nodded my head in agreement. Though I wasn’t in the rage longer than he was, it only made sense that it would be possible for that to happen.

“I thought about the time when Tiffany stole a girlfriend from me. It doesn’t bother me in the past and it still doesn’t. But sometimes I think about it. Think about the past.” He looked to be reminiscing the distance memory as he stared off at the fridge.

“Why would that upset Tiffany, especially now?”

“Well,” He then gazed his eyes at me. “The rage said something in the lines of; if you would steal my girlfriend then, what would stop you from doing it now? And I said it pretty loud and not in a very nice tone. Tiffany replied in the way that only feed the rage. Confessing she would never do that. That she sees you as a younger sister and couldn’t do that to me.

“Then the rage kept asking, what would stop you. You already did it to me once. You can do it again. You’ve lied plenty of times before, without a change of tone too. And you probably were waiting until everything gets fixed so you can move right in. You’re probably dying for the curse to be removed, hoping that I don’t love her in the end at all. So you can move right in and steal her from me.”

“Yikes.” I commented.

“Yeah.” Looking ashamed.

“That’s something you think about.” It wasn’t a question.

“Sadly, yes. The girlfriend back then, I didn’t love. Let alone really become fond of. Not nearly as much as I do for you. Then, I let her go and didn’t care. Yet, if that were you, now. I don’t see life having purpose. I would be so angry with my sister, enough to want to kill her.” He said unapologetic.

Gulping my saliva from the intense information.

“Well. I’m hungry and need to eat. So let’s get that don’t with and we’ll talk about the plan to fix everything.” Trying to talk about something else since the conversation got ugly really quickly.

I couldn’t talk about Tony’s confession. The thought of Tiffany dying bothered me as much as Tony dying. Not more than but enough to get upset from hearing that.

“Does that mean you would go to her too?” He questioned out loud.

“What? No!” Shaking my head viciously.

“Tell me! Would you?” He continued to yell.

“Tony, don’t feed into it. The rage will take over if you get mad about it.”

Trying to calm him down didn’t work. His face didn’t settle from the anger building inside of him. Without a second though, I dove my face into his and began kissing him. The tension in his body finally settled and he grabbed a hold of me tightly. It was forced but nothing I would have said would have made it any better.

Our lips detach and he had calmed down again. Which gave me confidence to speak again.

“I want to make it clear that I only want you. Never in my young life have I wanted someone as much as I do with you. Though it may be a part of the curse, I truly think in the end I’ll always pick you. And regarding Tiffany, she is a very attractive woman and I’m admitting that honestly. Yet I’m not sexually attractive to woman that way. I am most excited to be sister in the future if anything. She’s treated me with kindness in her unique way and she feels like an older sister. Nothing more than that.” Tony listened carefully to every word I said. As if he was analyzing my words to see if they were indeed true, which they were.

“I apologize for getting so worked up about it. I would be lying if it wasn’t something I hadn’t thought about. Hearing what you said, I feel more at peace about it. Thank you.”

“You’re feelings are valid, always, but please don’t replace it with facts. The past happened and it doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. From what Tiffany told me awhile back, it seemed she was traumatized from that experience with that ex-girlfriend. Especially the way your mom.. I mean Victoria, had her resolve the situation.”

“True. I also figured they were doing things behind my back at the time. Since she would always ask about Tiffany too. A red flag I didn’t notice until after it happen. Not a big deal now but just an event of the past that makes me scared for the future.”

“I understand, just know from my side that I couldn’t do that.”

“I trust you.” He nodded slowly.

“And Tiffany.” I forced.

“I guess.” He forced a shrug.

“She had just explained how she can’t wait for all this to be done with so you and I can finally be together. That wouldn’t come out of her mouth if she didn’t want us together.” I pointed out to him.

Tony nodded his head in agreement.

“I didn’t know that but if she did say that than I trust her. She’s very blunt with her words. She usually hides things by not mentioning anything. So that makes me relieved.” He began taking a few steps back. “You go ahead and make food and I’m going to apologize to her properly. Thanks again for the realization. I really needed that in the way you did it.”

“Anytime.” I grinned large and he did in return.

Off he went and I headed back for the fridge to begin cooking. Since my stomach was really starting to hurt and food was very necessary.
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