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• Curse •

“What?!” He exclaimed after I told him what the love curse meant.

Telling him everything I knew and what I thought about it. What my magic said and how to resolve it. Tony didn’t want to believe it and he was getting angry hearing that we can’t be together.

He was clearly extremely angry and he hit his left fist against the car door, leaving me a little scared of his way of expressing his anger.

“How could I have not noticed this! Does this mean that we’re not truly in love? Does this mean I have to find someone else to love? What the fuck!” Tony didn’t seem to be yelling the questions at me. Yet I still felt threatened by the way he was raging. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen him do.

“Why would you question if we’re truly in love? I knew from the moment I first saw you that you were someone special and important.” My sour mood was turning abruptly tearful.

“I felt the same way but you said it yourself, it’s what comes along the curse! How are we suppose to even know if it’s love?” He continued to raise his voice, though I was right next to him.

My body started to shiver from the stress and I was beginning to breakdown emotionally. Wishing I had just took the plane ride home instead. At this point, the mansion wasn’t even my home anymore. Since Tony was questioning our relationship now, which hadn’t been a thought for me.

He was acting as if he was played to have feelings towards me. Like it was my fault or something. The way he was pushing his hair back aggressively and pounding his fists on any surface of the car was starting to become extremely alarming.

My magic was starting to become uneasy and the radio of the car began to change the channel so fast that it was sounding like nonsense. Which didn’t help calm the magic down, or me.

Hyperventilating, trying my best not cry only made my magic more chaotic. Tony was raging even more in the seat next to me and all of a sudden...

A large flash of light clouded everywhere out of the car. Similar to a flash of lightning in the sky meet the ground. The massive light bang was hard to miss and made the earth shake intensively. All the glass in the car shattered from the large bang and the cars around us within a few meters were not near us anymore. Leaving a large catastrophic event around us. Leaving us in the center of it all, as evidence and we needed to run.

“We need to run!” I yelled then pushed the door open with my magic and I flew faster than I had ever done before. Though my stress was still massive, I still had control over my magic when needed.

My sadness was still lingering but I needed to get back to Louisiana immediately. 2 hours would soon turn into ten minutes with the speed I was performing. Everything flashed past so fast I couldn’t even notice anything I saw.

Then I focused my mind away from the ground. I began to actually fly through the air so fast that no plane could ever compete.

The rumble against my body was close to the speed of sound. Feel my magic push me so fast that I was near to breaking the sound barrier. Struggling not to do such to prevent more destruction or people wanting to find me.

This magic was great at first and now it was getting to be hard to handle when it became explosive on its own. The magic was starting to increase in power and vulnerability as every hour passed. It became more chaotic as my emotions were freely unbalanced.

I had my eyes closed for the whole time of flying through the sky. When I opened them, I was in front of the mansion, crying.

Tiffany ran outside extremely concerned and confused on my sudden arrival, alone.

“What happened?” She ran to me and gave me a huge hug. Flushing more tears out of my eyes since she was willing to comfort me.

There was no chance Tony was around and it gave me a few minutes to confess to Tiffany. The only person I could vent to.

“I told Tony and he just kept asking about if we’re were in love. Pretty much saying that the curse is making us feel this way. That were not truly in love.” I was balling in Tiffany’s shoulder as she held me.

She patted my back which seemed to help soothe my intense crying but I was now nervous about Tony arriving. I wanted to avoid him right now.

It felt like my heart was getting ripped out of my chest.

“Don’t worry, he’ll come to his senses. For now he isn’t allowed here.” Tiffany told me.

“What?” I back away from her. “How?”

“I forbid it until I say so. I’m older than him so I have control of who gets on the land now.” Her face was proud. As if she was protecting me from all harm, including her own brother.

“That’s not right. Let him come back!” I begged.

“Why? So he could yell at you and make you feel like shit? No thanks.”

“Did you forget that we need his help to remove the curse? At least if we remove it, he’ll be able to find out if he feels the same way.”

“What happens if he doesn’t?” She asked bravely.

“Well,” I panicked a little bit, even though I tried my best not to. “Then we’re not together.”

Tiffany knew that wasn’t what I wanted but I didn’t have much else for an answer.

“I guess I’ll let him back on the land.” She rolled her eyes briefly and within a few simple seconds, Tony dashed to my side.

“How the hell did you move that fast? I couldn’t even keep up with you. It was like you were flying!” He exclaimed with fascination.

“Well, that’s technically right. I used my magic to push me through the air.” I said with no joy.

“Wow! That’s pretty amazing. How aren’t you completely dizzy or unbalanced like the time I had you at a quick speed?”

His question was a good one.

“Probably since I had the control and I understand the speed I’m going.”

“Oh.” His fascination died down and he began walking to the mansion and left Tiffany and I standing next to each other outside.

His attitude was so bizarre and quite multi sided. One second he’s thrilled, then sad, mad, excited. It didn’t seem normal for him. Tiffany seemed confused as well as she watched him enter the mansion.

She didn’t speak but she did mouth a short sentence to me with her lips. Probably so Tony did hear her with his immaculate hearing. He’s not acting himself.

At least I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

We both slowly headed to the mansion with caution. Since the energy coming from Tony wasn’t balanced.
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