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• Unbalanced •

“How are we going to even figure out how to fix this curse? Is it even worth it?” Tony continued to question. Doubting me with his cold tone.

Tiffany and I were now starting to ignore Tony as we tried to converse about ideas to solve the problem. My magic didn’t seem willing or in urgency to help with the dilemma. Giving no information, which meant it didn’t have anything to give. Leaving us on our own.

“Any other ideas?” Tiffany asked me as she held her front temples with her finger tips. Similar to people who experience a headache.

“We could check over each book in here to see if maybe there is anything.” I suggested.

“I know every book by heart. If I can’t make an idea up, then there is nothing.” Tony talked with a nasty attitude.

Then randomly, he put his elbows on his knees and his head dumped into his head. Sounding as if he was bawling his eyes. I looked away since I didn’t want to see a blood bath in his lap. Taking my eyes to Tiffany who was looking at me with a similar look.

Tiffany and I weren’t sure what to say to help his upset tone, but we needed to act fast to help solve this hormonal imbalance coming from him.

“Everything alright with you? You seem very unlike yourself.” Tiffany finally asked as she swayed he head towards him. He seemed to have snapped out of the funk he was in. Looking upward to us again, with blood smeared everywhere underneath his eyes.

“Dear god, I have no idea what has gotten over me. I apologize.” He said trying to straighten his black leather jacket.

“Do you know why you’re acting that way?” Tiffany asked.

“I’m not sure. It feels like my emotions are extremely heightened and I can’t really control it.” He said confused and stared at the wooden floors.

That must have meant that they were things he was feeling but wouldn’t express otherwise. Leaving his cool toned attitude out the window while he expressed every strong emotion with authenticity. It just seemed like another thing to solve now.

With everything already happen ring, I didn’t know how I would feel about another one on top. My mind couldn’t handle all this stress and I couldn’t balance it within myself.

Tony acting this while we have to figure out the curse isn’t helping. My mind started to mentally rush chaotically and could barely breathe right.

“I need to unwind for a moment. I feel like I’m going to freak out.” I spoke and got up, headed to walk back outside.

“What? What’s wrong?” Tony tried to go after me and Tiffany stopped him before I did with my magic.

“Let her relax, big guy.”

I sped up faster with my walking and successfully got out of mansion, shutting the door behind me. Finally taking a deep breathe as I walked further away from the mansion and into the woodsy area.

I needed to go for a walk, since my mind was flooded with saddening doubt and confusion. Giving no help to the situation.

Life didn’t make sense now and I couldn’t seem to grasp my magic like before. The power was getting stronger and my ability with it started to slip away. Most especially when my mind was scattered with incomplete thoughts with no answers.

The large bomb like explosion earlier from my magic was baffling and scary. I couldn’t let that happen again. Still hoped everyone was alright and it didn’t trace after me.

What happens if I did that again, instead in the woods with Tiffany and Tony near. The thought randomly appeared and made me shake my head viciously. Trying hard to release the thought of them being dead out.

Mentally, my mind was a crazy mess and I couldn’t begin to calm it. The world was unsettling right now and things were too difficult to manage alone.

Everything okay?... My magic asked me. Shaking my since I wasn’t okay. My eyes began tearing as I crumbled to a pile of leaves.

There was something wrong with Tony’s emotions. Yet he wasn’t the only one having difficulties. His was more abrupt and vocal. Mine was internally expanding with sorrow emotions.

My magic being there alongside me did help a little, to be less alone.

We’ll figure something out... I could feel my magic pushing calm within me.

Unfortunately, I started becoming worried about myself instead of Tony. I was a silent bomb ready to explode at any moment without warning. Tony was a loud ticking time bomb, giving you so much warning.

I tried to silent my other thoughts to speak back to my magic.

What’s wrong with Tony and I?

There was an unbalanced rift in the world. It seems from further investigations within your soul that there might be something very wrong with you now...

What do you mean? I asked.

I’m not quite sure. Your soul seems to be incredibly unbalanced. Causing these extreme emotions...

Does that mean the unbalanced world made itself balanced by making me unbalanced?

It’s possible. It seems you’re linked to someone. Making the unbalance more chaotic and spread to your soul and his. It looks as if it’s the man you were just with. Since he didn’t seem quite right...

How can I fix this?

This isn’t something I’ve seen before, ever. I’m knowledge of things you know. Whether it be things you’ve come in contact with you knowing or not. I haven’t come to know this until just lately...

As if your a memory backup.

I couldn’t help but smile.

That’s a good way of comparing, yes...

Interesting. You suggest asking the book or actually going into the book? For some guidance? I ask my magic again.


Alright. I took a deep breathe. Breathing in the chilly smell of night, with the fresh air of the woods around a me. The air felt rich in oxygen as it meets red my lungs and escaped through.

I thought I would be able to fix the love curse before getting anywhere near Leo, but I suppose I could encounter him now. My strength of magic at a high level, even if it was unbalanced.
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