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When opening the grand doors to the mansion, Tony stands up suddenly while Tiffany shakes her head and places it into one of her hands. Which led me to believe he was still acting strange still. So much she couldn’t keep up with it. While sitting heavy in one of the sofa chairs.

“Everything okay? I was terribly worried.” Tony blurted with a tall stand.

“I need to go to Anxillion’s room.” Tony seemed incredible alert and ready to follow me. “Alone.” I assured him rudely.

“Oh.” He said and his body slumped out of its straightened stand and eyes adjusted away from me..

“The family book?” Tiffany asks softly.

“Yeah,” I toss my eyes from Tony to Tiffany. “I’m not sure how long it’ll take. Please don’t let him do anything crazy.”

“I’ve been doing it all my life. I got this.” She chuckled while still avoiding many eye contact.

I walked forward to the left column of stairs. Tony stood in the same spot while turning his body to keep his eyes on me the whole time. I could feel him staring deeply at my every move.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyway of knowing how long it would take until I came back. I needed answers about what to do and not much time was available. If I came back a month later, I’m worried Tony wouldn’t be the same person at all. Or worse.

When getting inside the room I checked my phone at what day and time it was. To know how long it was exactly when I would come back into reality. Then immediately headed to the bedside where the fragile book sat. No matter how gentle I was with the book, it seemed as if every touch damaged the cover evermore.

Crawling onto the bed to then grab the book gently to my side. Laying down with all my muscles relaxed and motionless on the rose pattern duvet. Placing my right hand on the book without effort.

This time, my magic had no trouble connecting to the book and within a mere second I was transported into the cloudy abyss. A place that always made me think I was in heaven. The clouds saturated everywhere and nothing else was visible.

I look around to see if anyone has noticed my arrival.

There was an adult woman with black hair and shocking blue eyes. Similar features to my own but clearly a different person. Her clothes consisted of a rag like robes with a rope around her shockingly thin waist. Along with makeshift sandals that seemed incredibly custom to her feet, older than things found in a museum.

“You are not safe here. You must leave.” Her tone was alarmingly firm.

“I need answers and I need them now.” I used the same tone back.

“I’m serious, you must leave now. You are not safe.” Her tone seemed quickly defeated.

With a blink of my own eyes, I flashed a force field around both us. Giving us a place to speak without interruption or ears trying to overhear.

The woman seemed to have relaxed a little once I placed the forced field sound barrier up.

“Why would I not be safe?” I asked her more politely.

The woman’s eyes softened and her eyebrows looked more elegant since she wasn’t using the muscles around them. Showing off the soft arch and beautifully full eyebrows.

“My father,” she whispered. “Leonardo, my father, hasn’t been acting the same lately. The last time you came here he kept talking about having plans for you and someone named Tony. I don’t understand why he has so much hate towards you.”

Her voice showed me she was more worried than I was.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Celeste.”

“And Leo, he’s your dad.” I said instead of asking.

“Yes, Unfortunately.” Her expression saddened.

“I’m sorry.” I didn’t have much else to say.

“Why would you be sorry? You didn’t do anything to me.” She seemed confused.

“I’m sorry that no he’s your father. What he did to you and the man you loved.”

“Oh.” Her face fell more.

As if she had forgotten about it all, then got reminded of it all. You could see her face think of everything quickly and became more upset than before.

“I didn’t mean to make you upset. That wasn’t what I was trying to do.” Celeste’s face didn’t change. “What he did continued into every generation as well, giving us all crappy lives.”

“I already know that.” The whites of her eyes was beginning to turn red, making her blue eyes look even more blue. She was trying her best not to cry. “You all didn’t have it as crappy as I had it.”

“Do you know why he did it?” I asked her, to hear it from her perspective.

“My father did it so I wouldn’t marry my love, Axel. He was the eldest boy of his family. I told my father that I would be taking his last name, he was clearly insulted by what I had said. If there was any way to remove myself from the family, I was going to take it. Growing up he hated everyone, most especially me. He only reproduced because he was told to. To carry on the bloodline. After I was born and well taken care of for over a year, he then killed my mother. So she was no longer a problem to him.

“When he killed her, no one did anything. No one! Growing up, I begged for my grandfather to do something or help me get away from such a psycho father. Nothing was done.” Her voice sounded miserable and angry, which was extremely valid for what she had endured.

“He didn’t want you to be happy.” I said.

“Yeah, I suppose. He wanted me to be destined to only give birth to continue our family line and only that mattered. He couldn’t track me easily to make sure that I did my part. Which staying around my father or led him to use me as some type of test subject for certain spells he wanted to do. Some left me sick for a long time too.

“We had issues with vampires for such a long time and told him I would helped him with a magic shift to eliminate their effect on us, something he had planned but no willing participants, which was crucial. Only for the release of me to my family forever, so I could run away with Axel.

“When we did the magic shift, I felt my magic disappearing. At the beginning I thought it was just apart of the process. Later I figured out he was stealing my magic after my magic screamed at me and no matter how hard I tried to steal it back I couldn’t. Same with my grandfather. He stripped us from our magic so he could do the magic shift on his own. Leaving us weak on the ground. The transfer of magic gave him a microscopic tear in the balance of magic in the world. Giving him the ability to do the family curse and the love curse, all without us know and with ease. When he had finished, he told us what he had done with such an evil smile. Leaving us terribly upset. Axel still wanted to run away like we had planned, but I couldn’t. Instead I ran away on my own, without him. I couldn’t even face him since I felt horrible about it all. The fact I couldn’t even do anything defeated my purpose on life.” Celeste started to cry, having difficulty talking. Besides that, she continued anyway.

“To be with him was all I wanted. My torturous father forbid it and he meant it. All because he was evil hearted and he always got away with it. My grandfather was depressed after everything that happened that day, that he took his life hours after. He enjoyed his magic and would do very fascinating things almost everyday. It pleased him and he truly loved him magic. Once Leonardo took that away from him, there was no point in living for him. Sad, bu Understandably.”

“I can imagine you wanted to do that very thing. I have moments where I feel so depressed that life would be better without me. Yet I could never act since I know the world would be one chaotic place without me alive.” I said, since I knew she continued the bloodline. Or else I wouldn’t have existed.

“That’s what my mindset was and it kept me alive as well. Even though I was full of all sorts of feelings as depressive thoughts. Instead, I still ran away since I wanted nothing to do with my father, family, axel. No one. No matter where I ran, he followed closely behind though.” Her eyes become blank staring of into space. “He made this very book to keep me hostage when I died. When I decided to die, my soul would come here and he exactly when that would happen. Then he would come here as well. To continue to torture me.”

Celeste breathing started to hyperventilate. Unable to control her breathing in a normal way. Expelling plenty of tears out of her eyes.

“Is Leo dead?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” She said through her uneven breathing and tears.

“No one helps you here?” I asked.

“They do. When my son came here he wouldn’t leave me alone with Leo. Unfortunately he wasn’t strong enough to continue protecting me. I haven’t seen him in such a long time, ever since Leo vanished him somewhere else. Every person that came here didn’t know what happened to me expect for my son. That part of history never got passed down. Only that my father forbid us to be together and cursed every other gender. Not the part where he is evil. He fools everyone. Just saying that it was some accident.”

“In the beginning, I will be honest he had fooled me. I believed him while heartedly since he helped me reach my magic. Then once I got rid of the family curse, I figured there was more not said and that he was behind it. He only wanted me to remove the family curse, not the love curse.”

“That is true. He made it where the only way to remove the curse the prevents us from loving the Saltzman family, we would have to kill them. Which he knows none of us would ever do. Making it impossible to break the curse.”

“There is no around it?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Well. Let try and figure that out.” I said.

The force field vanished quickly and Celeste began to show signs of being scared. Looking around quickly, scared of Leo’s arrival.

His body skimmed through the cloudy abyss and closely behind Celeste.

“Here you are. I’m guessing you told her what happened.” Placing a hand on Celeste, leaving her in shivers.

Leo’s face was covered with an evil presence. The way he slowly walked to me made me scared as well. I didn’t know how much magic he possessed, especially since Celeste hadn’t seen her son in such a long time, made me think he had more magic than he was letting on.

I had to be strong urge to defeat him. But had to think quickly and be quick.

“Neither of you want to talk, huh.” A flash of his hand and Celeste vanished in the simple air. Like some crazy magic trick. He kept stepping closer to me slowly.

“I can tell you broke the curse. Thanks.” He smiled with a grin reaching from one ear to the other.

“Yeah. One of them.”

“Yes. Only one of them.” He continued to creep towards me. “Sadly the another two will be harder to remove.”

Two of them?

“You looked confused.”

“Why would I be confused?” I said. Even though it was clear I was confused.

“Did you come here with very struggling emotions? Same with Tony?” Stepping slowly forward still.

“Why would that be a curse.” I laughed it off.

“Oh, it is. The erratic emotions is only the beginning.” He told me. Leaving my face bare.

“How would that curse just randomly become present?”

Leo didn’t answer me.

Rebecca, you need to leave now. Something is happening to me...

In that instant, without a second thought, I let go of the book but I didn’t leave the heaven-like world. As if I was in the book forever.

My magic heightened, in an alarming was.

“Something wrong?” He mocked.

“What do you even want?” I yelled at him, as I could feel him try to steal my magic.

“You know what I want.”

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