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• Alive •

“No way!” I threw my hand which he copied my same move.

A large ray of blue magic forced itself out of my hand with intense force blasting through the air like fire. His magic was battling my own with a red colored ray of magic that was raging at a similar speed. Meeting in the middle making a large ball of bright light. Making a constant large rumbling noise in the quiet world.

The clouds began to darken as if night was evolving quickly. I could feel him constantly try to grasp my magic while battling me at the same time. My magic was working on overdrive and I could feel it on the edge of defeat.

Our magic was battling one another and his power was clearly stronger than my own. In a way that seemed right.

He’s too strong...

I could tell he was before my magic told me.

Can you talk to his magic? I asked my magic.

I’ve never done anything like that. He’s also channeling the book...

I began to close my eyes. Trying to relax my mind and understand what he was doing. Giving my magic a stronger balance with a calmer mind.

As our magic was battling one another, I used that constant rage to get a sample of what his magic. Sensing what the magic was made of and way it didn’t feel right.

The magic he was using was clearly not his by ownership, only a small fraction of it was his born gift. Though it felt strong overall, it was also incredibly fragile and unbalanced. The magic he didn’t own was forced into submission. Which could easy fall apart if I figured out how.

Sensing his channel into the book, which made me believe that he wasn’t inside the book. The same way I wasn’t inside the book either. He was accusing me through the book, which led me to believe that there must be a twin copy in his hands as well.

If I destroyed the book, the souls would dissipate into the world they should have gone into. Letting them all free, including Celeste.

I stepped slowly to the left and Leo adjusted his magic to travel with me. Which was exactly what I wanted.

Continuing to step as our magic raged against one another. Leo wasn’t moving, instead staying in the same spot. Which was also what I wanted.

Then making a few quick steps right, Leo was caught of guard and his magic flashed into the cloudy abyss, piercing through it. My magic did the same thing, except for on his side.

The cloudy abyss was mirage, to the black hole that was around us. He made the book look like a heaven when it really wasn’t. To fool the souls when they entered, to think they arrived in heaven.

It was just a dark world hidden inside the family book. Like his evil mind.

He flashed his magic again and missed since I started running. Trying to make a circle like shape, to get him to blast away the clouds that was all around.

“Stop running!” He screamed at me. I didn’t stop running.

This book needed to be destroyed and it shouldn’t take much to be destroyed from the inside out.

He continually forced magic everywhere to catch up with me. He then started using both hands seperares as magic forced out of them trying to catch me. Making the clouds vanish faster and they were almost gone, except for the blanket underneath our feet.

“What are you trying to do!” He stopped forcing dangerous magic out of his hands. Clearly confused to what I doing.

Without a word, I use my magic to make a large fury flame explosion beneath us. Making him and I fly away from one another, off into the dark world around us. No one except us. Since there was no one else around.

The ground disappeared and as I flew fast backwards, I couldn’t help but yell from the quick explosion and vanishing into an unknown black world.

“Ahh!” I awoke from Anxillion’s bed as the book next to me was engulfed in fire and breathing heavily.

Quickly rushing to the phone in my pocket. Checking what day it was and what time it was. Since it was dark outside.

It was still the same day, and only ten minutes from when I last checked on my phone.

January 14th. At 10:15 at night.

Tiffany and Tony rushed into the bedroom with their eyes shocked at to what was going on.

“Put the flame out!” Tiffany yelled as they headed towards the book laying in flames on the bed.

“No!” I yelled back, “Take it to the tub. The book needs to be destroyed.”

They didn’t ask anything and did as I said. Tiffany did it while Tony patted down the bed to make sure the flame didn’t travel further than the book itself and try to burn the house down.

I followed Tiffany to make sure the book was destroyed completely before being washed down the drain.

“Why does it need to be destroyed?” She asked quietly as we both stood next to each other, staring at the burning book.

“Leo controls the book. It needs to go. It should also release all the souls in it too. At least I hope. I just have a feeling that Leo is also alive.”

“What? Wouldn’t he have died from old age?” She asked.

“I’m sure he figured a way around it.”

“What makes you think he’s alive.” She asked again.

“There was another curse put on Tony and I. He wouldn’t have known about it. Plus I think he created it and that couldn’t be possible to make a new curse if he was dead inside a book. Not only that, he was trying to steal my magic. Why would he need or be able to do that inside a book? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Where would he be?”

The book was also completely ash.

“Some where far from here I’m sure.” I said as we turned around back towards the door.

Tony walked into the bathroom and the energy in the bathroom changed. I could feel my blood boil in anger that seemed incredibly strange and I saw Tony’s anger was more prominent and clearly uncontrollable. Tiffany turned and noticed that he looked extremely anger, ready to say something.

“What the hell are you mad about?” She asked him.

I thought to myself, please don’t say anything. Don’t feed into it.

“She destroyed the only thing to help this dumb curse.” He’s eyes looked at me. I made sure to keep noticing the anger and telling myself it wasn’t real and I couldn’t feed the curse. “How are you going to fix this now?” He asked in a very condescending way.

“Excuse me?” Tiffany placed herself in front of my paralyzed body. “Why are you acting like such an asshole lately?”

“Leo placed a new curse on us.” I interrupted.

I couldn’t look up from them ground, avoiding any eye contact from the both of them. Since I introduced another obstacle.

“What?” Tony shook his head in disbelief.

“Is the curse a nasty attitude? If so, why would he do something as stupid as that?” Tiffany asked me.

I took a deep breathe. Looking up at Tiffany, since when I looked at Tony the rage was stronger.

“It’s the beginning, yes. That’s what he said. I’m sure it’s to make we hate each other and at some point kill one another.”

Even though I wasn’t looking at him, I could tell Tony’s facial expression loosened from muscle activity, covered in completely shock. Thankfully not at a point of wanting to kill me.

“Fuck. Now we have to fix two curses.” Tiffany seemed drained and clueless. “Any ideas?”

The burning question from her for the past couple of days it seemed. This time I couldn’t begin to think a way to solve all the issues and curses that seemed to increase everyday. And if we didn’t start anything soon, it would surely increase.

“He has to be alive. The sooner we find him, the better.” I said with grit.

“Any ideas where he might be hiding?” She asked.

I shook my head slowly, giving myself doubt in fixing this whole mess.
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