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• Globe •

Flushed water over the completely ash book, after using my magic to make sure the ashes could never met one another again once’s sent down the drain.

I arrived back into the bedroom once I finished, as the two of them already left the bathroom before I did.

Tiffany and Tony sat next to each other on the sofa facing the bathroom. I’m sure she only sat next to him to make sure he didn’t do anything to me, especially from the way she watched his every move closely.

“Is there any chance you have any books from Axel? He lived long long...”

“We do.” He interrupted and gave me a short nod but didn’t seem to budge his body to go retrieve it.

“Could you go get it?”

“No, but I can tell you whatever you want to know about the book.”

Tiffany cleared her throat at him, trying to get him to change his tone towards me.

Tony only seemed more annoyed.

“Does it mention anything about anyone named Celeste?”

After I asked him he appeared to be confused with the name. Making it hard to use his expressions as information.

“He did talk about Celeste but not as a person. He would mention his found hobby at looking up at the sky and thinking of what was past the big blue sky. Calling it a celestial environment, he felt connected to the stars moving through the sky at night. Never about a person name Celeste.” He answered me and the information was lingering in my mind like an unsolved puzzle. Almost useless.

How would that be useful? Unless that’s where Leo might be, in space.


My magic called, completely forgetting that it might know from the book interaction.

“Would I be able to have some time alone right now? I need to focus on my magic and see if I can figure out where Leo is.”

They both got up without saying a word, which was strange but then Tiffany flashed me an encouraging smile. Letting me know that everything was going to be alright.

I settled in the sofa they sat in, completely focusing on my magic.

Where is he? I asked my magic.

From when you left the book suddenly, it felt like the origin was somewhere northeast. Which I hadn’t felt before when entering and leaving the book before...

He must have had control of the book with a twin copy like I had thought before. Would the northeast be close or far away from here?

Find a map and I’ll guide your finger to where he might be. Or at least near. He could have moved after the detection but I’m sure that it’s unlikely since he wouldn’t have detected me...

Okay. I thought.

I knew there was a large antique globe in the office from the hallway.

That’ll work...

I moved my feet quite fast to get to the globe. Leaving the room immediately.

Tiffany and Tony were talking in between their bedrooms and seemed surprised about me leaving the bedroom so soon. Not saying anything and only observing my speed down the stairs.

The stairs seemed to creak ever so loudly as I quickly ran down the stairs. They felt weaker and ready to break than they had been before.

Even though I wasn’t running, I was still going at a much faster speed than a normal walk. The hallway wasn’t much further away and I could feel Tiffany and Tony right behind me watching what I was doing. Clearly by passing the stairs completely with their vampire speed.

I opened the dark wooden door with the black brass handle door knob. Upon opening, the globe was there and the room looked unchanged from the first time I saw it.

Shutting the door behind me so they don’t look at what I was doing. Leaving me to do what I needed to do.

Assist me. I tell my magic

Place your finger on the globe and let me take control for a moment. You might get a little sick afterwards but it’s because I will be forcing myself to be used. To make sure you don’t mess up the guide...

Alright, I thought. I found Louisiana on the map and put my finger over where we were located. Closing my eyes and letting my magic take the reign for the moment.

Taking a deep breathe to try and relax me mind. Take my focus out of the globe and on my breathing. I could feel the globe moving on its own underneath my finger.

I had to make sure to not to press my finger hard into the globe, to make sure I didn’t mess up with what my magic was doing. Keeping my body as still as possible.

The globe wasn’t moving fast, being gentle as it moved underneath my finger, but it felt as if it slowed down as we got closer to the destination.

Open your eyes...

The globe stopped, opening my eyes to the middle of nowhere in the state of Maine. Clearly far from Louisiana and I dreaded the thought of the plane ride. Since my first plane ride would have been my death.

Do you wish to travel immediately... My magic asked me, since it knew I didn’t want to travel on a plane.

What do you mean, immediately? I asked back.

Eunice made this into a travel globe. I can sense it...

That’s how my grandma was able to leave so suddenly. When Anxillion and Tony didn’t notice she left, this was why. She used this globe and made it into something that she could travel with quickly. How lucky I was in that moment, that she left me it to use without her knowing. In a time in true need.

Yes, travel me now. I said in my mind while placing my hand over the the small state.

Accessing my magic and using it instead of the other way around. Since I felt a little nauseous, which had been warned.

Will do gladly... The magic sang through my mind, purely excited to use the globe. As if it were a rollercoaster ride.

I took the reign of my magic and used it to push me into the globe magically. It left like I was a spirit inside the earth, traveling quickly underneath the surface. Deep in the ground.

The fast speed of which my spirit travelled felt incredible. Like a water slide along my whole body, even though it was my spirit.

When approaching the state of Maine, I began to worry about how we would arrive and where.

A tree... My magic answered my random thought.

Which made sense. It was big enough to come out of and there was plenty on earth. So many to access to.

How would I return?

A tree... My magic giggled.

I could travel through trees?

Well, your spirit travels. Trees are a spirit access and holds the qualities of being able to travel through them. Almost any wizard can do it...

Would have been nice to know a day ago.
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