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• Stranger •

“What is it that you need help with?” I ask him after I finished chewing the food that was in my mouth. Then again filling my mouth full of food as I waited for his answer.

“There was this strange man that has been lurking around our land, doing similar stuff that you have done just now. Momma has been extremely worried and had asked me to be even more careful.”

“How long has he been?” I finished what was in my mouth again and filling it up quickly.

It had to be Leo. I thought to myself.

“Maybe a week. I don’t really remember. It feels like I’ve seen him before but not sure how. He doesn’t really come over by us but we heard him scream almost an hour ago. It was quite alarming.”

“Okay. What does he look like?”

“He has some strange clothes on. As if he’s homeless from another time in the past and only has rags to wear. I also heard a large explosion coming from the direction he is at before he screamed. Which honestly happens quite frequently but it sounded a little different than the other times. Leaving me without anything to hunt since it forced the animals near to run off. Which is starting to become a problem.”

“Which direction is he?” I asked in between bites of food.

He pointed away from the door, towards the small hallway that led to three doors.

“He’s north. Maybe a few miles away. Which was the golden spot for hunting animals. We’ve even seen a decline in animals due to the sorcery he has been doing.”

“I’ll take care of it. For you guys.” Acting as if I was doing it for them when I really I wasn’t. It just so happened to be a common threat.

“Oh golly! You will! My momma will be pleased.” He exclaimed.

“Now let me eat please. And if you have anything warm I could wear when I get back outside that would be great.”

“I won’t have anything that will fit you, but I think I might have something. I’ll go check right now.” Austin rushed away down the hall and into one of the bedrooms.

Giving me enough time to finish all the food. Sitting with such a bloated belly from how much I ate, which I didn’t mind at all since it tasted amazing.

I settled the fork on top of the plate and Austin peeked past the door. He noticed I was in fact done eating and brought out a slim fit coat made of an animal’s hide. I cringed to the thought of wearing it, even though it was better than nothing.

“I found this, it should keep you warm.” Austin smiled holding the piece up for me to see clearly.

“Sorry, I’m just going to go ahead and do without.”

“Why?” He seemed confused and concerned. “Once it gets dark, the temperature drops significantly.”

I cringed again to the thought of wearing it. I’m sure I could do a cast to keep me warm but at the same time, I needed to keep my strength strong on the magic end.

“Okay.” I got up and he opened the coat to reveal the coat of possibly the same animal this all came from. The fur was gorgeous but I wanted to cry knowing the animal died to provide the warm I needed. I felt guilty having to wear it.

“It was made from one of the wolves that tried to kill me when I was younger. My momma was out one day with me running around. It was close to sunset and they tried to snatch me away, good thing momma was faster with her gun and aimed perfectly to kill it and not shoot me instead. It was a male wolf and she thought the best way to make sure that other wolves didn’t get the idea was to wear him as defeat. She was much skinner then.”

I push my arms through the coat with a little more proud to why the coat was made.

“Which oddly it worked.” He said.

“That or she killed the alpha male of the pack.” Since the coat was still much larger on me made me believe it had to have been an alpha. “The leader of the wolves. That would make the wolves stay away due to that defeat. They possible ran off your land due to that.”

“Does that really happen?” He seemed clueless.

“Yes, it does. They run away. I looked it up one time after ready a fantasy werewolf novel. Makes sense really.” I pulled the loop elastic straps around the button on the other side, creating a closed coat.

“Is there anything else you might need?” Austin asked.

“Once I unfreeze her, just let her know what’s going on. I hope I’ll be able to return this coat for her, since it has meaning behind it.”

“If you get rid of that strange dangerous man, I’m sure she’ll let you keep it as gratitude.”

“That would be for her to decide. Not us.” I told him.

“Well. Best of luck.” Austin opened up his arms. I smiled awkwardly while replacing the hug with a handshake.

It didn’t feel right to hug him, especially when there I had a sliver of an attraction towards him. Though his faces looked a little feminine, even with the beard at his chin, his body was undeniably sculptured.

“Thanks.” I urged to the door, only to get pulled back by Austin. Met with a wet awkward kiss and a scruffy beard that felt itchy from immediate contact.

His strong grip around my wrist let go as he tried to slide his tongue into my mouth.

Taking my hands and pushing him away from me and my mouth.

“Eww, what the hell! What as that for?” Wiping my mouth dry from the wet kiss.

“Sorry. I just thought...”

“Thought what!” I asked him loudly.

“You were being so nice and you’re so attractive.” He shook his head quickly as he stepped farther from me. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what has gotten over me. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m just gonna go.”

“Will you come back after you’re done?” He blurted.

“Probably not.” I told harshly.

“Well. Best of luck.”

I crimped my lips tightly together and quickly left through the door we came in from.

Feeling guilty for what had happened. Was I acting nicer than usual? Trying to recap the way I said things and it all seemed the same as normal.

Was it possible he got the impression when I was playing along with lying to his mom? Sad that he couldn’t see that I was playing along.

I turned left towards the soon to set sun. Right on the brink of disappearing from the sky. Making my way around the house to continue past the house and travel north.
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