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• Runied •

A few miles away from the house now, about where Austin said the stranger would be. Keeping my eyes peeled and listening carefully. There was no sight of anything and incredibly quiet. The trees scattered far and wide, no signs of life. The absent of noise made me sure that it was where I needed to be.

Since the stranger disrupted the peace with the sudden loud noise, there wouldn’t be any animal eager to return to the area. Leaving it soundless.

He’s near...

Immediately, I put a force field around myself. The same exact one I used when hiding from Dexter Huntington. Quiet and sightless.

Which direction? I thought.

It seems that he is very near. Somewhere north...

Already the direction I was facing. Scanning the area with me eyes, back and forth to see if anything became different or if I would see him coming over the hill ahead. After a few minutes, nothing changed or moved. Not even wind. A still cold, shadow atmosphere with nothing happening. As if time was standing still.

Was it possible that his magic was communicating that I was near him as well? Making him still as I was. Waiting for the other to move. Like chess, waiting for the other to make the strategic move.

Growing up, my brothers and I would play chess in the front room. The chess set that my dad let us use. No matter how hard I tried, I never won a match. Though it wasn’t a great memory overall, it made me home sick.

Wanting to resort back to Louisiana and forget the curses. Go back home and have some sort of normalcy, if at all possible.

Deep in my thoughts, I wasn’t paying attention until my magic made a strange ding noise in my mind. Making me alert to the ball of fire headed my way, a few meters away.

I used my magic to eliminate the threat with water, removing the fire’s existence. Which did the trick. Leo had to know exactly where I was and released it. His first move. Now it was my turn.

What would I do? A fire ball too? As an agreement to the game. Do I do something different and more elevated.

Extending my hand forward and opened my palm. With a rotation of my wrist, I released my similar fireball. Except larger than the one he had throw at me before.

Through the small opening of trees, it flew past quickly and raced over the hill. Only a few second later I heard a scared yell and a crash of something that sounded like metal clashing.

He must have not known I was near at all, from the sound of Leo’s voice. He must have been throwing fireballs for fun or something. I had thought wrong this whole time. Making the fireball a warning of me being here. Which wouldn’t have been my first step of stealth.

Good thing the force field was still up, because Leo came running over the hill with the same clothes he had on when I was in the book. People now a days would think he was a strange man indeed. No wonder why Austin thought so.

“Who was that?” He yelled out in a scared tone. Looking to be shivering from the cold.

How would he not know it was me? Who else could it possibly be.

“Hello?” He continued to scan the area and take a few cautious steps.

Maybe he didn’t think I would be near so quickly. Since the blast of the ancient book wasn’t long ago. No more than two hours ago. I can imagine he knew my location and my travel was sudden.

Leo stopped in between the hill and I. Looking around for who had released a fire ball back at him.

I walked to him, to present myself in front of him. With courage driving me forward.

As I walked, the ground didn’t shift to my step. The forced field deflected my feet from making full contact of the ground. Making me completely invisible to him.

Standing in front of him, scared to reveal my presence. Yet I did it anyways, with courage to fight against him. To make the first step of getting rid of the curse.

When releasing the force field and showing myself, his eyes told me he was intensively shocked. He didn’t move a muscle. I on the other hand stood tall and held my body strong. Ready for whatever what going to happen.

“Hello.” I said firmly with my eyes squinted. He seemed paralyzed from seeing me.

His body began to shake and his breathing expelled a nasty odor of death. As if he hadn’t brushed his teeth, ever.

“Hhh, how?” Leo said struggling to talk. Disbelief of my sudden appearance.

I wanted to close his throat slowly with my magic to make him completely unable to talk but I didn’t want to let him so close to my magic’s touch. Not until I knew he wouldn’t be able to try and steal it from me again.

“I’m sure you know why I’m here.” I said firmly.

“Umm.” He looked away from our intense eye contact. Smiling nervously.

I clenched my teeth tight, then used my magic to turn his head back. My patience seemed incredibly thin. He tried to fight it but couldn’t. It felt like his magic was insanely weak compared to what it was before. I could sense it from turning his head. Sense it from my magic.

“Looks like someone is weak without their precious book.” I said to him. Leo’s head shrieked into his shoulders, ashamed of the truth.

I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction. Even though he probably didn’t have the magic to steal my magic, he also didn’t have it to remove the curses he placed. Leaving him little to no help.

“Please don’t hurt me.” He exclaimed with fear on his face. For a moment in his life, he wasn’t in control anymore.

“Shut up, you need to help me remove the curses and maybe I’ll think about letting you live.” I stepped backwards.

“I won’t be able to! You ruined my access to the incredible magic I had. I can only remove the curses with it and now it’s gone.” He grew lightly angry.

“I thought you stole the magic, wouldn’t it still be yours?”

“When the book was ruined, their souls got out and went to the other side for good. The book kept their magic in this world, so I still had control of it. Now they aren’t here.” He said with more anger. “The magic left me when they left this world.”

“That’s why you don’t steal from people, you idiot.”

His eyes became angry and shot me a look at seemed laced with a hiss of magic.

“You ruined everything, you stupid little girl. Only worried about love, you don’t even understand the strength you have inside you. I hope it ruins you.” He then smiled grimly. “Good thing, it will. From the curse I placed on you and Tony.”

“Every curse can be reversed. Good thing your going to tell me how to.”

He laughed hysterically, making me fill with anger. Which led me push his body suddenly with my magic. Even when I did that, he continue to laugh, making the anger boil inside of me.

“What’s the curse!” I yelled at him.
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