To Accept The Demon Within

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At the age of 12 , Luciel spent his days in an orphanage in a small town that was not what it appeared to be .The dark halls of the orphanage still haunt him even after being adopted and whisked away to a lively city by the kind hearted , rich,and child barren Johnson couple . Luciel is not an average teenager - much less human and the problem of him controlling his powers and keeping his dark self hidden from humans is another thing especially with the voices in his head . Will Luciel overcome the baggaeg of his dark past and accept the otherside of him or will he let it consume him until nothing is left?

Fantasy / Thriller
Aaliya A. Ali
Age Rating:


IMPORTANT NOTE :all characters and places are fictional.Any resemblance to real places, events and real life people deceased or living are purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2018 to Aaliya A. Ali all rights reserved

This book is in no way to be copied and put into any electronic means of media or printed out without the author's permission


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Monsters are Real

All I remeber seeing was the sky of a setting sun and a meadow . Other memories were of my mother looking at me with horror after I turned 11 last year.

Why did she look at me in horror ? I was always a good boy did what she told me ....always wanting her affection

She always used to put these inscriptions of some sort on the door to my room with crosses all over it .

I had dreams of black crosses upside down which was weird, I told that dream to my mother which made her stare at me with horror.

I never understood what those meant ?

Why would she put those there ? Did it mean something ?

She sometimes rocked back and forth in her room and said
"His just like him ....," over and over again.

My memories of her giving me love and affection till I was ten until my 11th birthday.

Was she slowly going insane?




I always did what she told me to do , I always tried to be the best son so why ? Wasn't I enough?

I always questioned why she would do those things like putting inscriptions and crosses on my door but she wouldn't tell me and just ignored my questioning when she lifted her top showing me long scratch marks around the side of her stomach that looked fresh.

Did she get scratched by a cat ?

Maybe some animal ?

Mother would sometimes be distant with me , she wasn't all that loving when I turned eleven and especially now.

My 12th birthday

She made me a cupcake .Instead of feeding me it she came up to my room and just gave me the cupcake and left without a single word . I munched on the cupcake , I decided to look for her until I found her downstairs.

I noticed that there were other marks but they looked old and healing . I saw tears in her eyes when the look of horror turned into disgust as she looked at me with so much hate that I could feel the flames in them burn me .

Did ....did I do that her ? ....but I would never hurt mother. ..I love her.

"You did this to me , I should have just had killed myself instead of raising the devil's son !" She said venom dripping from her words

"No mother I didn't. ..I didn't do anything ...I love you.. I wouldn't hurt you ,don't say that , I'm your son ," I pleaded as salty tears fell from my eyes.

I tried reaching out to her but she slapped my hand away in disgusted . My heart to sink , I felt like I would crumble without her warmth as I tried reaching out to her.

"Mom please ...," I cried as I tried to hug her but she pushed me away harshly causing me to fall down .Sharp pain surging through my back from the impact as I a cry tore through my lungs.

I limped and tried getting up , her eyes cold and face drawn in disgust at the sight of me.

"You don't deserve to be loved. ....your a monster, "

Why was she saying this ?

"Look at yourself in the mirror. ...your a monster ...," she said with hate as she trembled.

My tears feel and I look down with a blurry vision as I look down shakingly at my hands that had black claws which instead of fingers. and normal nails.

What ...where did these comes from. ...

Then I noticed my reflection-the boy staring back at me had black eyes with red veins running down to his cheeks with pale skin .I looked at myself with a horrified expression and screamed -

I woke up gasping for air with alertness to my surroundings as sweat dripped off my forehead and neck while I looked around to see I was still in my room.I immediately looked down at my hands to see that they were normal which made me rush and dash towards the mirror to see that I didn't have those vicious demonic eyes and pasty complexion .

I ran downstairs to see my mother standing as her petite figure trembled and that's when I heard the sobs.

"Mom?" I said softly and carefully. Her boy froze up as she stopped trembling , she slowly turned to face me , eyes wide and face twitching in slow horror.

"G-get away f-from me ....," she whispered making me flinch.

This was just like the dream.

"Mom ....please no I'm sorry mom -" get away from me !" She screetched as I neared . She took out a dagger from her pocket and looked at me with crazy eyes , her hair a mess and she looked deranged and wild.

"You did this to me ...," she said lifting up her shirt to show me the scratch scars I made on her stomach a few days ago.

"I-I didn't mean to mo-"I can't do this anymore! I can't raise a satanic bastard like you anymore,"

"Mom no please ...," I sobbed getting near to her but she harshly pushed me and I felt like the dream was happening all over again

"I'll be free ," tears feel from her eyes as she neared the dagger to her chest where her heart was rapidly beating.

"Mom please no ! Please don't! " I begged but it all happened so fast that the last thing I remember was blood pooling around my mother's pale lifeless body. My sobs echoing through the room as I rocked myself back and forth. I felt numb and lifeless just like my mother's corpse.


End of prologue

Now the journey unfolds but the question is ....are you ready for the bumpy ride ?

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