Red roses

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This is the story of a strange place after a young man discovers that his teen age crush has the most horrifying secret and after this discovery he soon learns that his life will never be the same... Ps this is actually chapter 2 chapter one was on another book with the same cover and name which is still there so if you would like to read chapter one if you tap onto my page you will see it.

Fantasy / Romance
A. L Elmer
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Chapter 2 a normal morning

My alarm went off I got up for school I got my school things ready. Mum made me some of her tea it was nice and I had some toast with butter and then I walked to school. Tuesdays are good because that is football day. As I was walking Jake ran up behind me. Ahh I screamed. Hi mr yones what are you up to? He asked nothing much I said. You ready for football later dude? Asked Jake yeah yeah you? I asked yeah but you know coach is going to give all of the glory to Greg right? I know but it is still Worth playing though I said. I still think he is on steroids said Jake. Dude the crap you come out with I said. No well think about it he is really muscular he... continued Jake. Dude shut up I said. That day at school was ok I went to class which was ICT and then went to math. I love math not because it is math but because it is the only one of my classes that Marcy is in. I was sat at the front while Miss was going on about algebra and stuff when she asked me the question Fred what is 2 X v X x =? Said miss. Umm... umm.. it-it is umm I said ( dam it why did I spend all of that time looking at Marcy and not listening.) I thought. It’s an unanswerable question Miss said Marcy for me. Thank you Marcy said Miss. Marcy is so smart...
After class I was on my way to lunch when I felt a small tap on my shoulder. Jake you don’t need to tap me. I said turning round to see Marcy. Oh h-i Marcy sorry I thought you were someone else do you umm need anything? I Asked no no I just wanted to say hello. She said. Oh ok well hi I said. Hi how are you? She asked I I am ok you? I said good to hear wel... Marcy called a voice (it was Amy) hi Amy I said hello Fred said Amy. Come on Marcy we best be off I think. She said almost pulling Marcy away. I don’t even know where she appeared from. Oh-ok bye Fred it was nice chatting with you said Marcy and you too I said. Oooooo someone was talking to Marcy said Jake coming over to me from no where shut up Jake it is not like she likes me even if I did like her I said yeah yeah said Jake, as we went to lunch.
Later that day it was football. What are coach does is split us into teams so there is blue team and red team me and Jake are in blue team and unfortunately for us we are playing against Greg who we all know is going to beet us. We were about 20 minutes into a game and I had the ball I was about to score a goal When Greg came out of literally no where and took it and scored his own goal. Yessss! Goal baby!! Screamed Greg nice one Greg said coach. As soon as the next game starts Jake had the ball come on Jake I shouted come on!! When Greg got the ball and yes yes again scored another goal. Yeah!! Screamed Greg dam it Greg said Jake I had that sorry dude but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do said Greg.

On the way home Jake would not shut up about it dude that guy must be on steroids I swear think about it most of the best athletes are no they do not only some do man behave I said I will prove it I swear to god I will prove it. Said Jake ok deal you give me 20 quid if I can and if I can’t I’ll give you 20 deal? Said Jake deal. I said.
Once I got home I had dinner and sat with mum. Played on my Xbox and watched some TV. Life was normal however later on, Something rather un normal happened...

By A.L Elmer
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