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Hunter, Vampire, Witch, Werewolf. Mateo took a step back when he heard a beat. A loud beat coming from his heart. He gasped and lifted his right hand to his chest. He felt it! He felt his dead heart beating back alive! How long has it been? 500 decades? No. 1000 decades? No. It has been 2000 decades since he was born with a dead heart. A chuckle came out from his mouth and then he erupted into a burst of laughter with tears running down his face. Oh! How he waited for this day! It took him a few minutes to calm down before he looks up from the floor. He took a slow step towards the cold-eyed enchantress in front of him. The seductive figure was the one who had been busy slaughtering a few of his clans. He stopped in front of her and bent down to her ears. “Mates, you’re mine!”

Fantasy / Romance
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The Disease

At the bottom of the rocky hill was a medium-sized area of ​​grassland where several white camps were set up close to each other. There were several light balls floating over the camp that illuminated the area.

There was another large camp in the middle of the other camps. Outside the camps, people in white and blue robes walked here and there with swords tied around their waists or bows and arrows behind them.

The men looked handsome and the women were very beautiful. This view is so fascinating!

But, what are they doing here?

Why do they have weapons on their bodies?

It makes sense if the men carried weapons to face any danger while on the way. But why do those gentle-looking women also carry weapons on their bodies?

Who are they?

At the main camp, a group of people stood around a rectangular table. On the table is a map and some parts of the map have been marked with an X.

On the side of the red pen was a pair of hands wearing gloves. Seeing the owner of the hands, there was a red-lipped woman with cold and dark red eyes, bowing her head to look at the map.

She wore a blue and white robe with a gold sword at her waist. On top of her long black hair, there is a gold crown suitable for a princess. There was a glowing blue pendant around her neck.

Her appearance that looks like a goddess can make people think of her as an angel. But, she is not an angel.

She is a Soul Huntress.

She is a rare existence.

In ancient times, the world was calm under human rule. However, the King of Aspen, the Emperor of the North and his entire family were suddenly infected with a deadly disease.

There is only one way for them to treat themselves which is by drinking human blood.

Within half a week, the entire population of the north, east and south had been wiped out. Oh, half of them.

The other half were infected with the same disease after they were bitten by the emperor’s family, now called, Royal Vampires.

They were shocked when they realized that they had gained extra power when they woke up from their violence at night.

They can hear everything out loud. For example, the human heartbeat.

They can see from afar.

They can smell better.

They can read other people’s minds and more.

In short, their senses have been wonderfully upgraded.

They compete with each other to see who is the strongest. The strong, become leaders and the losers, become slaves.

Vampires serve the Royal Vampires.

They want to conquer the whole world. However, something unexpected has happened.

There are several new species that have suddenly appeared.

They are Werewolves as well as Hunters.

Half of the population turned into Vampires, 30% became Werewolves and 20% were Hunters.

Werewolves respond to Lycans who are stronger than them and there are two types of Hunters. Vampire Hunters and Werewolf Hunters. These Hunters respond to the Soul Huntress.

Now, these Soul Huntress crave greater power and to realize this goal, they need tools to do some experiments.

To find the tool, they need to hunt.

What is this tool?


Maybe, the words should be, who?

The Soul Huntress has the appearance of an angel and a saviour. But this rare species is the most ruthless among the others.


Because they are called Soul Huntress and Soul Huntress love to hunt. Moreover, when they hunt souls.

Whose soul?

It doesn’t matter.

As long as they can hunt souls, they will be satisfied.

But, they also face a challenging part.

Yes, they are cruel, but not the strongest.

The strongest is the first species to be turned, the Vampire.

These nocturnal creatures can move efficiently at night and only Royal Vampires can move during the day.

Hunters can be said to be the best when formulating strategies for hunting their prey.

But, this is not true.

Because animals have had their own minds since they were born to hunt for food. Especially, wild beast.


Werewolves have a dual appearance. One is a human and the other, a four-legged dog-like beast.

Surprisingly, these human beasts have a tender heart towards their lover.


They are not the only ones.

Vampires, as well as Hunters, also have these strange traits.

However, these ‘lovers’ can be either their strength or their destruction.

It can be the biggest happiness or the biggest nightmare of their lives.

At first, they find their lovers or soul mates among their own species.

Then, the universe plays on their fate.

Since then, some of them have discovered that their soul mates belong to the enemy.

Some are frustrated, give up and reject their soul mate.

Some are brave enough to accept their mates, move to secluded places, and breed Hybrids that are looked down upon by the original species.

Especially when the Hybrid is half-human. They are considered weak because one of their parents is human.

Yes, the human being is not completely lost from the world.

Those who survive are those who are lucky to be loved by these creatures.

So, what about schools or businesses or homes and everything that existed during human rules?

Yes, some still exist and some have been destroyed and abandoned.

Examples are schools, houses, shops, hospitals and palaces. These are places that still exist to this day.

Because of their high senses, some can live in snowy places, deserts or forests.

They will send their children to school to gain knowledge and train them physically and mentally. They built schools on their own land and they never mingled with other species.

Interestingly, this creature never gave up on showing off. They will still shop to their heart’s content like human beings.

Each of these species builds their own hospital and only hires their species to work there. The patients they receive and treat are only their species.

So, what about those Hybrids?

They are the most miserable of all beings. They can only be treated in their own homes and can only afford to buy their own medicine or tools to treat their injuries.

They often stay at home to receive lessons from their own parents and learn to defend themselves with the guidance of their parents as there are no Hybrid schools available for them.

Inside the palace, live all the Royal Vampires with their own territory to rule. Wolves and Hunters also have their own castles and areas of government.

These creatures also create barriers that divide their territory from the territory of other creatures.

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