The Ordinary Crown

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Emelyne's world is divided. The Magics and the Ordinaries live very different lives. The Royals of each kingdom live lavishly and extravagantly as the ordinaries and any lesser magics live in poverty and are left to starve. Life has always seemed to be this way. When Royal Guards invade her village, To Emelyne's surprise, she stands up against them; Something no one dares to do unless they wish for death. In turn, She is taken back to the palace where her punishment awaits. She is to be "The Princess of Ordinaries" as the King and Queen deem her. It sounds like it could possibly be a dream, but the Royals have sinister plans in store.

Fantasy / Romance
Alysha Holzer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

***DISCLAIMER: I am nowhere near done with my book, but I thought it would be fun to share a few chapters and hear anyones thoughts. I haven't gone through and fully edited everything, so please ignore any grammatical or punctuation errors. The title and cover are temporary as of right now and I may change a few things as I write my story. Magics is also a placeholder name for now. Please be kind and respectful in the comments! Thank you and I hope you like it!


Screams surround me as shadowy figures rage through the village; I’m frozen in fear. Just moments before, everyone was going about their day until the royal guards showed up. They seem to be looking for something—someone. My feet are still rooted to the ground as I take in my surroundings before my body finally moves. People are running--to where, I do not know. It’s not as if there are many places to go.

The guards are shoving their way through the mass of terror-stricken bodies, knocking down anyone who get in their path. They come to an abrupt stop when they approach an elderly man with his feet planted firmly in place as if he is frozen where he stands. Suddenly everyone freezes; all focus turns to the old man and the guards who loom before him.

“Why don’t you run, old man?” a guard asks.

“I’m done letting you terrorize our people.” The guard laughs at the man’s response.

“You, foolish man. You think your brave stance will do good?” My breathing is uneven as I watch the scene before me.

You’d be unwise to act as anything other than scared of the royal guards. I’ve seen what they do to people who are scared and even worse happens to those who try to stand up to them. When the old man speaks, his voice is unwavering.

“There is nothing left you can take from me.”

“Is that so?” the guard says as he steps closer to the man until he is towering above him. I sense what is about to happen and my heart can’t bear to see it. My breath hitches as the butt of the guard’s sword is brought down on the man’s head and he is forced to his knees. My eyes burn hot with tears as I see blood dripping down his head as he cowers in pain. The guard looks around at the horrified faces and his voice amplifies through the crowd.

“This is what happens to those who disobey the Royals. By disrespecting us, you disrespect our rulers.” The guard slowly brings up his sword by the handle which is painted crimson with the man’s blood. A glow of blue light snakes its way up the blade, his magic melding with the blade. He means to make an example of him, to instill fear into anyone who even entertains a mild thought of rising up. My cheeks heat, not with fear, but with anger.

“STOP!” I yell as I throw my body in front of the man right before the guard was about to strike. I look around for a quick moment and realize what I have just done. The guard’s gaze, full of contempt, turns upon me; A hint of confusion in his eyes.

“A little girl trying to save one of her own?” he practically laughs the words out, causing my teeth to grit.

“I am no little girl.” I spit out not knowing where this sense of boldness came from. It may be foolish; Nevertheless, I will not stand here while watching them murder an innocent man. All laughter has ceased as the guard drills his murderous gaze into mine. My heart beats rapidly as I try to keep my face calm. Before I can register what has happened, the right side of my face grows hot with a stinging pain, my head now cocked to the side. Gasps rumble lowly through the crowd. He slapped me.

“You will not talk to me like that, girl. He refers to himself as if he’s the high and mighty one. It’s not a surprise since most guards think of themselves as such, especially some of the ones who don’t wield magic.

“We shall take you to the palace. The king and queen will have a field day with you. I wonder what your punishment will be.” A wicked grin creeps on his face as he drags me up by my elbow.

He forcefully pushes me towards another guard who leads me to a horse and ties my hand together so tightly I have to bite my lip to hold back a wince. I look behind me at the old man; He looks at me with worried eyes as he silently mouths “Thank you.” Before the guards follow us to mount their horses, another guard drives his boot into the side of the old man. I turn my gaze forward not able to look at the man has he struggles between breaths.

As the horses in front of me start moving, a guard yanks on a rope that is attached to the horse I am riding and we start forward. I allow myself one last look at the village that was my home as It may be the last time I ever see it. I let out a small sigh of relief when my eyes land on the old man; Alive. He’s badly injured, but he’s still breathing. If they kill me, at least I will die having done something.

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