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Mate to the Dragon Prince (18+)

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Chapter One

Dear Guests and Employs,

As the proud CEO and founder of Sooyaa’s Desires...

I sighed, tapping away the keys on my laptop, an invitation to my shareholders, business partners and employees. The celebration of my newest expansion to Sooyaa’s Desires will be held within a few days. However, the constant pressure and stress that weighed down on my shoulders, prevented me from looking forward to the occasion.

One side, I had the constant begging of my father to join my company with my brother’s to prevent him from going bankrupt. He had millions stolen from a business partner, Antonio Venturi. On the other side, I had the nagging of reporters trying to spy on my life, wanting to get me into another “dating scandal” the madness people brought to my life!

The mounting pain in my head made me close my eyes and groan, one after another, problems rose, killing my insides, and creating that sickening pain at the pit of my stomach. Why should I give my fortunes and savings to save my brother?! It was his own damn fault! I told him not to, and that guy looked fishy. After all, my brother encouraged me to date the guy, but wouldn’t ever take an advice from a woman.

During the first -and last- date, I could practically see the greedy schemes that swirled in his dark eyes. The darkness brings many dangers and cannot be trusted by any means. No darkness in the world can lead to good. In Antonio’s eyes, I could see just that, the evil schemes. First, he thought of marrying me in order to get hold of the fame and riches that came along, and once Antonio figured out I wasn’t going to sit still and look pretty like a trophy for him, he out-tricked my brother, leaving him almost bankrupt.

The ding from my phone tore my eyes away from the laptop screen and tornado of thoughts, reaching over I grabbed the device.

‘Please, come over for dinner, Jisoo-yaa.’ -Mother.

I read over the message a few times before sighing, while I hated worrying mother, I couldn’t take in the glares my brother and his wife send my way. Their gazes burnt with hatred and jealousy, but I simply wasn’t going to let them walk all over me. I stopped attending dinner after the first three times. Dinner was supposed to eat with grace, peace and light happy talk, but our dinners contained nothing but glares, arguments and people walking out.

“Simply jealous..” I muttered, looking around my grand office. The ceiling to the floor gleamed with expert craftsmanship and the little aesthetic touch added by myself really brought out the place. Envy glinted in the eyes of many who entered my office. Superiority and modern elegance screames from every corner of my office, including my attire.

Hearing another ding from my phone, I groaned powering it off. Taking a few deep breaths, I closed my eyes, I wanted nothing more than to escape this family. Every step I climbed, every award I achieved, I received nothing but jealousy from my brother, while my father helped me in some means, I knew it was his son he wanted to see soaring above. And my father only stood by my side for the glory, only looking out for his image; his reputation as the most respected man in business.

Shaking my head, I took a sip of my coffee and once again began tapping away the keys. I knew some lines may sounded slightly cocky-- yes, I admit it, but it was simply the truth. My business empire will flourish and prosper; the hate and jealousy of others wasn’t going to bring down what I had planned for the future of my company.

I sighed sending the emails and shut the laptop down. I immediately grabbed my phone and handbag, before standing up to leave.

The plants that stood behind me greeted my presence with their heavenly scents. The white lilies sprouted alongside the soft pink roses. I inhaled the scents trying to calm my frayed nerves and aching head. It was odd how a sweet scent can pull you away from the constant pain and stress of life, even if it was for a minute.

Touching the petals, I sighed at the softness my fingertips touched, before clutching the entire flower in my fingers and crushing it under the force of my fist.

I blinked, opening my fist and saw the once delicate soft flower now crushed and falling apart.


I heard my cries and that flash of the marketplace, surrounded by nothing but unfamiliar faces and streets searching for my birth-mother. A constant reminder of my childhood, it was crushed, just like the flower in my hands.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled away from the memories and brought myself back to the real world. I was no longer a scared little girl in the marketplace, I was a woman of superiority and held a place in the business world.

My heels clicked against the marble floors, a sound that alerted any late-night workers I was leaving. It was the sound of a fiercely strong woman. From the sound of the heels alone, you can know the strength and confidence of a woman, whether she stood with power, or shaking in fear and worry.

I pressed the elevator button, not paying attention to the late-night workers. Some fools thought they would receive a bonus in me seeing “how hard” they worked even until late-night.

“Ms. Kwon.” A late-night employer greeted me. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms as I impatiently waited for the elevator.

“Johnathan.” I greeted with disinterest, not wanting to continue this into a conversation.

“I’ve been working late to finish for the next show in New York.” He said enthusiastically.

I raised my eyebrow, now turning to him, “Really now?”

“Yes. So, I was hoping to receive a bit of bonus for this month.”

I scoffed at his audacity, “And for what exactly should I give you the bonus for?” He frowned at my words. I smirked before answering, “Should I give for finishing the work?” I dropped all playfulness and curiosity from my tone and glared at him, “Or playing stupid games at night, pretending to do work?” I spoke through my gritted teeth.

I watched as his features disoriented into shock, “I-.. Ms. K- ..”

I raised my hand, “Enough! Get out of my sight before I fire you.” I shook my head as he scrambled from my sights.

I let out a deep breath as the elevator doors opened but mentally groaned as I saw a man standing tall in a navy crisp suit, his hands in his pockets. His eyes held the unspoken hate and jealousy as his gaze met mine. From the years of learning how to keep my emotions hidden from my face and eyes, I stared blankly at my brother.

“Jisoo!” He grunted my name.

I entered, pressing the button for the car park, “This elevator is only allowed to be used by me.” I muttered tearing away from his hate-filled eyes. While he learnt the same of keeping emotions hidden, anger was always one emotion he couldn’t control, especially towards me.

“Cut it out!” He snapped.

“Is there something you would like?” I asked, keeping my voice monotone.

I heard him shift angrily, “You know exactly what!”

“And I already told you my answer, Jackson.”

“I’m family. You’re supposed to help family, Jisoo!” He snapped, glaring harshly at me.

I gritted my teeth turning to him, “That’s not what you told me during the last family dinner!” I shouted back, “You don’t even consider me as family, so don’t you dare come asking me to for half of the company I built with my every breath!”

The door opened again in the car park, only to reveal my sister-in-law standing there waiting emotionlessly, but the coldness in her eyes still leaked as she locked her gaze on me.

Her soft light blonde locks of hair waved freely around her shoulder and her grey eyes swirled with jealousy before once again she cleverly hid the emotion. She had wore a tight black dress, the dark colour brought out her light hair, while she kept the make-up to a minimum, her ruby red lipstick stood up alarmingly. She had the perfect body figure that any man would instantly fall for, especially with her long legs.

Not wanting to have yet another argument with her, I stepped aside walking away from the two.

“You know what Jisoo, I don’t, it’s true. You’re not family! We don’t have the same mother, why should we let you in?!” I heard him shout from behind.

Though his words should sting like knives against my chest, I had become numb to it all, but a tight closing of my lungs was still present, but I simply continued forward until a hand grasped my wrist, pulling me back. I gritted my teeth glaring at the blonde haired woman in front of me, “Let go, Audrey.” I grunted. Her grey eyes were pleading and tears leaked her eyes, “Jisoo, please, you need to help us. He doesn’t mean that. You know he doesn’t. They’re just words of anger and stress.” She sniffed, I shook my head watching her pathetic act.

“Audrey-” I began, only to be cut off.

“You’re family, Jisoo. Now, why don’t you come home for dinner. Mother is waiting for you.” I almost took a shaky breath as she mentioned of the woman that raised me and looked after me like I was her own.

Catching onto the emotion that passed my eyes, her lips started stretching into a smirk before wiped it clean again.

“She’s not her mother, Au-” My half -brother started, only to be cut off by Audrey’s harsh glare. He sighed, shaking his head; his jaw was sharp as he held back the words he so desperately wanted to yell.

“Stop it!” I glared at them, my eyes quickly searched for the watch guard, “Guards!” I shouted. My word put many footsteps in motion, rushing towards where I stood. Crossing my arms, I waited for all four of the night guards to reach us.

Each stood panting before me, waiting for my next words, “Which one of you let them in?” My blood started boiling with rage; I had warned them not to let my half-brother or his wife into my company grounds. I watched as they hung their heads low, “Why can’t you take a simple order?!”

Audrey stepped forward trying to defend whichever guard that so kindly let them in, disobeying their boss, “Jis-”

But I put my hand up silencing her, “I didn’t ask you, Audrey.” I gritted my teeth as I narrowed my eyes at her. I could see the impatience and anger ready to break through the shields she put up. “Answer me,” I shouted at my guards.

One of the guards gulping caught my eyes, causing me to raise my eyebrows at him, “Well?” I asked him directly, causing him to flinch.

“Ms. Kwon, I-.. I thought this- they’re your family. I didn’t see why-”

“Shut up! I gave you one order and if you can’t take it, I don’t see how you can do this job.” I snapped.

His eyes grew in realisation, “Ms. Kwon, please. I need this job!” He begged.

“No, you’re fired! Get out!” I shouted, pointing towards the exit. I glared, daring him to step against my wishes. “The rest of you’re dismissed,” I said, walking towards my car, only to be stopped by Audrey again.

“Jisoo, come home, please.” She encouraged, “Mother misses you.”

I gulped and sighed, “Fine..” I mumbled, taking back Jackson’s attention again, “I’ll come, but I still refuse to give you any part of my company.” I stated firmly before opening my car.

Watching them argue from the inside of my car, I sighed. I was starting to regret my decision, but I didn’t want to disappoint or hurt mother. She didn’t deserve that. She could have thrown me out or not given me any bit of attention, yet she cared and loved for me as her own.

And knowing I couldn’t pay back the compassion and admiration, she showered me with I started distancing myself from her.

Sighing and pulling my hair behind my ears, I started my car. I already knew how dinner was going to be, full of cursing and shouts, but I’ll be there for mother.

The bright city lights welcomed me as I drove my car out from the underground car park. Cars zoomed past, and people walked along the footpath, ready to finally go home, to peace and quietness. A part of me envied them, wanting to have such comfort for myself.

While driving on the smooth roads was relaxing, it didn’t help the constant thoughts and worries, they were piling up one by one, preventing me from taking in the oxygen my lungs longed for.

The closer and closer I got to my father’s house, my stomach churned with the nauseating thoughts of what dinner would bring.

The red lights prevented me from going further; I gritted my teeth looking at the time on my watch; the handle clicked eleven o’clock. I sighed not wanting to drag out the night any longer, but some things are just inevitable.

A bright shine, like a flash of light, caught my eye from the side. I frowned, lifting my head to the sky, narrowing my eyes to identify the source.

The stars surrounded, shining and brightly moving into a shape or symbol. I gasped feeling the air in my lungs release in shock as I gazed into the night sky. My heart thumped faster and faster as the stars moved into some sort of an alignment. The sparkling silver balls of light swooshed around as if it was controlled by a person or another being.

“Wha..?” I breathed out in disbelief frowning as I saw the stars lining together one by one into the shape of a long creature. My eyes widened as more of these stars flew in from far away, holding onto the creature like in shapes of large wings. I opened my mouth in disbelief watching the drawing of the creature unfold before me, “A dragon..?”

I jumped in my seat as the car from behind suddenly honked, the alarming sound tore my gaze away from the skies. It took me a second to realise the lights had turned green. Taking a few steady breaths, I started driving again. My eyes travelled up into the skies again; an unsteady gasp released itself from my lips as I stared into pitch-black skies, not a single star in sight. The shape of what appeared to be a dragon was gone.. vanished from the skies.

I shook my head, letting out a humourless chuckle, “I need help..” I mumbled quietly. The stress of what dinner would bring had me seeing things that never existed; something that was never there in the first place.

Straightening myself up again, I turned my car towards the large black gates of my father’s house. The guards who were stationed, immediately rushed to open the gates in recognising my car. I drove straight in and parked my car next to Jackson’s.

I stook off the seat-belt and grabbed my phone just as it dinged. Opening the small device, I looked at the message.

Hurry up! We are waiting for you!- Unknown.

I rolled my eyes and blocked yet another one of Jackson’s numbers. It was him, I knew it. I sighed, getting out of my car.

“Disastrous dinner.. here I come...” I mumbled into the night, before opening the large wooden doors.

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