The Burning Lotus

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A girl with supernatural powers. A girl with a bounty. With Secrets. With a dark past. A girl in a kingdom full of the unknown. All she wants is a normal life. But is that really possible? Join Anka Fenice in her adventure, her sorrow, her joyous moments. Join her in digging up the past, and going through the present. Join her. Till she meets her ever so changing fate.

Fantasy / Romance
L. Dollie
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I exhaled slowly, my head tilted up, my frosted breath clouding in the air ahead of me. I remained there, slowly closing my eyes. Taking in everything around me.. without taking it in. The forest, trees bare around me, surrounding a clearing in a near-perfect circle. The snow slowly falling, freckles of white in the midnight sky. `The time.. what time was it. `the full moon rested dead-center in the sky... `what time was it... `I exhaled slowly again.

I was facing north, a never-ending forest just forty paces ahead of me. To my left, there was more forest. To my right, a creek that leads into the forest. There was a larger lake a bit deeper into the trees, but people rarely went in. The fear of being eaten alive by creatures that lurk there as soon as the trees swallowed them was too much for them. Behind me, a kingdom rested asleep, mice scurried in the streets, children laid cuddled and wrapped, warm in bed, hidden from the winter-storm.

I narrowed my eyes as I looked down, gazing into the forest. Taking another, deep breath, holding it for a few seconds before exhaling. Not that I could see much, either way, you can’t see past many of the trees, you can’t see too far in. I shift, taking a step, the snow, reaching the center of the bottom leg in my 5′2" figure, shifted around my leg. I take a few moments to pause.

My snow boots kept my feet warm, they were black, laced tightly together. My black jeans stuck closely to my body, on top, I wore a dark grey capelet made of linen. Underneath, I wore a simple white tank top, my black hair that just reached my elbow was tied up. My amber eyes trailed to my hands that now were clasped together in front of me, eyeing over the fair tone of my skin.

I chuckle again to myself, shaking my head as I turn around, slowly beginning to step. `I find it funny. The fact that the people and merchants who wander into the kingdom can have such odd objects to sell. The second funny thing? Was the fact that the ‘people,’ that resided in the kingdom were so set on fearing the ‘monsters,’ around them. `My gaze narrowed once more as I stepped into the small portion of the forest, the snow getting lower and lower as I stepped closer to the small village illuminated by lamposts that had a flame in the center of each, one that seemed to never go out. Monsters.

The lampost I approached dimmed slightly. ` Monsters. Who were they to call others monsters? ` The flame flickered. `The things they considered monsters are just misunderstood. `I nodded slightly at the thought, peering around the considerably tiny town. To my left, there were multiple houses, tiny one-floor houses the rowed on each opposite end of the pathway. Only a few scattered two stories could be seen. At the end of the row to my left, there was a church and a graveyard resting next to it.

Beyond that? The forest. So nobody really knows.. `As far as I’m concerned, that is.` I turn my gaze ahead of me, there rests a bakery, a small market next to it, of course, that’s all closed now. I shake my head a bit, turning my gaze slightly to the right, just a few paces in front of the bakery. Now, I’m eyeing a fountain.

A simple grey, stone fountain. It had three sections, raising and standing well over anyone who stood next to it. Then, finally, I look to my left, there rests a bar, an inn, and a blacksmith shop. I lift a hand, undoing the band that held my hair up. I wrapped it around my wrist, pausing for only a moment before I dropped my hands down.

`They. Are the monsters. ` I lift my gaze back to the fountain. `They. Are the ones to be feared.` Then my gaze went to the bakery. `They, are the killers. Cold-blooded. Stupid Monarchy.` My breathing was now a bit uneven as my gaze slowly lifted, beyond the bakery. Towards the huge dark-grey stone building. The one that cast a shadow over the village. The one that struck fear into anyone who was near it. The one that children were warned to never near as a scary story. That one building.

The ones that housed the Karayans.

The one that housed the royals.

The vampires.


Thank you so much for reading!! This is my first story after a few months of taking a break.



``This is a speaking quote!``

`This is a thought quote..`


I’m really happy to be here! I would greatly appreciate it if you’re able to leave a comment, I accept any kind of constructive criticism!

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