The Chaos Beneath The Realms

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One by one a group of teenagers at the Danson Beta Institute start discovering the secrets of hidden worlds. When three new students join a wild group of friends, they go from getting to know each other to expoloring realms and unlocking unexplainable abilities. They face two daunting tasks; Keeping the balance of the realms and navigating life as a teenager. Can they do it? π‘πšπ­πžπ: ππ†πŸπŸ‘

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


The institute, not the place every teenager wanted to be or well any teenager as a matter if fact. Don't get me wrong now. I didn't mind it here but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get tired if seeing the same walls and buildings twenty four seven. The campus had been pretty much far away from usual civilization.

Sometimes it could seem like we were trapped but they told us that this place had been for the exceptional. I figured that was just a way of saying a place where parents could drop off their kids when they finally had enough of them. Like boarding school in a way.

Sometimes I wished I could have gone to normal high school but no, according to my parents this was the best place to be. Maybe they were right... no distractions or drama. I suppose I'd never know.

The population here had been quite small and more or less the same for the last two years having eighty to ninety students. No new students ever did come in, only a few transferred out.

The only good thing about this place is that I didn't have to come here alone. A few friends whom I had grown up quite close with along with my half brother to also attended the school. If anything they made it much more tolerable.

At present I stood pacing up and down my bathroom floor. It was stupid to think about why but then again I was just a seventeen year old girl.

I had a big presentation today for math class and I really wanted to impress everyone... well more specifically a certain person.

His name was Axel Simmons. As clichΓ© as it sounds yes, he was the guy that most of the girls in the institute had their eyes on. The jock if you'd prefer to say. Being around his charm was almost mesmerizing.

He had been one of the friends who came here with me, only thing had been was that he saw me as his little sister. The one he had to protect and annoy daily. That was our relationship so I didn't plan on telling him about my feelings and risking it.

My anxious reflection stared back at me in my oval mirror. My light blue eyes radiated both eagerness and impatientness behind my navy blue, rectangular framed glasses.

I had taken a shower moments before so I just stood barefoot in a white t-shirt and a pair of Hello Kitty boxers as I made way to brush my teeth and comb my wavy chestnut brown hair. About ten minutes in I heard a loud pounding outside my dorm room door.

I mentally groaned as I finished brushing my teeth then went to look through the peephole at my door. Seeing my best friend, an annoyed smile scurried onto my face as I didn't even bother to go change first. I just opened the door then went over to my closet.

"Hello Kitty huh? Spongebob is way better," a deep smooth voice rung out through the air. I rolled my eyes as I spun around holding up two button down plaid shirts to the boy standing in front of me. His forest green eyes shone in amusement.

"Just pick one dumbass," I said chuckling a bit. He ran his hand through his jet black locks, something he always did when thinking. "Go with the black and blue, the shade matches your creepy eyes," my best friend said before plopping down on my bed with his backpack and picking up my phone.

I pulled the shirt over my tshirt and buttoned it up halfway before pulling on a pair of black jeans and my white converse shoes. After that I went to get my bag as well before going up to the boy who had started playing Temple Run on my phone.

Jaxon Wallen had been his name. Five inches taller than me being at six feet on the dot, Jaxon had been a really easy going guy who sometimes tended to give most of the teachers a hard time but I was sure they loved him never the less.

"Ready to go dummy?" I asked as I shouldered my bag and began to put my hair in a ponytail. He nodded as he stood up still staring at the phone for a few seconds before looking me up and down.

"West if you're planning on trying to look sexy for Axe I'd suggest leaving your hair down, it looks nice that way," Jaxon said staring at my head. I raised my eyebrow at him, "Did you really just compliment me?"

He shrugged, "I'm in a good mood plus Ava texted you and said she's waiting downstairs for us with donuts so don't get to used to it." Should have figured. He only ever went full charming when food was involved.

Either way he usually gave good advice so I did as he suggested. I put the hair tie on my wrist as I brushed loose strands behind my ears infront of another mirror I had by my dresser.

I could see Jaxon mocking and imitating my movements from the corner of my eye. I shot him a deadly glare which he started laughing at and in a minute or two we were out the door.

A short while later we met up by a small fountain on the campus with the rest of our friends. The small group consisted of myself, Jaxon, Axel, Ava, and my half brother Blaine.

Axel's warm eyes beamed at me and his dirty blond hair looked even lighter in the blazing sunlight. He beckoned me over to them as he patted the seat beside him on the ledge of the fountain. His tall muscular frame towered mine as I sat beside him.

Jaxon discretely shot a wink in my direction before grabbing a coffee from Ava and a glazed donut from the box Blaine had been hugging to his chest. The sent of my brothers strong cologne made me wrinkle my nose.

"So sis are you ready for our presentation later?" Blaine asked while talking a swig of his coffee and handing me one of the doughy treats. I graciously accepted it and took a bite. The warm, chewy yet sugary snack pleased my soul.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Let's just hope Mr. Aniston isn't having PMS this class," I responded. Everyone laughed a bit at that. "My dude, that man is on menopause... its not gonna be ending anytime soon," Jaxon added to my statement.

We just sat around chatting for a short while before classes were to begin when the headmaster's voice came through the intercom announcing that we all had to meet in the main hall for an important meeting.

The last time there had been one of these was two years ago when we had now joined the institute so we were all really confused in the least. Though we all got up and made our way to the hall where we had the meeting to see what had been instored.

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