Ella Hope

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Go on a journey with Ella Hope and her best friend Harry Potter as they go through their time at Hogwarts!

Fantasy / Adventure
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“Bye Mom!” I yelled as I ran out the door towards the park. I was racing toward the neighborhood park to play a bit before dinner. As I entered the park, I saw a skinny boy with black hair slowly swinging on the swing set and walked over.

“Hey, mind if I join,” I asked the boy and he jumped a little and looked up at me.
“Sure,” he said and I sat down on the swing beside him and started to swing. Soon when I thought that I was high enough, I jumped off and landed in the sand.
“Whoa, how did you do that,” said the boy as he stared at me.
“Oh it is easy, I’ll show you,” I said, and soon we were both swinging high and flying off the swings, landing on the ground and laughing.
“That was awesome,” I said laying on the ground.
“Yeah,” said the boy “My name is Harry, what is yours,” the boy asked.
“My name is Ella,” I said and stood up and reached down to help Harry up.

“Thanks,” he said and I pointed over to the garden, “Hey, want to help me pick carrots from our family’s part of the garden?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said and we raced to the garden. We started to pick the carrots until something really weird happened. As I pulled up my third carrot, I saw that the carrot was glowing.
“Uh, Harry,” I said and held up the carrot so that he could see.

“Yea- what the heck Ella,” he said as he stared at it. “Whoa can I see it,” he said, but when I handed the carrot to him it turned green and then exploded into carrot mush and covered us.

“Eww,” we said as we wiped off the carrot from off of us. I turned to Harry and we both broke out in gales of laughter. After we cleaned off the best we could I told Harry I needed to go home.

“I probably should go home too, before my uncle gets home,” he said. “Do you live near here?” he asked.

“Yeah, I moved to Privet Drive about a month ago,” I said.

“That’s awesome I live on Privet Drive, what house cause I live at number 4” Harry exclaimed.

“Cool, I live at number 7” I laughed, “Race ya!”
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