Ella Hope

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Over the next few weeks, Harry and I met up at the park and played. I had never met his family until one cloudy Saturday, a day I will never forget. It started normal, me and Harry had met at the park and were swinging, trying to see who could go the highest.

Suddenly Harry froze and turned pale, “Harry what’s wrong,” I asked. “It’s Dudley and his friends, they’re coming” he whispered.

“Who,” I asked slowing down on the swing.

“My cousin,” Harry says frowning and standing up to face him and his friends who are sneering. “Hey Big D or should I say Ickle Diddykins,” Harry said, which made Dudley’s friends snort.

“Harry don’t provoke them” I mumbled so only Harry could hear. Dudley growled and picked up Harry by the collar of his shirt and threw him down. I squeaked and ran to help him up when one of Dudley’s friends picked me up.

“Who is this squirt with him,” he asked.

“His only friend” Dudley snickered and bent down and picked up Harry again. The next few seconds seemed to blur by, Dudley punching Harry and me yelling at them to stop. The next thing I knew I was on the ground holding my arm as it throbbed. It seemed like Harry was his cousin’s official punching bag. Harry groaned and that’s when I snapped.

“Hey you dummies” I yelled “Stop it, you never have the right to hurt someone, you are the definition of a bully!” Dudley and his friends dropped Harry, who sat up and stared at me.

“Such big words from a little girl” Dudley sneered and started to stomp towards me. All of a sudden the world changed.

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