Ella Hope

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Weird Weather

It started with the wind, it picked up from just a breeze to a strong gale, and then it started to rain. One second clear skies, not a cloud for miles, to a downpour in a few mere seconds. Dudley’s friends all stared at me, terror in their eyes. They glanced at each other and ran away like babies. I turned to Harry and we started laughing. Then it happened again, as soon as I started to laugh to rain and wind calmed down and the clouds disappeared. Dudley still stood there mouth open and drenching.

“H-h-ow did you do that” he stammered.

I smiled and reached down to help Harry up, “No idea,” I said. “Come on let’s go…. You too Dudley” I sighed. As the three of us walked to Harry and Dudley’s house, a skinny lady ran out to meet us.

She spoke in a worried tone, “Dudders are you, okay honey, you look pale” said Mrs. Dursley. “What did Harry do to you thi-” she stopped when Dudley shook his head.

“It’s nothing mom I’m fine,” he said and he walked inside. Mrs. Dursley eyed us and hurried back inside after her son. Harry and I just stood there shocked for a while.

“Well that was unexpected,” I said and Harry shook his head slowly and looked at me.

“I think Dudley is scared of you Ella,” he said. A few seconds later we broke down in laughter.

“Want to come over for dinner again Harry,” I asked after we stopped laughing.

“Sure,” he said and we headed down the street to Number 7 Privet Drive.

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