Ella Hope

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Disappearing and Diagon Ally

A few weeks later Harry came running down the block. “Ella, Ella, you will never just what happened, I got a letter that looks like yours, but my aunt and uncle won’t let me read it!” yelled Harry.

“What that’s awesome” I shrieked and hugged him. We spent the whole afternoon at the park and then Harry went home. A few days later a heard a loud noise outside. When I looked outside hundreds of owls were sitting up and down the street. I ran outside in awe and stayed out there until I was called in. The next day I awoke to loud yelling and saw Mr. Dursley dragging Harry and Dudley out to their car with bags. Mr. Dursley was bright red and Mrs. Dursley was pale. I ran outside just in time to see them push Harry into the car and drive off. That day dragged on super slowly, and it was not until mom mentioned that we were going to Diagon alley tomorrow that I perked up.

“Oh, I forgot about that, can we take Har- oh yeah he has not come back” I sighed. My mom put a hand on my shoulder and I hugged her. That next day was Harry’s birthday and he still was not back. Mom and I took this weird super-fast bus to an old pub called the Leaky Caldron, and when I stepped inside I gasped. All of these men and women were wearing cloaks and in the middle of them, all was Harry! “HARRY” I yelled and ran to hug him. “Hi Ella, how are yo- I can’t breathe” Harry wheezed as I hugged him. “Where were you I was so worried, where did they take you, also Happy Birthday,” I said holding out a red scarf with an H on one end for Harry. “I know it is summer, I thought since my mom mentioned that it snowed at Hogwarts” I rambled.

“Wow, this is the best Birthday present I have ever gotten!” Harry gushed. A huge (and I mean huge) man behind Harry scoffed. “And your birthday cake was amazing too Hagrid” Harry turned and said to the man behind him. As we walked to the back of the pub Harry told me everything that had happened, from where he had gone to when Hagrid gave Dudley a pig’s tail.

“He gave Dudley a what!” I said as we entered the back of the pub and walked outside. Both Harry and I watched in awe as Hagrid tapped a series of bricks and all of a sudden the bricks started to move and a cobblestone street appeared.

“Welcome to Diagon Alley” Hagrid boomed.

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