Ella Hope

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The Wand

Diagon Alley was even more amazing than mom described it. Shops lined the streets and witches and wizards along with their kids and pets hurried around. “Wow,” I said and stepped onto the street with Harry on one of my sides and my mom on the other.

“Where to first,” said Harry, and I nodded.

“Well, Gringotts of course,” said Hagrid and my mom nodded.

“That’s where we get wizarding money” my mom explained once she saw the confusion on me and Harry’s faces. Once we got to the bank me and my mom went in a different cart to our vault and planned to meet up with Harry again in 20 min. The ride down to the vault was super fun and reminded me of a rollercoaster. When the goblin opened up the vault I almost had to shield my eyes. There were mountains of gold, silver, and bronze coins. After my mom put a few handfuls into a bag we returned to the main hall. When Harry came back we started back to get the rest of our things. Everything went so fast and then it came time to get our wands. I was so eager and practically pulled Harry’s arm off. When we entered the shop, which was called something like Ollivanders, we saw an old man high up on a ladder.

“Hello, Miss. Hope and ahh Mr. Harry Potter, it seemed like just yesterday your parents came in to get their wands, you to Miss. Hope” the old man said.

“Hello Mr. Ollivander,” Hagrid said and gently pushed Harry and me forward to the counter.

“Let’s have Miss. Hope go first, shall we” Mr. Ollivander said, placing a box in front of me “Maple, 11 inches, Unicorn Tail Hair core, and quite bendy.” I picked up the wand and waved it, causing many boxes of wands to come flying off the self. After about 10 different wands, an extremely happy Mr. Ollivander stopped and went into a back room and came out with a dark blue box and set it in front of me. My mom went stiff beside me and Hagrid’s eyes went wide.

“Ar-re you sure about this Ollivander” Hagrid stammered.

“Positive,” he said and turned to me “Go on try this one,” said Mr. Ollivander. I slowly opened the box and saw the most beautiful wand I have ever seen. It was a dark wooden color with a fading light blue coming from the bottom. It had a line of tiny roses spiraling up the wand. “Yew and Hawthorn, 11 inches, and very unique Miss. Hope, it has all the cores. When I picked up the wand, I felt a warm feeling spread across me and a blue glow surrounded me. After Harry got his wand, 11” long, made of holly, and a phoenix feather core, we left the adults to whisper among themselves and scampered outside. We were soon joined by them and went to get our robes fitted. Harry got this snowy owl that he named Hedwig as a birthday present from Hagrid. After that, we all went back home to await the start of school.

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