Ella Hope

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The Hogwarts Express

After what seemed like forever the day came when Harry I would leave for Hogwarts. On the morning of September 1st, my mom drove me to the station and after handing me my ticket, and apologizing for the tenth time that she could not see me off, she left. I looked down at my ticket and frowned. The ticket had Platform 9 3/4 written on it, so I walked to platform 9 and waited for Harry to join me. In a few minutes, Harry came up to me.

“Hey Ella,” he said, “do you know where this platform is, I have never heard of it before.”

“I don’t, but how about we ask that family over there because the kids also have carts like ours,” I said and Harry nodded.

“Excuse me,” Harry said walking up to a woman with red hair “How do we-er- get.”

“How to get on the platform? Yes, not to worry” interrupted the woman.

“Now, all you’ve got to do is walk straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 and best do it at a bit of a run if your nervous” the woman says and beckons me and Harry forward. Harry looks at me then takes a breath and runs at the wall. Right when I think he is about to hit the wall, he disappears. I stand there with my mouth open staring at the wall.

“Pretty cool huh,” a girl standing next to the woman says, her eyes twinkling. I nod and take a deep breath and run at the wall. When I emerge on the other side, I cannot believe my eyes, right in front of me a there is a magnificent red train with the words Hogwarts Express written with gold letters across the side. As soon as our bags are put away, Harry and I find a compartment on the train and sit down.

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