Normal Is Overrated

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The story takes place in modern day New Castle, Indiana. Main characters Skylar, Axel, and Simon are going to be attending Chrysler High School for the first time. All Skylar wants in life is normalcy, but can that happen when you fall in love with a Vampire or when your past haunts you in a new place? Follow these three teens as the try to blend in with mundanes and outrun ghosts of their past.

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Chapter 1

I’m trying my best to focus on the way he’s moving, watching his hand movements as he clenches his fists. He’s probably trying to forget that Simon and Dad are watching us. Coward, I think to him. His face contorts into playful anger, and he lunges for me, I quickly dodge it, moving to my left, sliding on the ground. I hurry to stand on my feet. Now is the time that I really wished I had my baby with me, but dad says no weapons during training. Too bad, because I really want to whip that smirk right off Axel’s face.

Sometimes being a Hunter sucks, I think to myself. I always have to be careful with controlling my thoughts. My family, Simon, and I can communicate to each other through our minds. After completing a blood sharing ceremony where my dad - Thomas, my brother - Axel, and I drink Simon’s blood. After that he must consume ours. It had to be hard for him, him being a Vampire and all. He always says it wasn’t a big deal, but unlike my family I can tell when Simon is lying. It comes easy now that we are the best of friends. We had completed the ceremony when I was seven, so there wasn’t really a time I can remember when my thoughts were only mine all the time.

During my childhood, I was around the age of seven, Simon came into our lives. He was only nine years old, no family, no home. All anyone would tell me was that he was in a terrible accident. Now with me at the age of sixteen and Simon eighteen, we are inseparable. My brother and him bonded instantly, due to the fact that they are only one year apart from each other. My brother, Axel, is currently nineteen.

I hear Simon mumble under his breath, something about me being a show-off. I can’t help it if I’m better at dodging then any of you, I think so that they both can hear me. I look over at Simon as a smirk forms on his face. He is, as usual, laying in his chair on the backyard patio. He takes a long sip from his blood-bag, sunglasses in place. He has always had to wear them when we were outside in the sun like this. If he doesn’t the sun irritates his eyes. Normal Vampires can’t come into the sunlight but my dad and his friend, who is a Spell-Caster, created a charmed necklace that Simon can wear so he can tolerate the sun.

I look back at Axel as he tries to radiate calm. I just love making my brother angry, especially when we’re training. Anytime he shows his emotions during training dad lectures him about it. I can get away with it, but that’s only because I don’t really go on that many hunts. The boys think I’m too fragile. That is why I have more training than Axel and Simon both. Sometimes, not all the time, it pays off. Like now I can beat the boys up when they pick on me.

I lose all thought as I’m shoved to the ground. I land on my stomach and face with a thud. I lean up on my elbows and spit out the dirt in my mouth. I hear laughing so I send a threat-filled glare in the direction of the guys. They all three take off in fear through the backdoor.

I hate you Axel. You will pay for that. And so will you Simon! I practically yell through our link.

I love you too little sister, Axel says back, and I can feel his smirk.

What did I do? Simon asks with fear.

I smirk and say, you laughed along with Dad and Axel, so now you must pay dear friend.

I walk into the house, ignoring all the packed boxes, and head upstairs to my bedroom. We are always moving around from city to city so there’s really no point in unpacking. We will probably be leaving again in a few days with the way Dad is making me train so much. He always does right before we leave to a new place. Us being Hunters we are always on the move. What we do is capture or kill rouge Supernaturals. Supernaturals are those who are above the laws of nature. Like Simon, he is a Vampire, he drinks blood from elongated fangs and ages more slowly than mundanes. Mundanes are also known as humans or normal beings. My family and I would be considered mundanes, if it weren’t for the fact that we have supernatural blood linked in our chromosomes. The blood makes us stronger, faster, and capable of using magic.

I walk upstairs, tripping over a few steps, earning a few laughs from Dad and Axel. Simon is smart enough to shut up this time. Ugh. Today is just not my day, I say in my head.

We still have to talk with Thomas about attending public schools with the mundane population, Simon reminds me through our link.

Ugh, I know, I reply before cutting the connection.

Axel, Simon, and I have never attended a public school before. None of us have had any contact with the mundane world. For us, our world revolves around the supernatural. My dad is the only one who deals with the mundanes. He even has some as friends, but that’s so we can break most of the laws that normal beings cannot.

I just hope Dad doesn’t put up that big of a fight about the subject. We all three really want to do this. Ugh, tomorrow is going to be very crazy. I head up to my room to try and take a relaxing bath to get my mind off all this drama.

I walk into my cute little bedroom. I have pale brown walls, like the rest of the house, and dark wood lining the bottom and tops of the walls. One giant window is centered on the wall across from my door. My bed is a queen size right under the window, navy blue covers and too many pillows. I sit on the bed and look to my right and see near the door is my walk-in closet and down from it, closer to me, is my bathroom. I have the master bedroom of the house, perks of being the only girl in the house. I get up and head into the bathroom, closing the door and stripping down to my natural state. I glance at myself in the mirror. I’m not awful nor overly beautiful. I know I have increased beauty due to the supernatural blood in my veins, but I’ve never thought anything of it. I wrap my long brown hair into a loose bun because I know that if I don’t it’ll stick against my backside, and I hate that. My hair nearly touches my mid-back and I’m 5′2". I head over to the tub and start the hot water and drop in a cherry bath bomb, watching it fizz and smelling the powerful aroma fill the small room. Checking to make sure there are towels in the cupboard above the toilet, I dip my feet into the tub, slowly sinking into the cherry-filled bliss.

I’m awaken to the sound of thumping on the bathroom door. I look around notice that the bathroom window shows darkness on the outside. I must’ve dozed off; I think to myself.

“Yes?” I asked out loud.

“I was just making sure you were alive,” I hear Simon say from the behind the door, “It’s nearly been two hours.”

“Oops,” I say. “I’ll be out momentarily.”

I hop out of the tub and grab my towel. After drying off and letting the water out I walk out of the bathroom and come face-to-face with one nervous looking Simon. I see him stare up and down my towel then stammer a few unintelligible words then zoom out of the room with Vampire speed. I stand there shocked and shake it off as a teenage boy thing and change for bed.

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