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The Last Trial

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You see these two girls Iver and A.J are actually sisters but because of the rule that states only of only having two children male and female per house hold they split the two up and put them into different houses. Well soon come years later their best friends and fall into a friend group with Harley, Jacob,and Ashlin. These best friends soon are placed into a group of trials that'll place them into their community. Oddly enough all five of them are placed into the same community which is soon revealed that Harley tapped into the system after their trials and put them into the same community but while also tapping into the system he found plans for a upcoming war and fast forwarded just a little those five teens are on the run from the government

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Table Of Contents

2)A month before the trials
3)The Trials began
4) results
6)System Break
7)On the run
8)This is all your fault!
9)The split
10)I can't make it on my own
11) The rescue
12) Let's stick together
13)I won't let you died
14)They found us!
15)The last attempt
16)Break away
17)I'm not leaving Iver behind
18)I'm right behind you
19)So close
20)NO! A.J.
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