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Rogue Rain

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Maori Inez was considered a Freak ever since she was little. She never quite understood why, maybe it's because of her weird eyes, but never really cared to. All she cared about was getting the good grades she needed to get into a good college. After finishing Junior year her mother decides she needs a change in scenery and decides to move to a small town just southeast of Portland, Oregon. Of course being in a completely different place than she's used to she has no friends, never really did, so imagine her surprise when she makes friends with the Morcant family's daughter Kaori Morcant. And turns out to be crushing on her brother, Amias Morcant, after a chance encounter with him at a small glade in the forest surrounding her new home. Soon after weird things start happening, such as seeing glowing yellow eyes in the windows of her home staring at her occasionally, a large leopard with weird shifting powers that allow her to turn into a regular looking house cat. But most weird and mysterious of all is that Kaori and Amias seem to know what is happening to her. Find out more about Maori and the Morcant family by reading. Slow updates.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chpt. 1 - New Town, New Friends

[POV: Maori]

"Maori, hurry up! We don't want to be late for our interviews." My mom yelled upstairs to me. You see we moved a couple weeks ago to Oregon state and both of us have interviews today. My mom for a new job as a lawyer and one for me to be a waitress at one of the local diners nearby.
"Coming." I yelled back as I grabbed my messenger bag and headed downstairs to find my very frazzled mom.
"Mom, relax, we already went over everything, you got this." I said grabbing her shoulders and making her look at me. "Deep breaths."
"You're right." she said sighing as she calmed down. "Now let's get out of here before we're both late." she said giving me a quick hug and heading to the door. I followed locking up behind me.
"So which diner was it again?" she asked as we pulled out of the driveway.
"Black Rose diner." I said getting out my phone to play my favorite game, Zen Koi.
"Hmmm. Interesting name for a diner." she said glancing at me.
"So, it's actually a really nice place, the people who work there are quite friendly. And that's saying something coming from me, the girl who usually avoids people because of how they treat me." I said truthfully, hating the fact that everyone at my old school called me a freak just because I have heterochromia meaning my eyes are two different colors, hazel in my right and grey blue in my left.
"I'm sorry you have to put up with that, but not everyone is going to react that way. It's good that they are nice to you." she said understandingly.
Soon after that we pulled up to the diner. I jumped out saying goodbye to my mom as she pulled away. Turning around I walked into the diner and asked to see the manager letting them know that I had an interview with him. As soon as I walked through the door of the office in the back of the diner I was immediately taken aback by the decor of the office. It was quite modern compared to the main part of the diner which had dark purple walls, and mahogany wood floors, tables and chairs.
"Ahh, you must be Maori." the person behind the desk said standing up and holding out a hand for me to shake with a small smile. "I'm Peter, I've been looking over you're resume, it's quite intriguing. You've worked with many other diners and yet you don't seem to like people very much." he said sitting back down after I shook his hand and took a seat in the opposite chair.
"Well, people tend to be very rude and mean to me about my eyes. So, of course I don't like people very much, but I try to ignore their reactions to me and just worry about doing my job to the best of my ability." I said explaining my hate towards other people.
"No need to explain any further, you got yourself a job. Now what hours would you like and keep in mind that they might change when you start going to school again here soon." Peter said grabbing a pen and note pad to write stuff down on.
After speaking with my new boss I texted my mom that I would be wondering and looking around town and that I'd call if I need a ride. As I walked around I found a park and decided to walk through it. As soon as I started walking around the park I immediately started to regret it, I was getting the occasional stares as usual. At least that is until a little boy came up to me and smiled before hugging my legs. Shocked I just stared at the boy for a little before smiling and coming down to his level.
"Why did you hug me?" I asked him looking into his green eyes, he had light brown hair and a cute little dimpled smile.
"You looked like you were in need of one, I'm Aiden. What's you're name?" Aiden said smiling brightly.
"My name is Maori but you can call me Ree. Where are your parents or, I should say, your people or person?" I asked causing him to laugh as I realized that no one seemed to be looking for him.
"I'm not quite sure, my brother was following me but I don't know where he is now. Can you please help me?" he asked pleadingly all laughter gone from him.
"Of course, I can't let you run around by yourself now, can I?" I said with a grin as I stood up and took hold of his hand.
"Where did you last see him?" I asked as I started to walk with him.
"By the play ground, he was talking to some girl." he said as I realized that his brother was probably flirting with said girl instead of watching his little brother.
As we walked towards the play ground we stopped for ice cream, we each got chocolate, and a couple people smiled at us as we walked passed. We soon reached the play ground after finishing our ice cream only to find a very distraught looking blonde teenager. Aiden almost immediately let go of my hand and ran to him, I slowly followed.
"Thank God you're alright. Please don't ever do that again." the person holding Aiden said.
"It wasn't his fault that you weren't paying attention." I said making my presence known to the dude. "You should really try to be more attentive to your brother next time."
"Who are you to tell me what to do?" he said giving me an angry look with blue eyes.
"The person who just helped you're little bro find you and come back to you safe and sound. For your information, I'm Maori." I said getting irritated.
"Oh, sorry for the inconvenience." he said sarcastically.
"Whatever. Good luck, Aiden." I said turning around to leave getting fed up with Aiden's older brother. But before I could I felt a strong hand on my shoulder.
"Wait, I'm sorry. We started off on the wrong foot." the older brother said causing me to turn around slightly surprised.
"Oh?" I said raising a brow at him.
"You were right, I should have been paying more attention than I did." he said scratching the back of his neck.
"It's okay, at least Aiden wasn't hurt. And I'm used to the rudeness by now, after all I deal with it everyday and since I was little." I said muttering the last part understandingly.
"Can I have a hug before you go?" Aiden said smiling at me.
"Of course, Little Bear." I said giving him a new nickname.
He wiggled out of his brother's arms and after landing on the ground walked over to me as I crouched down to his level. Then gave him a hug and a small pat on the back before standing up and then leaving him with his brother. I walked over to the grocery store and texted my mom after getting a water bottle.

Me: Need that ride, I'm at the grocery store.
Mom: On my way. Can you think of anything we need from the hardware store, other than spray paint?
Me: Yeah, regular paint and rollers so I can repaint mine and you're room and the living room if you want.
Mom: Okay, I will get those and then head over.

After my mom picked me up and we got home I decided to get to work on her and my rooms paint job. I, along with my mom's help, turned my walls into a beautiful forest with wolves, foxes, and my take on the mythical creatures known as nymphs. I even painted my ceiling to look like the night sky, all except for the skylight. Then moved onto my mom's room after taking a break from painting my room.
"So what do you want to paint your room as? Or do you just want to paint random things on your walls?" I asked my mom as she cooked some bacon and pancakes.
"Hmm, I was thinking of leaving that up to you. You know what I like so or you can paint one of you're beautiful drawings." My mom said as she finished cooking and serving up the food.
"Hmm, I think I have some ideas. Looks great, mom." I said settling down on the couch with my food.
"So when do you start work? I start work next Monday." my mom said as she started to eat.
"I start work next Monday as well. I think I know what we're going to paint on you're room walls." I said getting up to wash my dishes.
After we finished our food and doing the dishes, I ran upstairs to my room and went into my walk in closet. I dug through a small box with all my drawings and paintings in it until I found the ones I was looking for then headed back downstairs with them and to my mom's room. Making sure that I had enough room on each wall to do each one of the drawings, I went to find my mom and let her know that I figured out what we were going to paint on her walls.
"Hey, mom I figured out what to paint on you're room walls." I said immediately after finding her in the bathroom looking at tile and linoleum swatches.
"Oh, really? Well, can I see what you've decided or is it a surprise? And can I help you paint it?" she asked looking up at me.
"It's a surprise, but you can help me paint the ceiling first before I get started on the walls." I said grinning from ear to ear, excited about getting to surprise my mom.
"Okay, what are we going to paint on it? Did you want to paint a starry night sky, like in your room or something else?" she asked as we walked into her room where I moved the paint cans.
"It's actually up to you what the ceiling is going to be. But if you want I can come up with something." I said thinking over what I'm going to be painting.
"Ooo, I think I know what I want to do for my ceiling. Do you remember that photo we saw of tree tops in the shape of a heart with different colors?" she asked me looking forward to painting.
"Yeah, you want something like that only with your favorite colors? Oh, and a sun or moon with stars in the center of the tree tops?" I asked already following her train of thought.
"Yes, and a moon with stars in the center would be beautiful!" she said smiling enthusiastically as we started to get to work.
We started with the center of the heart getting the moon and stars finished, we then proceeded to paint the trees in her favorite colors, which turned out beautifully to be almost the exact same colors of the leaves in fall. After finishing the ceiling I immediately started to shoo my mom out of her room so I could work on the walls of the room.
I ended up painting a rainbow rose on the wall to the right of the entrance, a music quote in colorful fancy hand writing on the wall with the entrance, on the wall opposite of the entrance a phoenix, and the wall to the left of the entrance a lion standing tall. After I finished my mom's room, I left the room closing the door behind me and went to the kitchen to see about making some cookies only to find that my mom is baking brownies. The timer then just decided to go off causing me to jump really bad and yelp.
"You okay, sweetie?" my mom asked startling me again when she walked into the kitchen.
"Yeah, the timer scared me and then you startled me." I said grumbling about the damn timer causing her to chuckle at me.
"I was thinking of baking some things then making popcorn and hot chocolate. Since I'm pretty sure that our rooms won't be completely dry tonight and even if they are I wouldn't recommend sleeping in them till the paint fumes have died down. So why not make it a movie night." she said smiling as she pulled out the brownies and then started to get the ingredients for cookies out.
"Yeah, sounds great. Let me help you with the mixing then I will go grab the boxes of movies out of the car. Speaking of car, when will I be getting one?" I asked as I started to help her with the cookies.
"Hmm, I'm not quite sure. Depends on how much money you and I have saved and what kind of car it is, maybe we'll see about getting you one when I get my first pay check." she said as she started to put cookie dough on a cookie sheet.
"Okay, I'll go get the movies, can you please grab some blankets and pillows when you're done in here?" I said not really waiting for a response, other than a yell, as I walked out of the kitchen and towards the door.
I grabbed my jacket and then threw on my shoes before heading out to the car. I grabbed the first box and then quickly took it inside before going to get the next. On my way back to the car I heard something rustling in the bushes near my house and walked over only to find nothing. I turned to go back to the car but something ran in front of me causing me to yelp and turn in the direction it came from only to find a pair of yellow glowing eyes staring back at me. Not wanting to meet what was actually behind those eyes, I started to back away slowly.
"What are you doing?" a voice I slightly recognized asked causing the eyes of the creature to disappear. I turned around to be met with the same guy from the park, Aiden's older brother.
"I was just getting some boxes from my car when I heard a noise." I said walking towards the guy. "You're Aiden's brother. What are you doing here, how did you know where I even live?"
"Well, first off, my mom wanted to meet our new neighbors, and so that's why I came here. And second off, I didn't know you lived here." he said as if it was the most obvious thing.
"Oh, well, I never actually got your name earlier, what is it? Considering you already know mine." I said heading towards the car to get the rest of the boxes.
"The name's Trey Dwight. And I guess I'll see you around, Maori." he said as he turned to leave. "Oh and try and stay out of the forest." he said then left leaving me to think over his words.
I decided that he was probably just trying to scare me, so I figured I would go exploring the forest surrounding my house tomorrow. As I finished taking the last box inside and went to shut the back of the car I heard a meow and looked down to see a cat staring at me with beautiful gold eyes. Of course being the animal person I am I couldn't not take her in. So that's what I did wrapping the cat in my jacket I took her inside the house and walked upstairs to the room across the hall from mine. Closing the door I put the cat on the bed and went into the walk in closet where we stored the boxes we still have yet to unpack and found the one that had the old cat stuff from the last cat we had that sadly went missing at our old house. I pulled the box out and started going through it, I quickly found the old cat litter box and set it up for the cat along with a food and water dish. 'Hmm, what should I name you, you look like a leopard but you're slightly bigger than a regular house cat. I wonder what kind of cat you are.' I thought to myself staring at the cat as I pet it.
"Hey, mom!" I yelled opening the door a crack.
"Yeah, what do you need I thought you were going through the movie boxes?" she yelled back from the bottom of the stairs.
"I was, I have a hypothetical question for you." I said walking out of the room, closing the door and walking downstairs to my mom.
"Yes? This better not be about going to your Dad's house again." she said with a serious look on her face.
"It's not. I never want to go there again and I know better now than to think about that." I said getting serious as well. You see, my so called dad divorced my mom when I was three years old knowing that he wasn't ready for a child he agreed to pay child support instead of having an ugly custody battle. After I begged my mom to let me go visit him when I was fifteen she let me go and I've regretted it ever since.
"Good, now I'm listening." she said breaking me out of my thoughts. "What's you're question?"
"What would you name a cat that looks like a leopard but isn't and is a girl? Hypothetically speaking, of course." I said.
"Hmm, that's a good question. I think I'd name her Azariah, why? You didn't, did you?" she said then ran upstairs, with me following her, and burst into the bedroom across the hall from mine. I quickly walked passed her and scooped up the cat hiding her in my jacket again before my mom caught sight of her. She sighed in relief before turning to me with a slight glare.
"Don't you dare scare me like that again and I want this stuff put away by tomorrow morning. You hear me?" she said in a huff.
"Crystal." I said pressing my lips in a thin line. "Can we please go to sleep without having a fight for once?"
"I'm trying, I really am. I know it might not seem like it but I am." she said with a grim look. "Come downstairs once you get this stuff put away."
"Okay." I said curtly.
As soon as she left I carefully set the cat down on the bed again and began to move some stuff around in the walk in closet. I rearranged the boxes so there was a space between the back wall and the boxes. Then slowly grabbed the cat stuff and hid them in the space I created so that it hid the cat for now. At least until I can move my new cat Azariah into my room. I made the entrance to the closet look like it wasn't hiding anything. After making sure it was carefully hidden I picked up Azariah and put her next to the food and water dish then I layed one of my favorite old fluffy blankets out on the floor for her to lay down on. She immediately went over to the blanket and curled up into a small ball in the middle of the blanket. I smiled at her and then walked out of the closet and closed the closet door locking it with a key my mom gave me and a special key that I found above the door that she didn't know about. I had put it on a small chain that I keep around my neck thankfully my mom thinks that it's just decorative.
I headed out of the bedroom closing the door behind me and locking it as well with the same special key. Then headed downstairs to the living room I took a seat on the floor next to a box of movies and started to look through it.
"What movie do you want to watch?" I asked my mom when she came in and set down a bunch of cookies and brownies on the coffee table.
"How about we watch The Avengers?" she asked munching on a cookie.
"Sure, why not. Tomorrow, remind me to put the movies on the shelves." I said getting up after finding the movie and putting it in the DVD player.
I took a seat on the couch next to my mom and put a blanket over myself. I snuggle into the blankets and pillows and then started eating cookies and brownies. I also downed the hot chocolate. About half way through the movie, I started to fall asleep. I gave into sleep just as Black Widow was trying to get Hulk to calm down and suddenly a plane shot at him making him angrier.


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