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Being Different Year 5

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The ministry are determined on ruining Harry and Anne's lives. Voldemort and his cronies are still trying to kill them. And oh yeah OWL's are a thing.

Sofia Corsi
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Twin Vision

The evening they all got back from school, they had burgers and chips. This was Harry’s favourite meal and Kreacher had been making an effort to learn everyone’s favourite dishes.

“These are loads better than the ones from McDonalds,” said Harry as he finished his dinner.

“Ok guys,” said Sirius as they finished off their ice cream, “we need to talk.”

Anne and Harry looked at each other nervously across the table. They hadn’t been able to talk properly about Voldemort before Sirius and Remus had had to go back home to try and help reform the Order.

“Best get the worst over with,” sighed Harry getting up from the table.

They eventually all gathered in Remus’ room for a strange kind of informal family meeting. They chose Remus’ room because it had the biggest and comfiest bed.

Harry was leaning against the headboard Sirius, Remus and Julian were sat in the middle, and Anne was sat at the end of the bed with Tonks whilst Tonks brushed out Anne’s hair. It wasn’t that Anne’s hair needed brushing, but it was quite therapeutic. Julian was looking very awkward as if still unsure why he was being involved in important family conversations.

“We don’t just need to talk about Voldemort’s rebirth, we need to talk about the repercussions and what it means for our family,” started Remus.

“Including what I’ve started calling Twin Vision,” said Sirius.

“Twin Vision?” asked Harry.

“Your ability to share dreams,” explained Remus.

“And the way that you could view the events in the graveyard whilst they happened.”

“It is kind of weird,” muttered Julian.

“But very useful,” interjected Remus.

“Has Dumbledore explained any of this to you two?” asked Tonks as she started to part Anne’s hair.

“Not really,” mumbled Anne.

“There wasn’t much time, I think he was more preoccupied with the threat of Voldemort having returned.”

“Well he talked to us about it a few nights ago,” explained Sirius, “he thinks it may have something to do with your divination abilities.”

“It’s like your having a vision,” Remus tried to explain, “but what you see is actually happening in real time.”

“But why can I see it?”

“Because of the dangerous situation your brother was in.”

“Then why can’t I see when any of my other friends are in danger like Irwin or even you guys?”

“And that doesn’t explain the dreams,” added Harry.

“Firstly you two are twins hence the Twin Vision, that means your relationship with each other is even stronger than it should be,” said Sirius.

“When Voldemort tried to kill you Harry, Voldemort may have attached a part of his soul onto yours,” added Remus.

“So he can see inside Toms mind!” stuttered Anne.

“Yes and no, he can see flashes of important moments in his life when Voldemort is feeling particularly angry or upset or even happy,” said Sirius.

“You can see them too Anne because of your connection with Harry,” finished Tonks.

“So that’s Twin Vision,” said Harry, “but you said Voldemort’s return was going to affect our family?”

“In some ways yes,” said Remus.

“Life was never going to continue the way it was before Voldemort returned,” agreed Sirius.

“You two are still getting married right?” panicked Anne looking from Remus to Tonks.

“Of course sweetheart,” chuckled Remus.

“You guys have heard of the Order of the Pheonix?”

“Isn’t that Dumbledores group of fighters from the first war against Voldemort?” asked Julian.

“Yes,” said Sirius, “and both Remus and I were in it along with Lily, James, Peter, Neville’s parents and many others including Molly Weasleys twin brothers Fabian and Gideon Prewet.”

“Half those people you just named are either dead or in St Mungo’s,” mumbled Anne.

“Yeah the chances of survival weren’t great,” muttered Remus.

“Its reforming right?” asked Harry.

Sirius nodded.

“Can we join?” he asked enthusiastically, Julian nodded.

“No Harry you can’t, Julian you can if you really want to, it’s up to you,” said Remus.

“How come Julian can join and I can’t!” protested Harry.

“Because Julian’s of age and you’re not,” said Remus firmly.

“When you do come of age Harry you can join if you still want to,” said Tonks.

Harry decided to drop the argument but was still slightly peeved.

“You’re all joining, aren’t you?” asked Anne.

“Well me and Remus are already in it and Tonks is an auror.”

“So how will this change our lives?” asked Harry.

“Well first up this place has some crazily good protection,” said Sirius, “so it’s going to be headquarters.”

“Fair enough,” said Harry.

“It also means that we might have to disappear at the last minute on missions,” added Tonks.

“In the first war I spied on the werewolves for example,” said Remus, “tried to recruit them to our side. I won’t be able to do that anymore, I’m too well known as a person because of my relationship with you and Anne.”

“So basically you guys are all going to spy on the deatheaters and Voldemort?” asked Harry.

“Basically yeah,” chuckled Sirius.


Anne didn’t seem to think this was such a good idea and went up to her room with only half of one her hair braided.

“Anne sweetheart?” asked Remus knocking on her door.

There was the usual click of the door unlocking, and Remus found Anne lying face first into her pillows.

“Sweetheart?” asked Remus sitting down next to her on the bed.

“Has this got anything to do with Voldemort?”

“Of course, it does,” she sobbed into her pillows, “when doesn’t it!”

“Ok,” muttered Remus, “but its more than that?”

There was no answer.

“The Order?” he asked.

“Maybe,” mumbled Anne pulling herself up a bit.

“We have to fight back darling, otherwise he could just take over.”

“I know that,” she sobbed, “but I lost my parents in the last war. They were in the order, Julian lost his Dad, Irwin lost his Mum, Nevilles parents went insane!”

“I know darling,” he said pulling her in close and stroking her hair.

“Believe me I know; I knew all those people they were my friends.”

“Then why keep fighting? You’ll just end up dead or worse like Nevilles parents.”

“Because the other option is worse,” sighed Remus, “if we let him win he will take over the wizarding world. Muggle borns like Lisa wouldn’t be able to attend Hogwarts. Werewolves like me and Persephone would probably be hunted down and killed, if not Voldemort would find a way to make the werewolves work for him. He might try a build himself an army of Greybacks.”

Remus stopped for a moment, “I’d rather die trying to stop him than live in a world like that.”

“But I can’t fight anymore!” sobbed Anne, “I’ve already lost my parents and then Tom killed Cedric just because he was there. I don’t know if I can fight him anymore.”

“And you don’t have to,” said Remus gently, “you’re fourteen nobody expects you to fight him.”

“But Harry has still managed to face and fight him four times.”

“He shouldn’t have had to that,” agreed Remus, “and no one should go through all the lose you’ve been through at such a young age. But if he’s back I have to try and stop him.”

“I know that,” admitted Anne, “that doesn’t stop me from being scared, what if you don’t come back?”

Remus placed his hands on Anne’s shoulders, and looked her straight in the face.

“Anne listen to me,” said Remus firmly, “I am always going to do my best to come back not just for Dora but for you and Harry too. You two mean the world to me and have done since the day you were born.”

“I promise that whatever happens I will always try my hardest to come back to you, and if anything does happen to me or Sirius or Dora, you and Harry will still be well looked after and loved.”

“Do you understand me Anne?”

She nodded slightly through the tears that were still running from her eyes.

“Now let’s take a look at this hair of yours,” chuckled Remus as he grabbed a hairbrush.

Tonks had managed to braid one half of Anne’s hair but hadn’t tied it off before Anne had run out of the room.

Remus undid the half-done braid on one side of her hair and started to brush it out again.

“Do you mind if I join you guys?” asked Tonks who had just appeared in the doorway.

“Sure,” grinned Anne.


“Hmm?” he muttered as he divided Anne’s hair to braid it.

“What was Mum and Dad’s wedding like?”

“Nothing like the event next week,” he chuckled, “it was very small, Lily and James were in hiding so the only people invited were Sirius, Peter, myself and your four grandparents.”

“It was a very small and simple ceremony but that didn’t matter to Lily and James,” he said. “All that mattered to them was being married and staying together forever and ever. They were very happy together, unfortunately of course they only got just over two years of wedded bliss.”

“I hope that I get a lot more than two years with you Remus,” chuckled Tonks.

“You two going to have kids?” asked Anne enthusiastically.

“If we do Remus is going to have to the brunt of the parenting,” said Tonks.

“I still can’t find a decent job, I can sometimes find work in a muggle shop but that’s about it,” muttered Remus.

“You’re going to be a great parent Remus,” beamed Anne.

“And you know I make enough to support both of us,” added Tonks.

“I know its just im the man.”

“And the men are supposed to bring home the galleons to their wives who are bringing up the children? You don’t seriously believe that stupid pure blood rubbish do you?” asked Tonks.

“No of course not,” grinned Remus sheepishly.

“Besides you’ve still got loads of your savings from when you were tutoring Anne and Harry, we’ll be fine Remus.”

“I guess you’re right.”

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