Being Different Year 5

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The Sound of Silence

“So what does this mean?” asked Padma.

“It means that the Ministry’s interfering at Hogwarts,” said Irwin glaring at Umbridge.

“And they’re not even bothering to hide anymore,” muttered Anne.

The next few weeks Anne and Harry somehow managed to keep their heads down, whilst Umbridge inspected classes and professors.

Harry was getting more and more wound up as the weeks went on but didn’t say anything. He remembered what had happened the last time he had stood up to Umbridge, both he and his sister got tortured for hours on end.

After about a month Hermione and some of the other students were getting fed up with how little they were learning in defence class and were thinking of setting up a ‘study group.’

“No Hermione,” growled Harry.

“You wouldn’t be breaking any rules,” pointed out Hermione.

“She writes the bloody rules,” pointed out Harry.

“What do you guys think?” asked Hermione turning to Irwin, Persephone, Anthony and Anne who were sat with them in the library.

“Don’t ask me,” said Anthony putting his hands up defensively.

“I agree that Umbitch isn’t teaching us anything,” said Irwin.

“But we’re trying not to provoke her,” said Persephone.

“Not after what happened to Harry and Annie,” said Irwin stroking her right hand.

Harry and Anne both nodded in agreement.

“But we need to learn how to defend ourselves,” said Hermione.

“Which is exactly what Umbridge wants us not to be able not to do,” reminded Persephone.

“But….” Muttered Hermione.

“We don’t want anything to with it,” said Anthony as he and the other four Ravenclaws left the library.

But that was the same afternoon that Umbridge tried to fire Trelawney in front of the whole school.

Anne didn’t feel that the day could get any worse.

The Ravenclaws were having music hour, about ten desks had been lined up across the common room and were usually used for dancing on but today they were a kind if impromptu catwalk.

Terry was in the middle of playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for the third time in the row whilst the Ravenclaw girls of all ages strutted their stuff down the catwalk posing at the end. Some of them were still wearing school robes, but others were wearing muggle clothes such as jeans and jumpers, a small number had even got dressed up.

A dark sixth year girl in a short bright pink dress and a pair of matching high heels was posing at the front when the music came to a sudden stop.

“Shit,” muttered Terry thinking he’d broken the record player or something.

“Hem Hem,” coughed a small voice from the entrance to the Common Room.

Two hundred heads turned to face Umbridge who was standing in the doorway wearing her usual pink cardigan and smug expression.

“Can we help you Professor?” asked Anthony getting down from the tables where he had been strutting his stuff.

“What is going on in here?” asked Umbridge, looking from the crowd of students, to the desks stacked against the walls, and the impromptu catwalk in the middle of the room.

“We’re listening to music,” explained Lisa.

“There’s no rules against it,” pointed out Mandy.

“Ah,” she smirked, “that is where you are wrong. You are right until today there were no such rules but that has changed.”

The Ravenclaws all looked at each other confused.

“Your little music sessions have hardly gone unnoticed,” pointed out Umbridge.

Well they knew that, over half the school knew and nearly all the staff, sometimes people from other houses would drop by to join in the fun. Tonight, for example they had been joined by twenty Hufflepuff’s, ten Gryffindor’s, and even three Slytherin’s.

“It has come to my attention that it may be a distraction from your studies.”

“It gives us a chance to relax and let out some pent-up energy,” explained Irwin, “forget about studying for a while.”

“Mr. Scamander am I correct in thinking that you are here to learn and not to relax?”

Irwin decided to back down.

“Not only are these daily music fixes a disturbance to your studying, but I am led to believe it is not even magical music, but muggle groups that you are actually listening to?”

“Because the music’s better,” said Padma.

“Muggle’s are not better than wizards in any way,” said Umbridge firmly but sweetly.

“The reason I have come here is to inform you all of Educational Decree numbers Twenty-Three and Four, both of which have just been created to optimise your studying. Number Twenty-Three states that all music muggle or magical is hence forth forbidden, this includes all music clubs or listening to any music.”

“Are you joking?” asked Lisa;

“You’ve banned music?” asked a boy who was in several of the school music groups including the frog choir and the school orchestra.

“Does that include whistling?” asked Michael sarcastically.

“Educational Decree number Twenty-Four,” said Umbridge raising her voice to talk over the protests, “states that students are not allowed in each other’s common rooms.”

Umbridge looked pointedly at the thirty or so Hufflepuffs Gryffindors and Slytherins in the room, several of which were moving around shiftily.

“But!” stammered Irwin.

“My decision is final. This constant music is a disturbing influence on you all and keeping you away from your studies. As for students being in other common rooms, that is why there are common rooms so that each house can have its own space.”

“What if they’re invited in?” offered Persephone.

“My word is final.”

Umbridge grinned smugly as she ushered the non-Ravenclaws out of the Common Room.

“And that is why,” growled Terry as he packed away the records, “we call her Umbitch.”

Several of the students were still staring in shock through the door that Umbridge had just left through with their friends from the other houses. Some of the other students were grumbling as they tried to put the desks back to normal.

“Where’s Annie?” asked Irwin pulling a hand through his hair looking around the Common Room.

Irwin headed up to the Anne’s dormitory and opened the door just a smidge just to see if Anne was even in there.

Irwin could see a lump curled up underneath the quilt on Anne’s bed.

“Annie,” said Irwin gently sitting down next to her.

“We’re going to sort this ok?” he assured her.

“How,” she sobbed, “she’s forbidden music, how can I even live without music.”

Anne sunk her face into her pillows and continued to sob hysterically.

Irwin sighed and looked over to the others who had come in.

“I’m starting to think that Umbitch has got it in for Anne,” said Michael.

“Starting to?” asked Mandy, “she’s had it in for her since day one!”

“Yeah she spent the first week of term literally torturing her,” agreed Lisa.

“Which is why,” sighed Irwin pulling Anne in closer, “we all agreed after that, that we would all keep our heads down so not to draw attention to ourselves.”

Anne had started to sob into Irwin’s chest and Irwin was stroking her hair.

“But then today,” said Anthony, “she’s turned it up a notch.”

“Trying to fire Trelawney who Anne has always got on with,” said Mandy.

“Yeah she’s the only person in this room definitely who doesn’t think Trelawney is slightly batty,” muttered Terry as he leaned against Padma’s bed.

“And then she forbids music?” added Padma.

“She must be crazy,” said Mandy.

Anne flinched slightly at the c word but Irwin calmed her back down again.

“No, she’s not crazy,” said Anthony, “she’s a very influential and powerful woman with more than a small cruel streak.”

“Shes an interfering,” said Terry.

“Vindictive,” added Michael.

“Evil,” said Persephone.

“Ministry supported,” said Padma.

“Disgusting cardigan wearing,” continued Lisa.

“Hag!” they all finished.

“We’ve got to do something about it,” muttered Irwin.

“Hermione,” said Irwin at breakfast the next day, “we’re in.”

Hermione looked around in confusion and saw all nine fifth year Ravenclaws nod firmly at her.

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