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Being Different Year 5

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Ever Expanding Family

“Hey Anne,” said Harry showing up in her room, “do you know how to tie this thing?” Harry was wearing his dark green dress robes and was trying to tie his bow tie.

“I’m a bit busy here Harry,” mumbled Anne as she tried to pull on a mass of light gold lace, tuille and petticoats over her head.

“Are all bridesmaids dresses like that?” asked Harry as Anne tried to straighten her skirts.

“Pretty much,” she sighed as she did up her brothers bow tie.

“Can you get my sash please?” she asked turning around.

“There you go little Sis,” said Harry having tied her dress.

“Don’t you two look adorable?” smirked Julian who was standing in the doorway in a pair of navy dress robes.

Harry span around and almost launched himself on Julian.

“Be careful there young Harry,” warned Julian, “I’m four years older than you and am more than used to dealing with younger siblings.”

“You guys ready?” asked Sirius as they appeared in the entrance way to the house.

Remus was running fingers nervously through his hair and fumbling with his bow tie trying to loosen it.

“I can’t breathe,” he choked.

“That’s not the tie Moony, that’s just wedding day jitters,” said Sirius reteeing his best friends tie and placing a poinsettia in all of their buttonholes. Sirius was the best man and both Harry and Julian were being ushers.

The five of them walked onto the front steps of Grimmauld Place and apparated to the Tonk’s, Harry and Anne by side along apparition.

There was a large marque that had been erected in the back garden, Andromeda answered the door and still had curlers in her air.

“Merlin you’re early!” she gasped, “Dora don’t come down here!”

“Remus why don’t you and the boys come help with the tent in the garden?” suggested Ted ushering Remus, Sirius and the other boys away from the mother of the bride.

“Dora’s just upstairs,” said Andromeda leading her to Tonk’s bedroom.

“Dora,” she called, “Anne’s here.”

“Anne!” exclaimed a woman who had Tonks heart shaped face and Tonks face but not Tonks distinctly bright pink or green coloured hair. Instead she had shoulder length wavy dark brown hair which was currently pulled into a ponytail as she was trying to do her makeup. So this was what Tonks looked like when she hadn’t metamorphed.

“Liz, this is Anne, Anne this is Liz shes my best friend from work.”

A woman who looked like she was in her mid-twenties and had chestnut coloured hair waved to Anne from the dressing table where she was doing Tonk’s make up.

“You look beautiful Anne, I’m glad we went with the gold over the blue,” said Tonks.

“What are we going to do with all this hair though,” muttered Liz inspecting a strand of Anne’s dark red hair which was very thick and waist length.

Eventually they decided to do Anne’s hair in a half up and then placed the flower garland which was made of red orange and gold flowers on top of her hair. When Aislynn arrived, they did Aislynn’s hair the same way.

Both Anne and Aislynn dresses were the same and Liz’s dress was made of the same material but was longer and had less petticoats. Al three of them were wearing the flower garlands in their hair.

“You ladies ready?” asked Ted popping his head in at just before twelve o’clock.

“How do I look Dad?” asked Tonks giving her dad a brief twirl in her wedding dress.

“I never thought I would ever see someone more beautiful than your mother on her wedding day,” said Ted.

“I think we’re ready then,” said Liz picking up the veil and passing Aislynn her little flower basket.

They walked out of the house and into the marque where a hundred or, so friends and relatives were congregated including all nine Weasleys, and the whole Scamander family.

Irwin and Rolf had been helping Harry and Julian show people to their seats but had now sat back down with their family. Averett was sitting at the front of the marque in a tiny bow tie holding the pillow with the two rings on it. Andromeda was keeping a very firm eye on Averett to make sure he was behaving and not losing the rings.

Sirius and Remus were stood at the front and Sirius was trying to keep Remus calm.

Sirius turned his head towards the back of the tent and his mouth dropped open, little Nymphadora who he had held when she was only a few months old looked like she was a angel dropped from heaven, the only thing that she was missing was her wings.

He gave his best friend a brief nudge and indicated towards Tonks who was walking down the aisle on Ted’s arm following Aislynn who was scattering flowers.

Remus suddenly stopped panicking; he knew that everything would be fine.

Remus and Tonks both gave Anne a quick hug before she went to go and sit down in the front row with Aislynn.

Before long Remus and Tonks were exchanging eternity rings and they were pronounced man and wife.

“So,” said Fred walking up to harry and Julian after the ceremony, “how are the ever extending family of the Black-Lupin-Potter-Lloyd-Tonks’?”

“Actually you don’t need to add Tonks on the end of that, she’s Nymphadora Lupin now,” pointed out Julian.

“You get the point Lloyd,” chuckled Charlie, “you’ve got a weird family.”

“Agreed,” said Julian.

“You look beautiful Anne,” said Irwin, “you like an autumnal goddess.”

“Um thanks Irwin,” she blushed.

“Most people would just tell their girlfriend that they looked pretty,” said Rolf, who had just come back from his year in Ireland.

“Yes, but most people brother dearest do not have my poetic genius.”

“Poetic genius,” muttered Rolf as he wandered off to find himself some champagne.

“He’s just jealous,” whispered Irwin.

He pulled Anne into a long kiss which may have lasted for several minutes. They only stopped when an elderly relative started tutting disapprovingly.

“We should go thank the bride and groom,” said Irwin putting an arm around her waist as they headed over to where Remus and Tonks were standing together.

“Congratulations Remus, Tonks,” beamed Irwin holding out a hand for both of them to shake formally.

“Don’t be ridiculous Irwin,” said Tonks ignoring his proffered hand and pulling him into a hug.

“Congratulations,” muttered Anne.

Remus pulled her into a tight hug.

“I’m so glad you could be here; your parents would have loved to be here today.”

“For all we know Remus they are here watching.”

“Thank you,” said Remus with a tear in his eye, “I would like to think they are still watching us.”

The party went on for hours, by four o’clock Anne was starting to feel very tired and wanted to go home but didn’t want to ruin the party.

Anne was sat on the staircase of Tonk’s parents house still wearing her bridesmaids dress, she was contemplating escaping up into the attic, no one would ever find her up there.

She was soon joined by none other than Tonks who was still wearing her wedding dress and joined Anne on the staircase.

“Remus is worrying about you,” said Tonks.

“He didn’t need to,” said Anne quickly, “I mean I didn’t mean to ruin your day.”

“You could never do that,” smiled Tonks, “and he’s always worried about you.”

Anne blushed slightly and started pulling at a strand of her hair.

“I thought I might find you here, I always used to hide up here when I got fed up at family do’s when I was a kid, Sirius would usually come find me.”

“He’ll understand if you want to go home early,” said Tonks.

“I can’t there’s no one at home,” stuttered Anne.

Kreacher and Dobby had been recruited for the weeding to help with the catering and the handing out of canopies. They had also been invited to the actual ceremony as well.

“You’re nearly fifteen,” said Tonks, “it will only be for a few hours, and we can trust you not to blow up the house. Your brother on the other hand,”

Even Anne had to laugh at that, Harry probably would have blown up the house or something stupid if left to his own devices for long enough.

“Besides if theres any real problems you can flu call or call Sirius on the mirror.”

“Do you really think I could go home early?”

“You never know till you ask,” chuckled Tonks.

“I found the missing bridesmaid Remus,” she said as they headed back into the marque.

“Oh thank Merlin,” gasped Remus, “are you alright sweetheart?”

“Err yeah, just a bit tired, long day not really much for parties and stuff.”

“I know that sweetheart but we’re both so pleased that you could be here today.”

“Remus,” interrupted Tonks gently, “Anne was wondering if she could head home.”

“But what if something happens?” he panicked.

“She’s nearly fifteen and knows how to contact you,” said Tonks.

“But what if?”

“She’ll be fine Remus.”

“You do look like you could get some sleep Anne, why don’t you go get an early night?”

“Thanks Remus!” she said giving him a huge hug.

Remus quickly side apparated with Anne back to Grimmauld Place to drop her off.

“I wish I could stay longer darling but if the grooms gone for too long somebody’s bound to notice.”

“That’s ok, I’ll see you in a few days, have a nice time in Cornwall.”

“See you when we get back princess,” he said giving her one last hug and a kiss before disapparating back to the wedding.

Anne walked into the house and it had never felt so lonely or scary as it did when she was alone in the house. She dashed up the five floors to her bedroom and slammed the door. It didn’t feel so scary in her room, this was familiar.

She pulled off the bridesmaids dress and hung it up carefully before pulling on a pair of pyjama shorts and a t-shirt and hopping into bed. It was only just gone five o’clock but she was exhausted after such a long day.

Her dreams were interspersed with nightmares involving Cedric and the Graveyard but she always managed to get back to sleep eventually.

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