Being Different Year 5

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Mayhem at the Ministry

Irwin was sat at the dinner table next to Luna with the other Ravenclaws celebrating the end of exams. Michael and Terry had been planning the playlist of songs to play that night at the party.

He was halfway through eating another chip when he saw a very frantic Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville accompanying a very upset Harry.

“Irwin, when did you last see Anne?” blurted Hermione.

“Umm I don’t know,” thought Irwin, “she wanted some alone time so she went for a walk, so I last saw at just gone twelve.”

“That was six hours ago!” screamed Harry.

“Why what’s wrong?” asked Luna.

“Harry had a vision,” muttered Hermione, “Anne was in it.”

“When was this?”

“About half an hour ago,” said Ron, “he was taking a nap so he could party all night and then he woke up screaming.”

“What was happening in the dream?” asked Irwin nervously.

“She was being tortured in the Department of Mysteries,” muttered Neville.

“What!” screamed Irwin leaping up from the table.

“Annie’s being tortured and we’re standing around chatting!”

“You see I’m not overreacting,” pointed out Harry.

“What we gonna do?” asked Ron.

“We contact the Order,” said Harry trying to think clearly.

“But how?” stammered Hermione.

“Umbridge’s fire,” said Harry.

“Anne’s mirror,” said Irwin.

“Oh yeah,” muttered Harry, “that.”

Irwin dashed up to fetch Anne’s mirror and brought it back to where the others were waiting in an empty classroom. Luna had checked the Room of Requirement and Anne definitely wasn’t in there.

“Sirius!” called Harry desperately.

“Whats up kiddo?” asked Sirius picking up the mirror, “howd your last exam go?”

“Prongslet is that you?” asked Sirius confused.

“Ummm yeah,” Harry stammered, “you guys got anyone guarding the Department of Mysteries right now?”

“No,” said Sirius getting more confused, “duty doesn’t start till nine, its only half six.”

“We think Anne’s being tortured there.”

“You what!!” Sirius yelled.

“Harry had a vision,” explained Hermione.

“I need to get to the Ministry,” Sirius stammered pulling out his wand.

“Wait!” called Harry, “we want to help!”

“Harry don’t be stupid you’re underage,” said Sirius.

“She’s my sister!”

“And my girlfriend,” added Irwin.

“If you think,” shouted Ginny, “that we are going to let our friend be tortured and do nothing about it then you are wrong!”

“Ok fine,” sighed Sirius, “how many of you are there?”

“Seven,” said Hermione.

“Ok, fine I’ll meet you guys in Hogsmeade,” said Sirius reluctantly, “but get a move on!”

The seven of them half walked half ran down the path to the village.

“You all here?” asked Sirius.

“Yeah,” said Harry slightly breathless from running.

“Ok alright, we’re going to do side along apparition two at a time, that ok?”

They all nodded.

Sirius took Harry and Ron, followed by Hermione and Ginny, Neville and Luna and finally Irwin.

“Are you guys absolutely sure about this?” asked Sirius as they waited outside the visitor’s entrance to the ministry.

“Sirius, we’ve been training for this all year,” said Harry.

“Ok,” said Sirius, “if there is actually anyone down there, I’ll contact Remus who can get the others down here ok?”

“Ok,” said Irwin as the eight of them crammed into the box.

Sirius typed in the number.

“Welcome to the Ministry of Magic, please state your name and purpose?”

“Sirius Black, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and Irwin Scamander, rescue mission,” he called into the receiver.

Eight badges came flying out where the change should have been and they pinned them on as the phone box began to move.

They headed down to the department of Mysteries in the lift.

“Which door is it?” asked Harry as the walls moved and several doors appeared.

“The Hall of Prophesies,” Sirius called loudly, and one of the doors glowed.

“That one,” said Sirius going forward to open it.

As they got closer to where the prophecy about Harry was kept, a faint screaming kept growing louder.

“Shhh!” muttered Sirius as they hide behind a shelf of glass orbs.

“Your little family are never going to come looking for you,” cackled Bellatrix Lestrange.

“Crucio!!” she called again.

There was a piercing scream as Anne’s body shook as it floated in the air

“This plan will never work Bella,” drawled Lucius Malfoy, “you’ve been at this for hours.”

“Don’t stop me when I’m having fun Lucy!” she laughed.

“Crucio!!” she called again.

There was another piercing scream, not as loud as the first had been, Anne was clearly getting weaker. No wonder from the sounds of this Bellatrix had been torturing her for hours.

“Leave her Bella, the boys not coming,” insisted Lucius.

Sirius held the kids back from attacking too soon.

“Expecto Patronum,” Sirius whispered.

A dog appeared.

“Moony, at the Department of Mysteries, Anne’s being tortured, bring back up, Padfoot.”

The dog vanished taking the message with him.

“Did you hear something?” whispered Bellatrix.

“Other than that, freak girls piercing screams?” asked Lucius sarcastically, “not a mouse.”

“What are we doing now?” asked Harry as Sirius pulled Harry with him.

“Causing a diversion,” he muttered Sirius indicating that the other six should stay where they were but to keep their wands drawn.

“Hello Cousin Bella,” said Sirius scowling at her, “I see you’ve met my niece.”

“Oh look!” exclaimed Bellatrix in a tone of mock surprise, “its ittle Harry, and hes bought his Uncle Sirius. Have you come to save your ittle sister?”

“Yes,” growled Harry.

“Now leave my niece alone,” said Sirius.

“Put your wand away Sirius,” said Lucius silkily, “or she gets hurt again.”

Sirius put his wand in his robe pocket scowling at Malfoy.

Whilst he had been doing that two deatheaters had come up from behind Harry and Sirius and grabbed them, putting wands to their throats.

“Don’t worry,” Lucius continued, “no one will get hurt, if Harry simply picks up the prophecy from the shelf over there and hands it to me.”

“You say no one’s going to get hurt,” said Harry, “but you’ve just finished torturing Anne for literally hours, why should we believe you?”

“That’s a good point there young Harry,” said Lucius.

“You know,” said Bellatrix thoughtfully, “I’m surprised that Anne has lasted this long. The last time I did this my two toys weren’t much fun to play with by this point.”

Ron, Hermione, Luna and Ginny had to forcibly restrain Irwin and Neville from attacking Bellatrix, Ron and Ginny were holding back Neville whilst Hermione and Luna were trying to stop Irwin.

“How dare you talk about Alice and Frank like that,” growled Sirius trying to shake off the deatheater that was holding him back.

“You want to see what it looked like?” asked Bellatrix.

“Crucio!” she called again.

There was another piercing scream and Anne’s body that had been lifeless was shaking again from where she was levitating.

“Leave my sister alone!” yelled Harry.

“Do you want a turn Harry?” asked Bellatrix, “we can’t let your sister have all the fun now can we.”

“Leave her Bella,” warned Lucius, “we’ve got the boy, we don’t want another person going insane.”

“Oh, just one more!” pleaded Bellatrix.

“Well, I think if this one goes mad, nobody’s going to notice,” shrugged Lucius as Sirius fumed away.

“Crucio!” Bellatrix screamed again cackling with laughter.

Anne’s screaming soon drowned out the sound of Bellatrix’s laughter though.

Irwin was trying to muffle his sobbing; his girlfriend was being tortured just around the corner and he couldn’t do anything about it!!

They were so busy trying to hold back Neville and Irwin and attempting to muffle their protests at one of their friends being tortured again and again that they didn’t even notice half The Order of The Phoenix arrive. Remus had just shown up along with Tonks, Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour

“Are you lot alright?” whispered Remus to Hermione.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Dumbledore’s on his way,” whispered Remus, “where’s Sirius?”

Hermione pointed around the corner.

“Crucio!!” called Bellatrix again.

Anne’s screamed again but they were slightly broken that time as if she didn’t have much fight left in her.

“Not on my watch!” muttered Remus.

Remus and Tonks crept up on the two deatheaters who were restraining Sirius and Harry and disarmed them.

“Get away from my goddaughter,” said Remus walking up to Bellatrix and pointing his wand at her chest.

“If it isn’t Lupin,” said Bellatrix as if greeting an old friend, “heard from James recently? How about Lily?”

“Get away from our kids!” shouted Sirius joining Remus.

“Stupefy!” called Lucius aiming straight at Remus’ heart.

“Diffindo,” said Remus blocking it easily.

“Crucio!” called Bellatrix pointing at Harry this time who managed to jump out of the way.

As Bellatrix had taken her wand off of Anne though, Anne fell from where she had been floating in the air.

“Annie!!” screamed Irwin finally running free of Luna and Hermione’s restraint.

Irwin ran to try and save her before she fell onto the floor, but Anne hit the floor before Irwin could reach her.

“Annie!!” said Irwin shaking her unconscious body, “Annie wake up!!”

“Irwin,” said Remus coming over to them, “she’s alright Irwin, she’s still got a pulse, we’ll get her out of here as soon as we can.”

Remus helped Irwin pull Anne’s body out of the line of fire away from the duels between the Order and the deatheaters.

“Irwin, you stay here with Annie,” said Remus gently.

“We’ll get out of here as soon as we’ve dealt with the deatheaters,” he said turning to the other five, Harry was already helping Sirius fight Bellatrix, Tonks had taken over from Remus and was fighting Lucius, the others were fighting the still masked deatheaters.

“We want to help!” protested Neville.

“No!” said Remus firmly.

“So, you’re telling us,” said Ginny shaking with rage, “that we’ve come all this way, and we’ve been training all year!”

“And you’re not going to let us fight?” asked Ron outraged.

“Listen to me!” shouted Remus over the protests, “you are all underaged, it’s not safe, just try and get back to the Atrium. Whatever happens, stick together!!”

“And if we run into any deatheaters on the way?” asked Hermione.

“Then give them your bloody worst,” he said smiling patting Hermione on the back.

“Do you need any help with Anne?” asked Luna as Irwin picked up Anne’s unconscious body.

“No, I’m fine,” said Irwin, “she’s really light.”

The six kids tried to work their way back towards the atrium, Anne was unconscious, and Harry was still helping Sirius.

They had made it back to the entrance to the Department of Mysteries when they bumped into two deatheaters with their masks still on.

“Found you!” said a woman’s voice triumphantly.

“Well done Alecto,” said the other deatheater, “the dark lord shall be pleased.”

The man aimed a well-placed trip jinx at Neville who fell flat on his face. There were two clear snaps.

“Stupefy!” shouted Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna pointing their wands at the two deatheaters.

“Well that worked,” muttered Ron as the two deatheaters were knocked out.

“Pertrificus Totalus,” said Hermione pointing at the two deatheaters.

“Incarcerous,” said Ron tying the tow deatheaters up.

“Are you alright Neville?” asked Luna kneeling down to talk to him.

“I think so,” Neville mumbled. His nose was clearly broken, and Neville was holding two halves of a wand which were hardly held together.

“Ok we’ve got too many bodies to carry,” said Ginny.

“Should we levitate them?” asked Irwin.

“That could work,” said Hermione.

Hermione and Ron levitated the two deatheaters, Luna, and Neville followed Luna had her wand drawn and Neville was trying to stop his nose from bleeding too badly, Irwin was still carrying Anne, not letting her out of his sight, Ginny was protecting the rear with her wand also drawn.

“Come on,” said Ron as they reached the lift, “let’s get up to the atrium.”

When they got up to the Atrium, Harry and Sirius were in the middle of a furious duel with Bellatrix next to the Fountain of Magical Brethren.

They placed the two still tied up and stunned deatheaters behind a wall along the side of the Atrium and ducked down behind the wall with them waiting for the rest of the order to get back with the other Deatheaters.

They watched the fierce duel safely from behind their wall watching the curses and spells shoot back and forth between Harry and Sirius against Bellatrix.

The fire lit up in one of the fire grates.

“Dumbledore!” whispered Ron enthusiastically.

But it wasn’t Dumbledore, Irwin wished it was Dumbledore, it was Tom Marvolo Riddle himself.

“Master,” cried Bellatrix, “help me! I am outnumbered they are too strong for me!”

“One of them is an underaged child, and the other is your cousin no wonder you can’t bring yourself to finish them off Bella,” said Voldemort.

“Stupefy!” called Sirius aiming his wand at Bellatrix.

Sirius’ spell missed by inches.

“How dare you!” raged Voldemort pushing Bellatrix out of the way of the spells so that he could duel Sirius himself.

“Harry,” shouted Sirius, “go join the others.”

“No!” Harry shouted back, “I’m staying with you!”

“You should have listened to him Harry,” sneered Voldemort, “this way you will both die.”

“That’s where you’re wrong Tom,” said Dumbledore smiling slightly.

“Dumbledore!” whispered Voldemort, “you dare to show your face!”

“You shouldn’t have come tonight Tom,” said Dumbledore calmly, “your deatheaters have all been caught.”

It was true, whilst Voldemort had been talking with Bellatrix, the rest of the Order had arrived with the other four deatheaters including petrified and tied up. Bill, Fleur, Kingsley, Remus, Tonks and Moody were guarding the deatheaters.

The only one they hadn’t actually caught was Bellatrix, but she was too well protected by Voldemort and was cackling at the duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore.

Sirius was trying to protect Harry from Voldemort and they were trying to edge their way over to where the others were watching behind the half wall, where they had placed up shield charms.

If Sirius and Harry had been fighting furiously with Bellatrix, it was nothing compared with the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort.

At one-point Voldemort made all the glass in all the windows in the atrium fly at Dumbledore like arrows. Dumbledore turned the glass into sand and attacked Voldemort with the water from the fountain, Voldemort fought back this with fire. It was like a battle of the elements between the two great wizards.

At this point, Harry and Sirius tried to leg it toward the others at one point, Bellatrix had managed to grab Harry. Sirius on the other hand had made it over to the rest of the Order.

“Moony let go of me!” screamed Sirius as Remus tried to restrain Sirius from going back out from the shield.

“Sirius no!” shouted Remus “stay here!”

Sirius was covered in bruises from his duel with his cousin Bellatrix.

“Let me get Harry!” he yelled.

But it was too late, Voldemort had flown over to Harry next to Bellatrix and was trying to possess Harry’s body.

“Kill me now Dumbledore!” said a voice that was half Harry’s and half Voldemort’s.

A few agonising seconds later however Voldemort left Harry’s body

“My Lord! We must flee!!” screamed Bellatrix as she saw the flu fires light up again.

Voldemort took hold of Bellatrix and dissapparated, but not before the Minister Fudge had seen him.

“The Fountain of Magical Brethren,” stuttered Fudge.

“Cornelius, we need to talk,” said Dumbledore.

“Dumbledore!” shouted Fudge.

“Seize him!” he said pointing at Dumbledore.

The aurors looked slightly uncertain.

“Cornelius be reasonable,” said Dumbledore, “you just saw him yourself; you know he’s back.”

“He can’t be…...”

“He is back,” said Dumbledore firmly, “if you still don’t believe me we’ve got six of his deatheaters tied up back here, over half of which were freed from Azkaban only a few months ago.”

Fudge gulped and headed over to where the deatheaters were tied up with the aurors.

“Perce,” said Bill nervously, this was the first time that Bill had seen Percy since before Percy had left home.

“Hello Bill,” said Percy stiffly.

“Perce please come home,” Bill begged, “mums missed you!”

“And what about Dad?” Percy asked.

“Perce you’ve got to see that Dumbledore was right now,” whispered Bill, “you just saw You Know Who yourself.”

“I’m still sticking with the Ministry,” said Percy firmly.

“You know what Perce?” said Bill turning to leave, “be that way.”

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