Being Different Year 5

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End of Another Year

“What’s the damage Remus?” asked Dumbledore walking over to Remus and the students.

“It could have been much worse,” sighed Remus moving away from the teenagers, “Neville’s broken his nose and his wand. The other six are fine though.”

“And Anne?” asked Dumbledore.

“She’s got a pulse,” muttered Remus, “but its weak, she was here for hours before Sirius got here.”

Dumbledore nodded.

“Albus,” Remus whispered, so that no one could hear him, “what if shes?”

“Like Alice and Frank?” Dumbledore supplied.

Remus nodded.

“We’ll deal with that if it comes up, but for now.”

“We need to get these kids back to school,” muttered Remus.

They managed to get all the students back to school without anyone else getting hurt.

The first thing that Dumbledore did when he arrived back at the school was to relieve Umbridge of her duty.

When Dumbledore arrived, he had found Umbridge in her office with Anthony, Persephone, Seamus and Dean. Umbridge had been trying to use the Cruciatus curse on them trying to find out where Anne, Harry, Irwin, Luna, Neville, Ginny, Hermione and Ron actually were.

Fortunately, Umbridge hadn’t been at it too long so they were only a bit shaken up rather than there being any permanent damage. Nevertheless, Dumbledore insisted on them coming to Hospital Wing with the others to get them checked over.
“Albus what in the world is going on!” shouted Madam Pomfrey.

Pomfrey had just finished administrating copious amounts of chocolate to Umbridge’s torture victims and had sent them off to bed in their dorms when Kingsley Remus, Sirius and Tonks had arrived with the others Irwin still carrying an unconscious Anne.

“Do you mean to tell me,” screamed Pomfrey once Dumbledore had explained, “that this lot have been fighting deatheaters?”

“I’m afraid so Poppy,” sighed Dumbledore, “now if you excuse me I have to go talk to the minister.”

Once Pomfrey checked over the kids and had fixed Neville’s nose they all wanted to go back to their dorms apart from Irwin who wanted to stay with Anne.

“I’d prefer it if you all stayed here just for tonight so I can watch you.”

“Fine,” sighed Harry as he picked a bed.

Kingsley had gone home by now. Tonks had also gone home to go and check on Teddy, they had left the baby with Kreacher and Dobby who were both thrilled to be looking after Master Teddy.

Now that Remus realised that everyone was fine, and the kids were all asleep he finally blew his top.

“Sirius,” he whispered, “how could you be so stupid?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Sirius drowsily who had been half asleep himself.

“Running to the Ministry like that,” he whispered furiously.

“What was I supposed to do? Leave Anne there to be tortured?”

“No, you were supposed to go for backup.”

“I did have backup,” shrugged Sirius.

“Seven underaged wizards are not back up Sirius!” said Remus struggling to keep his voice down, “Ginny’s only fourteen for Merlin’s sake!”

“I sent you a message when I had assessed the situation,” pointed out Sirius.

“You still took seven under aged wizards with you!”

“Um guys,” whispered Irwin who was still awake curled up at the end of Anne’s bed, “isn’t the only thing that matters that we’re all back safe?”

“I suppose,” muttered Remus, “just don’t do that again Sirius!”

“Message received and understood,” whispered Sirius.

“If you do ever do this again though, I won’t let you see babysit Teddy anymore.”

Sirius made an expression of mock outrage.

“Remus,” Irwin whispered holding onto Anne’s hand.

“Yes Irwin?”

“Is Anne going to be ok?”

“We won’t know till she wakes up son,” said Remus placing an arm on his shoulder.

“What if she never wakes up?” Irwin sobbed.

“She will,” said Sirius, “I know she will.”

The next day Pomfrey dismissed Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Luna, Neville and Irwin from the Hospital Wing.

“I want to stay,” protested Irwin who hadn’t slept all night.

“Mr Scamander you haven’t slept all night and you’ve just finished a fortnight of exams; you need seem rest.”

“I’m not leaving her!”

“Fine!” muttered Pomfrey, “but at least try and get some sleep.”

Dumbledore had somehow persuaded Remus and Sirius to go home, promising to contact them if there was any change.

Irwin tried to get some sleep, but it just didn’t work, he was so worried about Anne.

In the end he found himself sitting on the top of Anne’s bed reading to her.

Persephone had brought Anne’s copy of her favourite book down for him. Persephone and Anthony both came down to keep Irwin company.

“I cant believe how lucky we were,” muttered Anthony, “that could have been us last night.”

“She was tortured for hours Anthony,” pointed out Irwin, “the screaming would have been a bit of a give-away if Umbridge had tortured any of you to this extent, the whole bloody school would have been able to hear you.”

They took it in turns to read from Anne of Green Gables to her.

Irwin finished off the last chapter off the book as dusk approached. Irwin was exhausted.

““God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world,’” whispered Anne.’”

Irwin closed the book and closed his eyes drowsily.

“Irwin mate,” muttered Anthony, “you need to get some sleep.”

“No, I have to be here for Annie when she wakes up.”

“We’ll keep an eye on her for you,” said Persephone, “now go get some sleep.”

“I’m not tired,” he muttered trying to hide a yawn.

“Don’t be ridiculous Irwin,” said Anthony firmly, “you haven’t slept in days!”

“I can’t leave her!” he shouted.

“Irwin?” muttered a small voice in barley above a whisper.

“Annie?” said Irwin whipping his head around to look at her, making sure that he wasn’t hearing things.

“Annie!” he screamed throwing himself on her for a hug.

Anne winced in pain as Irwin touched her.

“Sorry Annie,” he blushed, “I’m just so relieved that you’re alright.”

“I’ll go get Pomfrey,” said Anthony.

Madam Pomfrey had been busy trying to get something to eat.

“Where’s Remus?” Anne whispered.

“I’ll call him,” said Persephone, “Dumbledore sent him and Sirius home to get some sleep.”

“Where does it hurt Annie?” asked Irwin.

“Everywhere,” she groaned.

“Hardly surprising,” tutted Pomfrey as she came over with several bottles of potions.

Anne sighed as she looked at all the different potions, but she was so tired and in so much pain that she didn’t have the energy to protest.

“Right now, I want you to drink all of these, this one’s a pain reliever, and this ones some dreamless sleep. But first of all, I want you both to eat something.”

After Irwin and Anne finished eating their dinner, Remus came back having got some sleep.

“Irwin for Merlin’s sake got to bed,” said Remus, “she’s fine.”

“Alright,’ he mumbled getting off Anne’s bed to head back to the dormitory.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Annie,” he said kissing her on the top of the head, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Anne.

“Now go to bed,” chuckled Remus.

Irwin got back to the Common Room and everyone stared at him as he walked in.

“Irwin,” called Michael, “how’s Anne?”

“She’s fine,” said Irwin, “she just needs some rest.”

“So, do you mate,” chuckled Anthony as he shepherded him up to the boy’s dormitory.

“You ok mate?” asked Anthony.

“Yeah,” muttered Irwin as he flopped onto the bed, “I’m just pleased that Anne’s alright.”

“Yeah I know mate we’ve all been worried about her,” said Anthony as he got Irwin out some pyjama’s

But there was no reply, Irwin had already fallen asleep on top of his bedsheets still fully dressed in the school robes he had pulled on two days ago before his last exam.

Anthony shook his head as he placed a blanket on top of Irwin, so he was more comfortable.

On the night before they were all going home for the Summer holidays there was the biggest party that the Ravenclaw Common Room had seen in a long time. Not only had Ravenclaw won the house cup for the first time in fifteen years, but Pomfrey had finally released Anne from the Hospital Wing.

There was a huge Ravenclaw banner hanging and multi-coloured streamers and confetti everywhere. The seventh years had managed to get some firewhisky from the Hog’s Head. The prefects made sure that no one below fifth year stuck to the pumpkin juice though.

The dancing went on until five o’clock in the morning, they only stopped then because they all had to pack, and the train would be leaving in only a few hours.

On the train ride home Anne shared a compartment with Irwin, Persephone, Anthony, Luna and Neville. Anne spent half the train ride home asleep on Irwin’s shoulder, she was still recovering from Bellatrix torturing her for so long.

When the train pulled in at the station Sirius Remus and Tonks were there to collect them, they had even brought baby Teddy with them. The Weasleys were going to be spending this Summer at The Burrow.

“Hey kiddo,” said Sirius pulling in for a hug and taking Anne’s trunk from her.

“Hi Sirius,” she beamed returning the hug.

“Are you too ready for a nice quiet Summer?” asked Remus.

“Yes!” nodded Harry and Anne.

“Is that my godson?” asked Harry looking at the baby in Tonks’ arms who had turquoise coloured hair.

“Yes,” beamed Tonks, “this is little Teddy.”

Tonks passed Teddy to Harry as Remus took Harry’s trunk.

“Hello little Teddy,” grinned Harry, “I’m your Uncle Harry, you’ve already met your crazy uncle Sirius, I’m your cool uncle Harry.”

“Hey!” protested Sirius as they left the platform, “I thought we all agreed I was the cool uncle!”

“You’re too old to be a cool uncle,” Harry pointed out.

“Too old! I’m only thirty-six!”

“That’s still twenty years older than me,” said Harry.

“If you even want some peace and quiet little one you can always come and find me,” said Anne, “the blue bedroom on the fifth floor is a no uncle zone, crazy or cool.”

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