Being Different Year 5

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Attack of the Dementors

The Summer holiday began to pass by quite normally after this. Well as normal as can be expected when they were all living at the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. The house was full of people popping in and out even when there wasn’t a meeting, not to mention the fact that the Weasleys were now living there too.

Anne spent a lot of the Summer holidays in her room with the door shut, it was the easiest way to keep away from the chaos of the house, and fortunately her room was on the fifth floor so unless anyone was actually looking for her, they were highly unlikely to drop in by mistake.

She was occasionally joined in her room by Julian or Irwin if he happened to be visiting. Even though it was only three weeks into the holidays Anne had already finished all her holiday homework, she would have finished it earlier if they hadn’t been preparing for a wedding in the first week.

Sometimes Anne would go downstairs to talk to whoever seemed to be around that day, usually at least some of the Weasleys, Sirius and Tonks if they weren’t on a mission or at work, and always Remus.

As well as this every Friday Anne went over to the Scamander’s to help with Arts and Crafts day. There was now a very strict rule that glitter did not belong on peoples faces after Julian got glitter stuck on his face for a fortnight last February after Averett had thrown it at him.

Other than this Anne didn’t really leave the house much, she didn’t really like London it was too busy for her. Some of the others went out sometimes but there were very strict rules, don’t go out on your own, always take your wand, don’t get lost, and be back in time for dinner.

The Weasleys and Harry went exploring muggle London every other day. They were quite used to dressing in muggle clothes so that wasn’t a problem. They’d go shopping or go to cinema, sometimes just for a walk in the park.

One day about three weeks into the holidays Anne was just putting the finishing touches to her History of Magic essay, which was her final essay.

“Hey little Sis,” said Harry letting himself without knocking and flopping down onto Anne’s bed.

“I’m bored,” he moaned.

“Ron will be back tomorrow,” Anne reminded him as she dried her essay. The Weasleys had gone back to the Burrow for a few days but were all coming back tomorrow afternoon in time for the next Order meeting.

“Yeah, but I’m bored now!”

“Find something to do then,” said Anne logically, “how about your homework?”

Harry sat up and gave his sister a meaningful look.

“You can’t be serious?” he asked, “term doesn’t start up again for other five weeks!”

Anne shrugged as she put her history textbooks safely away on her bookshelf.

“Let’s go do something fun!” said Harry.

“We can’t get into any trouble today,” Anne pointed out, “it’s the full moon tonight, and Tonks is working late.”

“You’re so boring,” Harry groaned, “lets at least get out for a bit yeah?”

Anne knew that her brother wouldn’t leave her alone until she gave into him.

“Hey Sirius, can we go pick up some pizzas?” asked Harry.

There was a pizza place about ten minutes away but between walking both ways and waiting for the food that was at least a forty-minute excursion, long enough to cure Harry of his cabin fever.

“Yes alright,” said Sirius, “but only because it’s Dobby’s day off.”

“You two got your wands?” asked Remus.

Remus looked exhausted but seeing as he would be transforming in only a few hours that was hardly surprising.

“When don’t we?” asked Harry.

“Ok well only use them in an emergency,” said Remus.

“And make sure the muggles aren’t watching,” parroted Harry and Anne.

“Get on with you,” chuckled Sirius, “and bring back some garlic bread!” he called as they headed out into the street.

Harry was just happy to get out of the house and was practically bouncing down the road breathing in the fresh air. Anne was trailing behind him but only by a few metres.

They reached the pizza place and placed their order, twenty minutes later they were leaving the shop with five pizzas and two lots of garlic bread. Both of them were carrying the pizzas but fortunately it wasn’t too far back to the house.

Harry wasn’t quite bouncing anymore because he was laden down with pizza boxes, but he still seemed very happy to be out of the house.

They were walking down an alleyway when suddenly Harry stopped whistling and Anne gave a slight shiver.

“Does something feel funny to you?” asked Harry nervously.

It had been boiling hot but there was now a slight chill in the air, there was definitely something not quite right. There was also the feeling that they’d never be happy again.

Harry and Anne tried to sprint for the end of the alleyway, but it was too late, their path was blocked by two dementors.

Anne started hearing her parents last few moments which she always heard when she encountered a dementor

One of the dementors attacked Anne and the other Harry. Harry had learnt how to defend himself against a dementor when back in their third year, but Anne had never learnt. The dementor started trying to suck out her soul, where was Harry!

Just when it felt like it would be too late, the dementor was chased away by a silver stag, and the two dementors disappeared just as suddenly as they had appeared.

“You ok Sis?” asked Harry who still had his wand out.

There was no answer, Anne was too shaken up, she had nearly just lost her soul.

“Come on Sis,” said Harry leaving behind the pizza boxes they had dropped on the pavement, “let’s get you home.”

Harry walked the last five minutes back to the house with his arm around Anne’s waist leading her back and his other hand holding his wand out in case there were any more dementors.

Fortunately, there weren’t too many muggles, and the ones they did see just thought Harry was holding a stick.

“There you are!” exclaimed Sirius as they came back into the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, “finally I’m starving!”

“But where’s the food?” he asked confused seeing how both Anne and Harry were empty handed.

“We dropped it,” said Harry.

“Dropped it!” said Sirius, “why didn’t you go back for some more then?”

“What happened?” asked Remus nervously looking from Anne who was white as a sheet to Harry who was still holding his wand out.


“What the fuck!” shouted Sirius. “Dementors! What were they doing?”

“From the looks of it,” said Harry sitting down in a chair, “waiting for us.”

“Are you two alright?” asked Remus coming over to check Anne’s forehead, she was still as white as a sheet and looked like she might faint at any moment. Anne had been leaning against the kitchen wall and had just sunken down to a heap on the floor.

“Yeah I’m fine,” garbled Harry, “but I think to tried to suck out Anne’s soul.”

“What?” asked Remus shocked, “Harry are you sure?”

Harry nodded.

“Merlin’s bloody balls,” said Sirius with his head in his hands.

“Sweetheart can you hear me,” said Remus crouching down to Anne’s level.

No answer.

“Anne darling you’ve got to respond to me,” he cried nervously, “otherwise I won’t know if you’re alright.”

“Can you hear me!” Remus almost shouted.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Are you ok kiddo?” asked Sirius crouching down on the floor next to Remus.

“What a stupid question Sirius!” said Remus turning on him, “she’s nearly just had her soul sucked out of course she’s not bloody ok!”

“Um guys,” said Harry, “we’ve got mail.”

An owl had just flown into the kitchen dropped a letter and then flown straight back out through the fireplace.

“What?” asked Sirius getting up and heading over to Harry.

Harry fumbled with the envelope and eventually opened it.

“They’re expelling me,” said Harry in a blank tone.

“What?” asked Sirius confused, “but they can’t can they?”

He took the letter from Harry and read it over several times hoping to find that they were wrong.

“It’s a first offence,” said Remus as he checked Anne’s pulse, “but maybe because it was in a highly populated area?”

“The ministry still can’t expel him,” said Sirius, “can they?” he asked uncertainly.

“I don’t know Sirius,” said Remus as he fetched a bar of chocolate from the kitchen cupboard, “I hope not.”

Remus divided the chocolate up and gave a third to Harry who started to wolf it down very quickly and kept the rest for Anne.

“Anne come on you’ve got to have some chocolate,” said Remus handing her a small piece.

“You’ll feel better Sis really,” agreed Harry.

Anne shrugged and took a very small bite, a small amount of colour did return to Anne’s face, and even if Anne didn’t feel any better yet everyone else did.

There was at this moment a second owl that flew in through the fire place, dropped a letter and left again.

Harry sighed in relief and then read the letter out to the room.

Dear Mr Potter,
Further to our letter of approximately twenty-two minutes ago, the Ministry of Magic has revised its decision to destroy your wand forthwith. You may retain your wand until your disciplinary hearing of the 31st of July at which time an official decision will be taken.

Following discussion with the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Ministry has agreed that the question of your expulsion will also be decided at that time. You should therefore consider yourself suspended from school pending further enquiries.

With best wishes, Mafalda Hopkirk

“Well done Dumbledore,” said Sirius beaming, “always saves the day.”

“Happy birthday to me,” moaned Harry seeing the date of the hearing.

“That does seem a little bit harsh,” agreed Sirius, “you want to go pick up some more pizzas?”

“Sure,” said Harry feeling better now that he had not definitely been expelled.

“You stay here with Anne Moony, try not to do too much, its still full moon in three hours,” said Sirius as he left with Harry.

“At least he’s not expelled,” muttered Remus, “you feeling any better?”

“Just a bit,” said Anne who had been nibbling at her chocolate,

“Come on let’s get you up to bed,” said Remus helping Anne up off the floor, she was still quite weak from the dementor attack, so Remus helped her up to her room.

Anne got changed into her pyjamas and Remus came back in a few minutes later.

“We’re out of dreamless sleep again, I’ll write to Poppy in the morning.”

“Come here,” he said pulling her in for a hug, “do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really,” she muttered.

“Maybe later?” he asked undoing her hair and stroking it out.


Remus had just finished brushing out and redoing Anne’s plaits when Julian arrived with two large pizzas.

“Remus,” said Julian, “it’s half eight.”

“What?” asked Remus shocked, “Merlin.”

Remus dashed from the room, full moon was in less than an hour, he had to get ready.

“So Dementors huh?” asked Julian as put the boxes down on the bed.

“Don’t want to talk about it?”

Anne shook her head.

“Fair enough,” said Julian as he got himself a slice of pizza.

Julian told Anne about how Averett had tried to sneak into Newts menagerie today to play with the kelpie, and about the story that Aislynn had written that afternoon. He occasionally reminded her to eat some food as she tended to forget, especially when she was upset about something.

“Is she ok?” asked Tonks popping her head in at just gone eleven.

“She took a while, but she eventually dropped off,” whispered Julian

He had promised Remus that he would keep an eye on Anne for him tonight in case there were any problems because they had run out of dreamless sleep. Remus would have looked after Anne himself, but he was currently a bit preoccupied transforming into a werewolf in the attic.

“Don’t worry Julian I’ll take over,” said Tonks taking off her jacket.

“You sure?” asked Julian.

“Do you think I’m going to get any sleep anyway tonight?” asked Tonks, “my husband is currently running about on the next floor as a werewolf.”

“Fair enough,” yawned Julian as he went through to his own room giving Sirius a quick nod of greeting who was guarding the attic in the corridor.

When Remus woke up the next morning he was in agony as usual, but his first thought was not food like it usually was after a transformation. The first thing he had to do was check in on Anne, she’d been attacked by ruddy dementors for Merlin’s sake! He also needed to write to Poppy.

It was only half past five in the morning so Remus went down to Anne’s room as quietly as he possible could. He opened the door and found both Anne and Tonks fast asleep on the bed, Tonks was lying on top of the bed and was still fully dressed apart from her jacket which she had left strewn on the floor.

When Sirius woke up in the corridor at seven o’clock, he went to wake Anne up and found that Anne was already awake reading a book in bed but next to her both Remus and Tonks were fast asleep under the duvet.

“Morning kiddo, you feeling any better?” he asked.

Anne nodded and indicated that Sirius had to be quiet so as not to wake up the sleeping couple.

“Make sure he’s awake in time for breakfast,” chuckled Sirius, “I’m going to go write to Pomfrey.”

At eight o’clock she started gently nudging Remus and Tonks so that they could both get some breakfast.

“What?” asked Tonks confused when she realised that she had not only been asleep, but that Remus was there too.

“You fell asleep,” said Anne, “when I woke up Remus was here too, it’s kind of cute really.”

“Morning Dear,” yawned Remus, “what times breakfast?”

“In about five minutes,” chuckled Anne as she left the room.

“I hear you had a sleepover last night little Sis,” laughed Harry over breakfast.

“why do you always call me ‘little Sis’?” she asked as she ate her strawberries.

“Because you’re smaller than me,” answered Harry beaming, “also I’m twenty minutes older than you.”

“So, what are we going to do about this trial?” said Remus.

“They can’t expel you, it was only your first offence,” said Tonks.

“Well if you do get expelled, you’ll get to spend even more time with your favourite house elves,” chortled Sirius.

Dobby had been particularly excited about the thought of Harry getting expelled, not because of Harry having to leave school, but because Dobby would get to see Harry more often, not only in the holidays.

“As much as I love you Dobs,” said Harry, “I think I’d much rather go back to school in September.”

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