Being Different Year 5

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The Prophecy

They spent the last few weeks of the Summer holidays playing various muggle sports in the park, sometimes football or rugby other days cricket, they were often joined by muggle children who were passing in the park.

One Saturday heading towards the end of the holidays they all piled into the two cars. Remus and Sirius had always kept a car as had the Weasleys. Mr Weasley had enchanted his Ford Anglia to fit in a lot more people than it should have done. The car was supposed to only fit five but there was enough space for ten, so between the two cars, there was space for everyone in the house even Bill and Fleur.

They met up with the Scamander’s at an outdoor water activity centre just outside London. They were all going back to school in just over a week and everyone wanted to make the most of the holidays whilst they still could.

Newt and Tina didn’t really join in but watched everyone’s bags and drank lots of cups of tea, Mrs Weasley joined them as she wasn’t very keen on going canoeing or building rafts or learning how to water ski.

Everyone else had a great time though, even Averett and Aislynn joined in and were wearing little lifejackets in case they fell in the water.

They split themselves into several teams. Anne was on a team with Julian, Mr Weasley, Remus, Ginny, Rolf, Aislynn and Rolf. They had races in the canoes. Anne’s team didn’t win that but, in the afternoon, there was a second competition. They had to build to rafts, it wasn’t just how fast your raft went that mattered, but how safe it was and how well it stayed together.
Harry was on a team with Sirius, Averett, Mr Scamander, Fred and George. They had won the canoe race and were determined that they were going to win the raft competition in the afternoon as well. Although their raft was very fast, it wasn’t very safe or secure, their raft was way ahead until towards the end of the race when it fell into pieces in the middle of the water and everyone fell off the raft, only for the race to be won by Anne’s team.

“I’m still annoyed that we didn’t win,” grumbled Harry as he pulled himself out of the lake.

“You never were going to win,” said Irwin whose team had come in second, “that raft was terrible!”

“I hear there’s going to be an addition to the family?” asked Mrs Scamander as they all dried off in the sun at the end of the day.

“You lot have been talking, haven’t you?” asked Tonks glaring at Anne and Julian.

“It wasn’t us I swear!” said Julian holding his hands up in surrender.

“No, it was Fred and George,” explained Anne casually as she braided Aislynn’s hair.

“What are we being accused of this time?” asked Fred.

“Telling people that Tonks is expecting.”

“Oh yeah we’ve been doing that,” said Fred.

“Guilty as charged,” said George.

“Well congratulations anyway,” said Mr Scamander.

“Thanks Landon, Gwen,” said Remus.

As the holidays got closer to the end, they began to get more and more confused, where were the booklists? School started in less than a week now.

The letters finally arrived on the Saturday which was the day before the train.

Anne was sat at the kitchen table talking to Kreacher who was making an Eton mess, she was occasionally eating a strawberry from the bowl on the table.

“I has a letter for you Mistress Anne,” said Dobby handing her the Hogwarts letter. Dobby was carrying several more letters that he was about to deliver to the others.

There was only one more book that Anne had to buy this year, Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard, she already had the Standard Book of Spells Grade 5. She was surprised to find that there was still something left at the bottom of the envelope.

She reached into the envelope and pulled out a blue and bronze badge which had an eagle and a large letter P on it.

“There must have been some mistake,” she muttered staring at the badge, with a strawberry half way to her mouth.

“You ok Sis?” asked Harry as he came charging down into the kitchen.

“Hey, guess what?” he asked enthusiastically, “Ron’s been made a…”

But Harry stopped and he also stared at the badge in Anne’s hand.


“There must be some mistake,” she said, “I’m too shy to be a Prefect.”

“Perhaps your professors have found a quality they admire within you?” suggested Kreacher.

“Such as?” asked Anne.

“What’s up?” asked Tonks, “Ginny just said the letters have arrived.”

“My little Sis is a prefect,” said Harry proudly.

“So’s Ron,” added Anne.

“Really?” asked Tonks, Anne passed her the badge.

“Remus,” she shouted up the stairs, “get down here!”

“Is there something wrong?” asked Remus charging down the stairs, “is one of the kids hurt?”

“No Remus nobody’s hurt,” said Tonks, “Anne’s a Prefect.”

“Well,” Remus beamed, “you’re not the first Prefect in our family, but you are the first Ravenclaw Prefect.”

Lily and Remus had both been made Gryffindor Prefects in their fifth year, but James and Sirius had not been well enough behaved for badges.

“But why me?” asked Anne still confused.

“Flitwick will have his reasons,” assured Remus, “don’t worry it’ll be fine.”

“So,” he beamed, “what would you like? I feel this is much more than just a trip to the bookshop.”

“Ron’s getting a new broom,” said Harry.

“I’m sorry what?” asked Anne who was still confused as to why she had been given the badge in the first place.

“You need a reward for this,” said Remus.

Anne thought for a moment and then realised what she really wanted, her pygmy puff had died last year, pygmy puffs didn’t live very long. But what she really wanted was a kitten, she had always loved little Athene who she had been given when she was four but had died a few years ago.

“Could I get a kitten?” asked Anne nervously in case the answer was no.

“Of course,” said Remus, “I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself.”

“What’s this I hear about Prefects?” asked Sirius as Anne went up to the hallway to fetch her cloak.

Anne and Ron showed Sirius their badges, Ron had come downstairs to ask Mrs. Weasley to get him a specific broomstick.

“Well done Anne!” said Mrs Weasley as Sirius ruffled her hair.

“Are you going to Diagon Alley?” asked Anne.

“Yes dear,” said Mrs Weasley, “did you want me to get you anything?”

“I was wondering if I could come with you,” she muttered, “I wanted to choose a kitten.”

“Oh but of course dear,” said Mrs. Weasley.

Anne and Mrs Weasley both pulled on their cloaks and they side apparated to Diagon Alley. They started at Madam Malkins, Ron needed new pyjamas which were red and gold, and Ginny needed new school robes as she had had a growth spurt.

They then went to Quality Quidditch Supplies where they got Ron the new Cleansweep he had asked for. In Flourish and Blotts they picked six copies of Defensive Magical Theory and the new charms books.

They went to the Magical Menagerie last. They had left the pet shop till last so that they didn’t have to carry a little kitten around the other shops.

“Good afternoon,” said the lady behind the desk, “how can I help you today?”

“We are looking for a cat,” said Mrs Weasley, “Anne here has just been made a Prefect.”

“Oh congratulations!” she said, “would you like a kitten or a fully-grown cat?”

“Could we have a look at the kittens first please?”

The lady led them over to a large playpen on the edge off the room of the shop where about a dozen kittens were frolicking about. They were all different colours, some were ginger, or tabby, another was bright white.

“Do any of these have any special magical abilities?” asked Mrs Weasley, as Anne kneeled down on the floor to play with the kittens

“We do have one or two kneazles, they are very bright and exceptionally protective of their owners.”

“Which ones are they?”

“The ginger and the black kitten with the white socks.”

“Can I hold one?” asked Anne.

“Yes but be careful kneazles are very defensive.”

Anne carefully picked up the little black kitten with the white socks and tickled it between the ears. The kitten began to purr loudly.

“She seems to like you,” said the shop keeper.

“How old is she?” asked Anne.

“Two months old.”

Anne went up to the till, Sirius and Remus had given her five galleons to get her cat and its basket and things.

They placed the little kitten into her new basket which also had her in it. They gathered all their parcels and shopping before side along apparating back to Grimmauld Place.

Mrs Weasley went upstairs to go take the others their new books and Ron’s broomstick. Anne took the kitten out of her basket and carried it downstairs to the kitchen where Kreacher and Dobby were in the middle of preparing what looked like a full-on banquet. Tonks, Remus and Mr. Weasley were helping by making canopies.

“What’s going on?” asked Anne.

“Well there’s a meeting tonight, and you’re all going back to school tomorrow,” said Mr Weasley.

“We wanted to have a celebration for you and Ron,” said Tonks.

“Did you get your kitten then?” asked Remus getting up to take a look at the kitten in Anne’s arms.

“The lady in the shop said she was a kneazle,” explained Anne.

“Kneazles can be very useful,” said Remus, “very protective of their owners.”

“Have you named her yet?” asked Tonks.

“I was thinking maybe Diana.”

“The Huntress,” said Remus giving Diana a tickle between the ears, “good choice.”

“She’s adorable,” said Tonks as Anne showed her around, “I like her little white socks.”

Anne had to head back upstairs not long afterwards as they had to get on with the Order meeting.

Anne went to go and check that all her things were packed properly up in her room and took Diana’s new basket up to her room and packed the cat food into the trunk.

“Hey Anne,” said Julian, “I hear Ravenclaw has some new Prefects.”

“Yes,” said Anne as she tried to keep Diana from jumping into her cauldron.

“And who’s this?” he asked as he took Diana from Anne.

“Diana, she’s a kneazle.”

“You listen here you,” he said looking Diana firmly in the face, “now I know that you can understand me. This is your new owner Anne,” Julian turned the kitten to face Anne for a moment. “She is a very nice person and I want you to look after her properly for me.”

Instead of nodding her head, Diana licked Julian’s nose.

“Alright,” laughed Julian, handing Diana back to Anne.

“Come on Anne,” said Julian, “I’ve been sent up to tell you to come down for dinner.”

Anne and Julian headed downstairs to the sitting room. It was very similar to her birthday party but now there was a huge banner reading Congratulations New Prefects, which had a huge eagle and a lion on it.

Most people had stayed behind after the meeting apart from Snape and Dumbledore who had both made a quick escape again.

“Well done Anne,” said Hestia coming up to shake Anne’s hand, “Lily and James would have been proud.”

“Thanks,” muttered Anne.

She didn’t really want to be here; she couldn’t understand why she had even made a Prefect but here she was, and everyone was congratulating her and she hadn’t even done anything!

Ron was in his element and loving all the attention telling everyone about his new broomstick. Anne thought that nobody would notice if she slipped away for a few moments.

Anne sat down on the staircase in the hallway and pulled her knees into her chest.

“Hey kiddo,” said Sirius sitting down on the staircase to join her.

“What’s up?” he asked.

Anne just pulled at her plaits and didn’t answer.

“I know I’m not very good at this but even I can tell when there’s a problem.”

“Why have I even been made a Prefect?” she asked.

“If you’re really that confused why don’t you ask Flitwick tomorrow, he’ll have had his reasons.”

“I’m sure he has his reasons but why has he picked me over Persephone or Padma or one of the others?”

“Try not to worry about it too much kiddo,” said Sirius patting her on the back. “Why don’t you go enjoy the party and then talk to Flitwick tomorrow?”

“Ok,” muttered Anne getting up to go and re-join the party.

Remus had been looking around the crowded room for her and sighed in relief when she came back in with Sirius.

The party went on until gone ten o’clock, everyone helped tidy up and everyone was sent up to bed after this as they had the train in the morning.

“Anne,” said Remus coming up to her room, “we need to have a family meeting.”

“Ok,” Anne shrugged as she put her hairbrush down, she had finished undoing her plaits and was just about to redo them.

Anne got up to go down to Remus’ room where they usually had their family meetings, but Anne found Remus, Harry, Sirius, Tonks and Julian were all waiting outside her bedroom in the corridor.

“Are we meeting in here?” asked Anne confused.

“Yes,” whispered Sirius.

They all piled into Anne’s room, Anne didn’t have a particularly small room, but once all six of them were in there it was pretty jampacked.

“Muffliato,” cast Sirius on the bedroom door.

“What’s with all the secrecy?” asked Anne.

“We need to talk about something, but some people don’t want you to hear about it,” said Sirius.

“What?” asked Anne.

“Mrs Weasley,” muttered Harry.

“We know that whatever we tell you both you’ll probably tell Ron and the others,” said Tonks, “but try and wait until at least you get onto the train.”

“We also know that you probably already know some of the things we’re going to tell you through less reliable methods.”

Harry snorted, Remus clearly knew that some of Fred and George’s extendable ears had survived Mrs. Weasleys’ purge.

“You guys know that Voldemort is trying to recruit new followers and maybe try and get his old supporters out of Azkaban?” asked Sirius.

Harry and Anne nodded.

“We heard that much by the Fred and George method,” said Harry.

“I thought you might have,” smirked Remus.

“We also heard something about guard duty.”

“When he says we,” said Anne as she plaited her hair, “I would like to make it clear that I have not spying on anybody.”

“And that is why you have been made a Prefect and Harry hasn’t,” said Sirius.

“The thing we need to talk about has actually got to do with the guard duty,” said Tonks.

“You two went to the Ministry last month, right?” asked Julian.

“Yeah,” said Harry and Anne.

“Either of you ever heard of the Department of Mysteries?” asked Sirius.

“No,” they answered.

“The Department of Mysteries studies many different things but there is something in particular that Voldemort is interested in.”

“Inside the Department of Mysteries there is a room called the Hall of Prophesies.”

“What’s all this got to do with Tom though?” asked Anne.

“And why didn’t Mrs Weasley want us to know?” asked Harry.

Remus gave a deep sigh.

“There was a prophecy, it was one of the reasons that Frank, Alice, Lily and James all went into hiding.”

“What?” asked Harry.

“There was a prophecy,” said Sirius, “Dumbledore told it to us at the time.”

“The one with the power to defeat the dark lord rises. He shall be born to those who have thrice defied him as the third month dies. The dark lord shall mark him as his equal, yet he shall have power the dark lord knows not. Neither can live whilst the other survives.”

Julian was looking very awkward at this point. Harry and Anne’s mouths were open in shock.

“So, there was a prophecy about me and Harry?” asked Anne.

“Not exactly though,” struggled Sirius, “it could either have been Harry or Neville.”

“So why did he go for me instead of Neville?”

“We don’t know,” sighed Remus.

“So, Tom wants to get into the Department of Mysteries so he can find the prophecy?”

“Yes, which is why we’re guarding it,” explained Tonks.

“Are you trying to tell me,” gulped Harry, “that eventually I’m going to have to kill Voldemort?”

“You’re the only one who can Harry,” said Sirius with tears in his eyes.

“And you guys have known this since before we were born?” asked Anne.

“We didn’t believe it until Voldemort failed to kill Harry, but we’ve known for nearly fourteen years yes,” said Remus.

“So, Mum and Dad knew about this?” asked Harry.

“Yes,” said Sirius, “that’s why they went into hiding.”

“Why didn’t Mrs Weasley want me to know?”

“She doesn’t actually know what’s in the prophecy,” said Julian, “she only knows it’s about you and He Who Must Not Be Named.”

“I think she didn’t want to put too much pressure on you, you’re only fifteen Harry,” said Tonks.

“Why didn’t you tell me before now?” asked Harry blankly.

“Because you were just a kid Harry,” said Sirius, “you still are, but it’s different now.”

“Because Tom’s back?” offered Anne.

“Yes,” said Remus gently stroking Anne’s hair, “because Tom’s back.”

“So why are you telling me now then?”

“Because you have to know,” said Sirius.

“You’re the only one who can kill him Harry,” said Tonks.

“But you’re not alone,” said Sirius, “we’ll all going to help.”

“We’ve already started getting rid of him,” pointed out Remus, “we’ve destroyed three Horcruxes.”

“And we are all going to support you in any way we can,” said Tonks.

“We’re behind you all the way Harry,” agreed Julian, “it’s what families do.”

“What’s this ‘power the dark lord knows not?’” asked Anne.

“We don’t know,” said Sirius, “but whatever it is probably saved Harry’s life nearly fourteen years ago.”

“Why doesn’t this still apply to Neville then?” asked Harry.

“Because the dark lord marked you as his equal,” said Sirius.

“When Voldemort chose to attack you rather than Neville fourteen years ago, he marked you as his equal,” explained Remus.

“So what do we do now?” asked Anne as Diana jumped into her lap.

“Put your bracelet on and never take it off,” said Sirius firmly, handing her her charm bracelet.

“It should warn you of coming danger,” said Remus doing it up on her wrist.

“Most importantly,” said Sirius, “we want you both to be careful.”

“Keep your heads down,” said Remus.

“But Voldemort’s back!” exclaimed Harry, “we should be fighting!”

“You’re fifteen Harry,” explained Remus calmly, “the best way you can fight is by getting your education.”

“That way when you do actually have to face him,” said Sirius, “you’ll be as ready as you can be.”

Harry and Anne looked around at the room in shock for a moment hoping that one of them would jump up and yell ‘April Fool’.

“You two need to get some sleep,” said Sirius getting up to leave and taking the muffliato charm off the dorm.

“Come on Prongslet,” said Sirius putting an arm around Harry as they left the room together.

Julian left too going to his own room across the corridor.

“You ok Anne?” asked Remus holding Anne’s hand.

Anne nodded uncertainly.

“Get some sleep ok sweetheart?” asked Remus kissing her on the top of the head.

“Night Anne, see you tomorrow yeah?” said Tonks.

“Night,” Anne muttered laying her head back on her pillows and dropping off within seconds.

Anne had a strange dream that night, Remus and Tonks were sat in a field with their new baby, Anne was stood on the other side of the field and was trying to convince herself to walk over. After a while she began to walk over to Remus and Tonks and their new baby but then the scene changed, she then found herself walking down a tiled corridor that she had seen before, The Department of Mysteries.

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