Being Different Year 6

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Practise Makes Perfect

“Hey Sis,” said Harry climbing up on the roof of the house.

Anne had been using the skylight in the attic to climb up onto the roof of Grimmauld Place.

Remus had freaked out the first time he had seen her up there a few weeks ago but had then put up some protections on the roof. There was now a protective barrier so if Anne was going to fall off, she would just bounce back instead.

Anne was using her powers up on the roof and making the leaves dance in the wind. As it was nearly September there were starting to be more loose leaves on the ground. The muggles just thought that it was a breeze of wind because as the house was protected from muggle view nobody could see her.

There was a flurry of leaves that flew past as Harry sat down next to her on the roof.

“Wish I could do that,” grumbled Harry.

“I’ve actually been thinking about that,” said Anne as she put the leaves back down and put her hands in her jacket pocket.

“Do we have another theory sister dearest?” asked Harry turning to her in interest. Anne had told him all about her theory about Alice and Frank and Harry had already started plotting the death of the Lestranges.

“I do actually,” Anne nodded, “you know our ‘TwinVision’ as Sirius calls it?”

“How could I forget,” groaned Harry.

“It may be a connection of more than just the mind,” Anne considered, “do you remember when we fought Quirrell?”

“Oh what when we burnt that guys face off? That was too cool to ever forget!”

“Yes well,” said Anne, “we did it by holding hands.”

“Do you think it might work?” asked Harry his face lighting up.

“We never know till we try,” she shrugged holding out a hand for Harry to take.

Harry took a deep breath and took Anne’s hand.

“Ok Harry, clear your mind.”

Harry nodded.

Anne used her free hand to lift some leaves from off of the ground, she then split them into two groups.

“Ok Harry focus now put out your other hand,” she said gently.

Harry looked at her slightly confused before shrugging and nervously put out his hand.

“Ok, now try to move the leaves, they’ll follow the movements of your hand.”

Anne moved her hand in a circle and so did her leaves.

Harry edged his hand slowly to the left and the leaves moved too.

Harry’s mouth opened wide in shock.

“Try and move them in a circle now,” said Anne encouragingly.

Harry and Anne stayed up on the roof for a over an hour.

“That is so cool,” muttered Harry, “we can share powers!”

“It is pretty cool yeah,” said Anne pleased that at least one of her two theory’s had actually worked, if this theory had worked maybe the one about the Longbottoms would work too.

A few days later, Anne was sat on the edge of the pond at the Scamander’s with Irwin, they were having to go back to school the next day so Anne would have to stop practising her wandless magic so much.

The day before, her and Irwin had filled a bathtub with water and tried to manipulate that, it had worked really well but today they were going to try with the pond.

Anne closed her eyes and emptied her mind.

“Here goes,” she muttered holding out her two hands.

She looked towards the water and lifted both her hands and half the water was levitated straight out of the pond. She formed it into a giant sphere of water, before turning it in five smaller balls of water which raced each other around the half full pond.

“I still can’t get over how impressive this is,” said Irwin as he watched her at work.

Anne put the rest of the water back into the pond.

Then she raised her hand again and a horse made of water appeared out of the pond. The water horse ran around the pond a few times before Anne sent it back into the water.

“Bloody hell,” whispered Irwin, “and Harry can do this too?”

“Not as much but a little and only when I help him.”

“That’s still something,” admitted Irwin.

“Come on Annie, the twins want to say goodbye before you go back to school tomorrow,” said Irwin pulling himself off the bank and reaching out a hand to help Anne help.

“Irwin!” pleaded Averett, “can’t you stay?”

“Please!!” begged Aislynn begging onto his legs.

“Woah there,” he chuckled picking up his little sister, “I’m not leaving until tomorrow you know that.”

“Oh yeah,” said Averett cheering up slightly as Irwin put Aislynn back down again.

They then both turned on Anne.

“Anne you can’t go!” said Aislynn as they both clinged onto her legs.

“For Merlin’s sake,” muttered Irwin.

“Ais, Av,” said Anne gently, “you know how important school is.”

“You don’t need school, you already know everything,” cried Averett being close to tears.

“Yeah you do, besides who’s going to be my big sister when you go?”

“Hey what about me?” asked Irwin in mock outrage.

“We have other big brothers,” said Averett, “we’ve got Rolf.”

“And Julian!” added Aislynn.

“Well it’s nice to know that I’m loved,” said Irwin turning around in a huff and starting to head back to the house.

“No Irwin wait!” screamed Aislynn and Averett rushing after him.

Irwin turned back around with a massive beam on his face.

“Come here you little monsters,” he chuckled.

He started attacking them with tickling and Anne was soon pulled into the massive heap of tickling on the ground.

“I have really got to go,” said Anne breathlessly after a few minutes.

“Can you see at Christmas?” asked Aislynn.

“Please!” added Averett.

“We’ll see,” said Anne, “see you tomorrow Irwin.”

Anne flued back to Grimmauld Place where Kreacher was busy preparing hamburgers in the kitchen for their farewell supper before Harry and Anne both headed back to school the next day.

They had their family dinner and then Tonks and Remus had to go on a mission for the Order.

“We’ll be back in the morning,” said Remus giving Anne a hug as he did up his cloak.

“Be careful,” she muttered.

“We promise,” he said putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Look after Teddy for us ok?” asked Tonks, as she passed Teddy to her.

Tonks and Remus both went out on the front step and dissaparated.

“Hey Harry, want one last motorbike ride before heading back to school?”

“Cool!” enthused Harry pulling on his leather jacket.

Julian was around at the Scamander’s hanging out with Rolf.

“I guess it’s just you and me then little Ted isn’t it?”

Teddy beamed at her and blew a little spit bubble, Teddy’s hair was bright green today.

“You are adorable,” she chuckled.

“Who wants to hear the story of The Tale of the Three Brothers?” said Anne as she put little Teddy down on the bed so she could get out the book.

Anne sat down on the bed and put Teddy on her lap so that she could read to him.

“Are you going to miss your favorite aunty when she goes tomorrow?” asked Anne as they finished the story.

“No answer,” she chuckled, “what a surprise.”

“Well don’t forget, if you ever want a break from the craziness that is the rest of this house, I will always be here for you.”

Anne kissed him lightly on the top of his head before carrying him back down to the nursery and putting him in the cot.

“Sweet dreams little Teddy,” she said as she passed him his favourite teddy bear.

Anne sighed softly before going back up to her room and taking her dreamless sleep potion, this time tomorrow she would be back at Hogwarts.

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