Black and Purple

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Chapter 10

Ashton Frost's POV

(A few hours before the party)

"Ugh. Tell me why do I have to go to this thing again?" I asked AJ my Beta. "Oh stop your bitching. The Alpha of this pack really wants to make an alliance with you. And maybe you will find your mate here." AJ says in a friendly tone. I look over to AJ and say "Your lucky your my brother." We smile at each other and go back to looking out the windows of the car. "Ice. How you holding up?" I ask my wolf "I have a good feeling that our mate is in the Waters Ridge pack." He says back. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes. The moon goddess sent me an image of a girl with purple eyes." He said with confidence.

After being in the car for 3 hours I was glad that we finally made it to the Waters Ridge pack. When we pulled up and parked in front of the pack house. As soon as I got out of the car I caught the faint smell of cotton candy. "Ice. Do you smell that?" I ask with curiosity. "Yeah. We should go find where that smell is coming from?" "I agree." As I was just about to find where the smell is coming from the Alpha of this pack came up to me. "Alpha Frost. Its a pleasure to finally meet you face to face." He said with his hand held out to mine. I shook his hand and said "Yes Alpha Waters. I can say the same. This is my brother and Beta AJ and this is my Gamma Cody." I introduced them to one another. "Now if you would please follow me, the party is out back." With out another word we followed Alpha Waters to the back of the pack house. "Ash. I could faintly smell that cotton candy sent on that Alpha." Ice said a little angered. "Calm down Ice. Its probably one of his pack members." I said in a calm voice.

The party is in full swing and the cotton candy sent is getting stronger. A few girls from this pack keep trying to get my attention but it's not working. "I can feel our mate." Ice said out nowhere. I quickly stand up from the table I was currently sitting at. "Bro what's up?" AJ said a little worried. I just ignored him and started to follow the sweet smell. The smell started to become stronger as I got closer. The next thing I know I see a woman about 5' 3" blonde hair, light brown skin, and wearing a beautiful light blue ball gown. But, when her eyes met mine, I was sold. Her beautiful purple eyes was the cherry on top. Wow she's so beautiful. I thought to myself. After taking in her appearance I started to make my way towards her and she was walking towards me as well.

"Hello little mate. My name is Ashton Frost but my friends call me Ash. I'm the current Alpha of the Blue Frost Pack." I said with a big smile on my face. "Hello. My name is Isabella Waters but you can call me either Izzy or Bella. I'm Alpha Nate's adopted niece." Her voice was like an angel singing in my ears. As I was looking at her I could tell that her feet were hurting her so I asked “Would you like to take a seat with me? You look like your about to fall over.” She looked down and said “Yes please.” We link our arms and make our way over to a table where Alpha Waters and his Luna are seated. As we start to get closer to the table a man steps in our way. I’m not liking this negative feeling his is giving off.Alpha Frost. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Alpha Blake Black, this is my wife and Luna Aria Black, and this little beauty is my daughter Anna Black.” His daughter is giving me a seductive smile as she walks over to me and my mate. She links her arm in mine and pushes my mate away from me. That makes me angry so with a cold voice I speak “Alpha Black. If you want to avoid a war between our packs please tell your daughter to get off me. I have finally found my mate and I would appreciate it if your daughter would treat her with respect.” I freed my arm from that woman and made my way back to my mate. I put her hand in mine, it was so tiny compared to mine, I could feel the sparks run up my arm.

As soon as we reached the table Alpha Waters, his Luna, and his Beta stopped talking and looked at my mate and I with wide eyes. Alpha Waters quickly stood up and said “Alpha Frost. Is there a problem?” In a calm voice I said “No. I’m just making sure Bella gets some rest.” I pulled out a chair for her and she sat down. I sat down in the chair in front of her and gently grabbed her ankle. “What are you doing?” I could tell she was a little scared. “I’m taking your shoes off. I can tell they are hurting you.” I said and I was right when I took off her left shoe I could see she had blisters on her foot. “It’s okay I can do it myself.” She said as she tried to pull her foot off my lap. I stopped her and said “please let me take care of my mate.”

As I was tending to her hurting feet I could hear the people at the table gasp. The Luna of pack spoke to Arrow in a curious voice. “Did he just call you his mate?” I could tell that Bella was a little embarrassed but what she said made everything more real.

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