Black and Purple

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Chapter 11


I saw everything that happened. From when my brother met that girl to the point where he met that Alpha. “AJ. I want you to keep an eye on that Alpha I was just talking to. I have a bad feeling about him.” My brother said. “Sure thing. By the way. Who’s the girl?” I asked him in a curious tone. “Her name is Isabella. She’s my mate.” I could tell he was happy just by saying her name. “Congratulations bro. Tell me more later.” “Will do.” We both chuckled and closed the link for now. After that small talk with my brother I kept watch on the Alpha my brother spoke to. I watched as that Alpha and his family started to walk behind the pack house and I followed making sure not to be spotted. Once they rounded the corner I stoped to listen into their conversation. “Daddy I want him.” Said the annoying daughter. “I know sweetie. We have to come with a plan to separate them.” Said the Alpha. “Yes. That way we can take that good for nothing Arrow and....” His Luna was cut off mid sentence. That’s when I smelled it.

Decay and rotten flesh. One word came across my mind. Rogues. That’s when I heard them. I took off running back to the party everyone was running around scared. “Everyone calm down!” I heard a powerful voice. Everyone stopped and looked at a table. That’s when I saw Isabella standing on a table. “Warriors to your posts. Everyone else to the panic room.” After that Isabella took off along with the warriors. I opened the link between me and my brother “Ash what do you want me to do?” In a hurried tone he said “Help me to protect my mates pack.” After that he closed the link. “Blaze you ready for a fight?” I asked my wolf “Oh yeah!” He said back in a happy tone. I closed my eyes and let him take over. With in seconds I opened my eyes to see my fire red fur. I shook my fur and took off running towards the rouges. As I was starting to get closer to the southern border of the pack land a purple blur ran past me. What the hell was that? As I kept running my brother ran up next to me. “Ash. What was that purple blur that just ran past me?” I asked him through our link. All he did was look at me and roll his eyes.

“I’ll explain later.” Was all he said. By the time we reached the battle field. The battle was over. The seam of burnt hair was in the air and there were 10 piles of ash. How the hell? Was all I could think. All of the warriors were still in wolf form sitting in a half circle. Me and my brother slowly made our way to the front only to see the a purple wolf laying on the ground. I turn to look at my brother who somehow quickly shifted back and had on a pair of basketball shorts. He quickly goes over to the purple wolf and picks it up. “Brother. What are you doing?” I asked though our link. “I’m taking her to the pack hospital.” He said a little worried. Her? I think to myself. “Alpha Frost. Please follow me to the pack hospital.” I look over to see the Alpha of this pack. I look back to my brother and give a curious look. “AJ. Stay here and help clean up this mess.” Ash says to me in his Alpha tone. I nod my head.

After about 20 minutes the mess is finally cleaned up. I look around to find someone that is from this pack. I finally spot someone that looks to be the Gamma of the pack. I make my way over to him and say “Excuse me.” He looks over to me and says “How can I help you?” I stick my hand out for him to shake and say “I’m Alpha Frost’s Beta. My name is AJ.” He takes my hand and says “I’m the Gamma of this pack. The names Tom”Can you perhaps tell me who that purple wolf is?” He shakes his head and says that for your Alpha to say. I look at him a little confused “Then can you show me how to get to the pack hospital?” A small smile crosses his face and he says “Sure follow me.” It didn’t take us long to get to the pack hospital. We get the last door on the left Tom knocked on the door. “Come in.” I heard my brother’s voice on the other side. I walked into the room first and there on the bed was Isabella my brother was sitting next to her bed holding her hand. In a low soft voice I spoke to Ash. “Hey bro. What happens to her?” Ash looks at me and says “She’s fine. She just over worked herself.” I took a seat in the seat across from my brother and asked “what do you mean she over worked herself?” I was starting to get really confused.

Ash looked at me and said “Isabella is that purple wolf you saw earlier.” My eyes went wide. The only only word that came out of my mouth was “WHAT!?!?”
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