Black and Purple

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Chapter 12

Isabella’s POV

(Just before the attack)

Even though it was late at night I was having a lot of fun. I haven’t gotten the chance to bond with my mate yet but there is still time. As I’m sitting at the table with my mate, Uncle Nate, Ant Nova, and Uncle Jonny, Zen suddenly becomes on high alert. “Zoe what is it?” I asked her. “Rouges. Can’t you smell them?” I take in a deep breath and the smell of decay and rotten flesh hits my nose. It makes me want to gage. “Zoe can you show me where and how far they are?” I asked. “Sure.” I close my eyes and using our eyes together I could see that the rouges are coming to the southern border about 10 minutes away. I open my eyes when I feel our mate touch my hand. “Baby. Are you alright?” He looks at me with worry in his eyes. I place my hands on the side of his face and project the image that I had just seen. He looks at me wide eyed and was about to speak when one of the warriors comes running up to our table. “Alpha. Rouges have been spotted on the southern border.” When those words left his mouth everyone stopped and started to panic. It was utter chaos. Women holding their pups close, the teenage wolves were running around, the pups were crying. I look over to Uncle Nate and Uncle Jonny and they both nodded to me.

I stand from my seat and get on top of the table. In a loud voice me and Zoey both spoke “Everyone calm down!” Everyone did as I said.“Warriors to your posts. Everyone else to the panic room.” After I said that everyone started to do as I said. I look down at my mate with a small smile. I quickly get off the table and run to the closet tree. I strip my dress off and everything else “Zoe Are you ready to rip some heads off?” I asked in an exciting way. “Oh hell yeah!” She said back. I close my eyes and let Zoey take control. When I open my eyes agin I can see my purple fur. I shake my fur and we take off. “This feels amazing!” Zoey said as we ran to the southern border. As I’m running I pass by a wolf with fire red fur and baby blue eyes he was a little smaller than me but I just ignored him. “Should we see if mate is behind us?” Zoey asked a little worried. I rolled my wolf eyes and said “Yeah. Why not.” I open a special link between me and my mate. “Ash. Are you following the others?” I asked. “Izzy? How can we link each other when we haven’t even mated?” I giggle and replay “I’ll explain everything later. I just need your answer.” “Yeah. I’ve almost caught up to my Beta.” I’m almost to the battle field. I have to cut the link now.” I say to him. “Wait. Izzy. I don’t want you to fight. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He says with a worried tone. “Sweetie calm down. I’m the head warrior of this pack.” I say with pride.

The horrible smell got stronger. “Ash. I’m at the battle field. I have to go now.” Before he could get another word out I closed the link. I can see the warriors of my pack in a line. I use my power and jump in front. I crouch down in an attack position ready for a fight. That’s when I see them. 10 rouges come start to approach from the shadows in human form. A big guy walks to the front I could tell that he is the leader of this group. I quickly shifted to my human form and speak. “Why are you here?” The leader looked at me and spoke “We were hired by someone to take a wolf by the name of Isabella.” I looked at the man with anger in my eyes “What do you want with me?” The man looks me up and down with a nasty smile on his face. “I can’t tell you that. But I can say that the person who sent us was wrong. You are very sexy.” The leader walks closer to me and places his hand on my lower back. My fellow pack members left out a warning growl. I grab the guy by his arm and push him away from me. “If your smart you would keep your filthy hands off of me.” That seemed to make him mad. His eyes turn a blood red and he starts to shift in his wolf. The other 9 rouges do the same. I quickly shift as well and ask Zoey “You wanna show these filthy dogs who they are messing with?” I could tell Zoey was happy to take control for this fight. “Oh yeah. Let’s make sure we leave one alive to get information out of.” She said very happily. I nod my head in agreement.

Zoey’s POV

It felt good to be in control for this fight. I look at the warriors to let them know who is in control. All of them get the message and back up a good distance so they don’t get caught in the mess. As I turn back to the rouges one of them quickly launched towards me. He may be fast but I’m faster I quickly jumped in to the air to dodge his attack. The only power I can use is my element. It won’t drain us to much. I think to myself. “Do it Zoe. Fuck leaving one alive.” Izzy says in an irritated voice. I smile the best you can in wolf form. “That is fine by me.” I close my eyes and take a deep breath and start to think of things that get me pissed off. The only thing that came to mind is someone touching or trying to take my mate away. I could feel my fire element start to take over. When I open my eyes I am surrounded by my blue flames.

I was surrounded by 9 of the rouges. Bad idea. I gave a wolffish grin and let out a loud howl. When I did my blue flames spread to the 9 rouges catching them on fire. The smell of burning fur filled the air. I calm down enough to left my flames die down. I turn back to see the leader who was frozen to the spot with fear. I let out a small growl and in an instant he too burned. Happy with what I had done I gave Izzy control.

Isabella’s POV

I felt very tired. I try to turn around to make sure that my pack members were okay when I suddenly felt faint. My legs gave out and land on the ground with a thud. “Mate is close.” Zoey said in a exhausted voice. After she said that the smell of warm honey fills my nose. I make eye contact with him and slowly let the darkness take over.
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