Black and Purple

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Chapter 13

Isabella’s POV

Once again I’m surrounded by darkness. “Zoe. What happened?” I asked but got no response. “Zoe?” Still no answer. “She’s sleeping my dear Izzy.” I look around and see the one person who I’ve missed. “Aunt Lilly.” I rush to her and hug her. “Hello. My dear.” She says with a sweet smile. I let go and look at her. “I’ve found my mate.” I say with a big smile on my face. She tucks my hair behind my ear and says “That’s great that you’ve found both of your mates.” I look at her confused. “No Aunt Lilly. I only have one.” She looks at me with wide eyes. “Oops. I wasn’t supposed to say that.” She drops her hand and goes to walk away. “Aunt Lilly wait!” She stops and looks at me. “What do you mean by that?”

She let out a sigh and says “Since you are a special wolf you are destined to have two mates. They are Twins. But you can only recognize one by his scent. The other one is by touch. Meaning you have to touch him or he has to touch you. Zoey knows of this but kept quiet about it.” So your telling me that I’m gonna have two mates. One is an Alpha and the other a Beta?” She nods her head yes. “But what if the Beta rejects me?” I asked a little sad. “He won’t sweetie. He and his brother will share the same feelings for you. Once you are marked and mated everything will be better and your mother will be able to locate you.” She says as she points to the necklace she gave me.

I see that the time has almost come.” She says with a smile. I look at her confused. “What do you mean?” She smiles again and says “When it’s time for you to go into heat your necklace glows so bright that it blinds everyone around you except your mates.” My mouth forms an O shape. “Now it’s time I take my leave and it’s time you wake up and awaken your other mate.” I smile and walk back over to Lilly and give a quick hug goodbye.

Once she disappeared I opened my eyes and a bright light made me shut them again. I let a small grunt leave my lips and I hear my mates voice “Shit. Hold on baby.” I hear him get up and move around. Once I feel him close to me again he says “Ok baby. You can open your eyes now.” Trusting his word I slowly open my eyes and a slightly darkened room comes into my view. I look over at him and smile. He smiles back and grabs my hand. I go to say something but my throat is to dry. So I mind link him. “So there are a few things I need to show and tell you. I would tell you verbally but my throat is to dry and Plus it would take a while to explain. So I would rather show you.” He nodded his head and said “Okay baby.” He let go of the hand he was holding and I placed it gently on his face. I closed my eyes and sent every memory of mine to him.

After about ten minutes have passed and every memory I had was sent to him I opened my eyes and pulled my hand away I see tears in his eyes. He looked at me with those sad eyes and said “I’m so sorry you had to deal with something like that. And don’t worry. Me and my brother share everything. So I don’t mind sharing you with him. But only with him.” He leans down and places a soft kiss on my forehead. I smile and mind link him again “Do you think you can get me some water?” He smiles at me and says “Of course baby. And while I’m at it I’ll go get the Alpha.” I nod my head and he gets up.

A short while later a man that looks exactly like my mate, but the only difference is he has red eyes, walks into the room. “Hello Isabella. I’m AJ. Ash’s twin brother.” I smile and motion him to come closer. He sits next me and says “Ash went to go get the Alpha. He told me to get you some water.” He brings a cup of cold water to my lips and I take in the cold liquid.

I let the cold water wet my throat and say in a low raspy voice “Thank you AJ.” He smiles and sets the cup on the table next to him. He turns back to me and with curiosity he says “Isabella. I don’t mean to pry but, what the hell happened out there?” I look at him and smile. I sit up a little and say “Here let me show you.” I lift my hand and gently place it on the side of his face and that is when it hit me. The smell of cherry blossoms. We look at each other and he says “Wait. How can you be my mate?” I giggle a little and say “What I’m about to show you will explain everything.” I close my eyes and show him what I showed Ash. Once I was done AJ had the same reaction that Ash did. “Well my brother is right.We both will love you and only share you with each other.” He smiles at me and I smile back.

She showed you the same thing she showed me right.” Me and AJ both look towards the door and there was Ash with a smile on his face. “Yes she did bro. And I must say. We sure do have the most beautiful and most powerful mate ever. Don’t we?” AJ says in a jokingly tone. Ash comes over to the bed and sits on the opposite side of me. He takes my right hand and AJ takes my left. They both look at me with love in their eyes. Ash looks at me and says “Did you show him what else you can do?” I smile at Ash and say “No not yet.” Confused AJ says “What else can you do?” I look over to AJ and open a link between me and him and say “I can mind link anyone. Mate or not. In my pack or not in my pack.” Shocked AJ jumps up and says “Holy shit! That’s... That’s....” I start to get a little sad He’s doesn’t like it. I think to myself. I felt AJ sit down and take my hand again. I look at him with sad eyes and he says “That’s fucking awesome.” He said with a smile.

I smile again and just as I’m about to say something someone bursts through the door “YOU LITTLE BITCH! HOW DARE YOU TAKE WHAT SHOULD BE MINE!” The annoying voice of Anna rings in my ears. My two mates are quick to stand in front of me in a protective stance. “Why are you protecting someone who is a danger to us all? You don’t need to be with some who is mentally ill?” A loud growl was heard from Ash.“Watch your mouth. I would have no problem in taking your life right here, right now. She is my Luna and I will not tolerate someone like YOU talking about my Luna in such a manner.” AJ says with anger in his voice.

Anna looks at AJ with lust in her eyes she bits her lower lip in a seductive manner. She slowly walks over to AJ and says “Hello handsome. My name is Anna. I’m Alpha Blacks daughter. I’m more powerful than that pathetic thing laying in the bed over there. How about you and me go and get to know each other better?” She has now pressed her body on to AJ. It was making me mad “I say we kill the bitch for trying to take what’s ours.” Zoey says in an angry voice. I see both of our mates look back at us. “Umm. Zoe did you open a link with the both of them?” I asked. “Yup sure did. I want them to hear me to.” They both chuckle and turn back to Anna. She is pressed against AJ and has her arms wrapped around his waist.

Zoe you wanna take this one?” I asked her because I’m not confrontational. “Sure sweet pea. I would love to give this bitch a piece of our mind.” She says in a happy tone. I let Zoe take control for a little while. Once I did boy did she go off. “Listen here you little fake ass bitch. If you don’t leave my mates alone I will rip you limb form limp and then reverse time and do it over and over again until you beg me for death. I will also slow down your healing abilities so much that it’s almost non existent. You will be in so much pain that it will drive you crazy. Now if you want to see what your future holds I suggest you FUCK OFF before I really lose my temper.” Zoey said with a huff. Zoe gave me control back and I could seen Anna shaking with fear. Her eyes were wide and tears fell. She looked at both Ash and AJ and they had a small smile on their faces. With nothing left to say Anna bowed her hard. The next sentence that came out of her mouth shocked me.

Yes. I’m sorry Luna. I will leave immediately.”
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