Black and Purple

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Bonus chapter- Anna

Anna’s POV

As I was holding onto the guy that has to be Alpha Frost’ brother I looked over to Arrow. “Something is different about her Anna.” My wolf Clara says to me. “What do you mean Clara? She is still the pathetic girl that nobody wants.” I say with a small giggle. “I mean it An....” Clara was cut off when Isabella started to speak. “Listen here you little fake ass bitch. If you don’t leave my mates alone I will rip you limb form limp and then reverse time and do it over and over again until you beg me for death. I will also slow down your healing abilities so much that it’s almost non existent. You will be in so much pain that it will drive you crazy. Now if you want to see what your future holds I suggest you FUCK OFF before I really lose my temper.” Isabella’s eyes were pure white with a hint of gold outlining. I didn’t know that my wolf had taken over. We bowed our head and Clara said in a frightened voice “Yes. I’m sorry Luna. I’ll leave immediately.” With that we left the room.

“What the hell Clara?!?” I was pissed and Clara still hasn’t given me control back. “Why the fuck did you call her your Luna?” I asked again but Clara stayed quiet. I rolled my eyes and kept quiet. After about a good 10 minutes Clara finally speaks. “I’m sorry Anna but I told you that something was different about Isabella and now I know what it is.” I start to get a little confused. “What is it Clara? Can you tell me?” With a sigh Clara says “Sorry Anna I can’t tell you. I promised the Moon Goddess that I won’t say anything to you or to anyone else.” I roll my eyes again and say with a smug smile “That’s alright father can use an Alpha command on you and you would have to tell him.” “Sorry Anna but that won’t work. The Moon Goddess holds more power over us than your father does.” With that said we kept walking. To where I don’t know.
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